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  1. BrickPapa

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    Hey Fred, I didn't know about the existence of (my bad) and LDD was kinda hard to use so I skipped it. But thanks to your advice I managed to build a Stand on a 16x32 baseplate that is based on your design on Here is what it looks like from the back, I only added 9 small pillars for stability of the structure. Looks a bit like a stadium stand in high schools though. Would really love to hear some comments for improvement from the creator of the original design, many thanks Fred.
  2. BrickPapa

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    Hey, thanks for replying Fred. Well the problem for me is that it is really hard to gather the bricks in my country since we have no official Lego store, and hard access to Bricklink or Pick-A-Brick. I would have to order those bricks from a shop in Bricklink probably from the UK or Germany and wait for them to travel all the way to Asia. So the case here is that I really need to know the quantity and types of bricks I needed to construct this display case so that I won't miss a thing, otherwise it's a pain waiting for the order to be delivered. I hope that you can help giving some details about this. Many thanks Fred.
  3. BrickPapa

    MOC: My Minifigure Display Stand

    Hello Fred. I've been researching online for an appropriate display stand that would look great with my minifigures and this one you created is absolutely amazing. If you don't mind, I would be really appreciate if I can contact you through here or via email for some guidance on this one. Thank you again.