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  1. Love the jet engine, great work!
  2. Outstanding model! I really love the colors too, and the integration of the "exhaust chuff" synchronizer.
  3. bogieman

    Ta shunting tractor

    Neat little prototype, well done. I would vote for brick-built buffers as Zephyr suggests and moving them up higher.
  4. bogieman

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    Beautiful locomotive, the lighting and valve gear are wonderful! Love it. In the pictures it looks like there is no vertical connection between the loco frame and the trailing truck so no weight on that truck but it is pinned to the rear set of drivers and then the tender is linked to it. Does that cause any running problems when pulling a train - I'd be concerned that truck would derail without any vertical load and tractive forces passing thru it. Dave
  5. I first used a wireless DCC system from MRC, now from XLSystems, called Loco Genie. It works great with sound and light control but is limited by having a remote for each locomotive. I've now moved to Airwire, which has a product called Convrtr, that sits between any DCC decoder and the battery. The advantage is it opens up all the DCC functions with the decoder of your choice, I'm now using Tsunami2 decoders, and it allows for consisting all from a single remote. It does take custom wiring but I hated the bluetooth/phone controller idea, and am very proficient at wiring, not so good trying to program sounds. Dave
  6. bogieman

    DB V60-366

    Neat little locomotive, well done! I note one end has what in the N. America are called ditch lights or crossing lights, the pair of lights at the underframe level. How are they used on the prototype; on when the loco is moving as here? Dave
  7. bogieman

    MOC: DSB Litra EB (Siemens Vectron) 6W

    Nice job on the windshield area and I especially like the way you did the side handrails, would not have thought to use that part that way.
  8. bogieman

    [MOC] Union Pacific Gas Turbine Locomotive

    Thanks for your kind words.
  9. Looks great, my only comment is that the loop at the crossing track will limit the length of train you can pull around the layout. I ran into a similar limitation on my home layout so added switches to bypass the short loop.
  10. Agree with all, that wedge slope in trans-clear will be a great addition if it's released.
  11. bogieman

    CP Arco Coaches -1:45 Scale

    I'm in total agreement with the other comments. The first thing I noticed was the detail on the bogies and then the brick-built paint job.
  12. bogieman

    [MOC] Greater Winnipeg Water District GE 44-Ton Switcher

    Nice work. That prototype is just begging to be modeled with a 5 wide hood with a grille tile on each side of the headlight but it's nice how you've fit the circuit cube motors in a 4 wide hood which seems closer to scale and improves the look at the cab doors. Always compromises to make.
  13. bogieman

    [MOC] Union Pacific Gas Turbine Locomotive

    Thanks all for the positive feedback! Dave
  14. bogieman

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    You are right Thorsten, that the more powerful will do most of the work. In my steam locos, the L motor is there not so much for tractive effort, just there to make sure the drivers do rotate while being pushed by the tender. I'm just one to do it the old school way, not much of a programmer, though I was pretty good in my younger days with Fortran. I mostly prefer to be in control though I'm quite impressed by what you guys can do with your programming skill. Dave
  15. bogieman

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    My experience is that you can pretty much use any combination you want and they will work together just fine due the characteristics of the DC motors. All the motors have a negative slope torque-speed curve so that as the motor slows down for a given applied voltage, it draws more current and the torque output increases. So with all motors connected to a single controller and receiving the same voltage, they will find a balance point for train speed for a fixed load (drawbar pull). I've got two steam locos each with a PF L motor powering the drivers and a pair of PF train motors in the tender and they work together just fine. One loco is a 4-8-4, the other a 4-6-6-4 where the L motor powers both sets of drivers. Since all the electronics and batteries are in the tender, I can pull the train with just the tender and it slows down a little compared to when the loco is helping. If they were running independently, the tender would run away from the locomotive. I don't have traction bands on the loco drivers so they occasionally slip when pulling up the 4% grade on my layout as the train slows. It's not unlike real railroading in the US where a train could have a mix of 4K HP locos with a 1.5K HP switcher in the consist; they all contribute to the total consist tractive effort but not equally. Dave