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  1. bogieman

    [MOC] Train Shed

    I completely agree. Well done!
  2. bogieman

    Adding weight to Locomotives

    I've had some recent positive experience with adding weight in a couple of different ways to some steam locomotives. On my Daylight 4-8-4, I used some tungsten putty to weight the pilot truck which was having a hard time dealing with the combined curves and grades on my layout. On a recent build of a 4-6-6-4 using an L motor in the locomotive and two train motors in the tender, I was having traction troubles on the lead truck of the tender (the batteries are in the rear) so I added some lead bars cut from sticks of plumbers lead my wife's grandfather gave me 50 years ago. Both have been successful.
  3. bogieman

    Shell Chemical Plant

    Wonderful work. Will you be selling plans for this or your other industrial plants?
  4. bogieman

    [MOC] 36' Steel sided caboose

    Looks really good. When you do go to light it up you could consider putting a magnetic reed switch and battery on the bottom of the caboose with a simple holding circuit using a transistor and capacitor to drive LEDs. With a magnet between the rails, it's triggered the first time it passes over the magnet and stays on as long as you want based on the capacitor value. I did this for the light on the end of an observation car and it works great.
  5. bogieman

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    Neat, I like it! The real things are always impressive to me.
  6. bogieman

    [MOC] Southern Pacific SD40T-2

    Thanks Ivan! During my 47 years at EMD engineering I climbed on a lot of these and others. Fortunately, we have a house with a full basement that I have taken over, with my wife's blessing, for the Legos and my machine shop. Dave
  7. bogieman

    [MOC] Steward's Glen Station

    Nicely done! Is that a steam tractor on the road?
  8. bogieman

    [MOC] Southern Pacific SD40T-2

    Thanks! On the MP15AC, I had a more limited space for the batteries so used 2 smaller 18350 batteries. The Loco Genie seems to operate fine on that loco with Lego train motors but here I need the higher voltage of 3 batteries to get a reasonable speed with the L motors, even with them geared up. The 18650 batteries fit fine under the engine hood so I used them for the greater capacify. Here's some pictures of the internals showing the motors front and rear: This is the Loco Genie system including a 25mm speaker. It's designed to plug into a standard DCC socket but it's easy enough to cut the plug off and wire it into a Lego model although I sacrificed a PF extension cable so I didn't have to modify the motor plugs. It's programmed via the remote. With the remote included, it's still cheaper than just a PU hub. I've got 4 diesels and 2 steam locos so far using this system.
  9. bogieman

    [MOC] Southern Pacific SD40T-2

    Thanks all for the positive comments! Dave
  10. bogieman

    Virginian 2-8-8-8-4 Triplex (Version 4)

    I really like your MOC, well done!
  11. I've recently been making MOC's of several Southern Pacific EMD diesel locomotives, this one is of an SD40T-2 six-axle model built from 1974-1980, a total of 312 built for the SP and a subsidiary (239) and the Rio Grande (73). These differ from a standard SD40-2 in that the cooling system is modified to have the air intake at walkway level and fans below the radiators which improves engine cooling in tunnels where there is significant temperature stratification in the tunnel air. As an engineering co-op student at EMD in 1970, I was tasked to analyze and plot the date from a tunnel test in the Cascade mountains where the SP was having operational difficulty due to locos derating as they overheated in the many tunnels and snow sheds. Here's a picture of a rather dirty one: The model is reasonably true to scale although the trucks are a bit long making the fuel tank a bit short. Later in life, the units were repainted and given a newer "speed lettering" logo. Decals were provided by Andy at OK Brickworks. The exhaust stack between the dynamic brake fans and inertial filter hatch activates the power switch and is more recessed when in operation. A few parts were not available in Dark Bluish Gray so were painted with automotive interior vinyl spray paint - specifically, the vertical dampers at the truck middle axles and the gear racks used to make the dynamic brake grilles. The 3-18650 Li-ion batteries drive an MRC Loco Genie wireless DCC receiver/controller that powers the two L-motors, one driving each truck, and the lights and sound effects. The trucks have two powered axles. I left the wheels off the middle axle wheels to negotiate R40 curves, they can't really be seen anyway. In the interest of full disclosure, I did have to modify the 3x3 curved plates making up the end transom curve to clear the wheels. The trucks are simple but I think capture the HT-C design with the exception of the distinctive core holes. Later in their life, the units got ditch lights added. The lights I used came from Amazon and are pre-wired surface-mount 0805 LEDs. The wires are like thread and so fit between bricks with no drilling required. Although not prototypical, I set the ditch lights to alternately flash as the Loco Genie supports it and I like the look. Note the SP GP60 in the background. Here's video of the loco in action: Dave
  12. bogieman

    Custom Rod - No, not what you think

    Great additions to a neat model.
  13. bogieman

    Increasingly losing patience with Lego

    I will third that Davide, well said. Dave
  14. bogieman

    Meanwhile, in Germany...

    I posted details on my ultrasonic mist "steam" generator several weeks ago here: After a lot of trial and error, it seems reliable. I made it 4x5 studs because it fit my application but being 3D printed, it could be made 3 wide without difficulty, it depends on how much water (run time) you want and what space it has to fit. The ultrasonic disc I used is about 19mm in diameter.