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  1. bogieman

    Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    I agree they look and fit well but I am having trouble with the couplers uncoupling due to height variation when climbing the grades on my layout. I find they statically match in height perfectly but when tractive effort is applied, one may tend to "droop" about one half the knuckle height; then climbing the hill, the trailing coupler drops below the pulling coupler at the transition back to flat. I know my transitions are not the smoothest so it's mostly my problem but I'm now trying the Studly Trains new magnets and find they are working great. So I'll probably sell the BMR Kadee's. Dave
  2. bogieman

    Steam Locomotive with Smoke

    Yes, it is the heavy steam sounds version. I didn't do anything to synchronize the chuff, it just worked. It's rated at 1.5 amps, I did do a test on the Daylight, which has two train motors plus the L motor in the locomotive to see how long the batteries would last. I would have been okay if I stayed on the flat layout loop, but at 20 minutes, the genie went up in smoke on the near the top of the grade on my outer loop. Total current on the flat was only about 1 amp but climbing the grade it went to near 1.5 amps so the rating might be a bit optimistic, especially buried in the loco with no air circulation. I also have four diesels with the diesel loco genie, I think it's the best solution to get the features of track based DCC without having to use track power, and the price is cheaper than a PUP hub. They seem to be discontinued by MRC, but XL Systems, who apparently designed it for MRC, has a web store and sells them direct. I just ordered 3 more diesel units and have a few steam in inventory for future projects. They show up on ebay often too. I've been moving from 6 wide to 8 wide and will eventually sell all my PUP units. I'll sometime have to post my MP15AC MOC using the loco genie powered by just 2 18350 Li-ion cells, which seems to work just fine powering two train motors. Dave
  3. Is it included in all the sets of the QJ or just some more recent ones? Is there a set part number to be sure it's included?
  4. bogieman

    Steam Locomotive with Smoke

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I grew up with Lionel and then HO train layouts so that's my mindset. My wife likes to build the modular buildings so they're all hers. The layout is a mess as our 7 and 5 year old grandsons like to play with the minifigs and vehicles while I run the trains. Someday I need to start on scenery although I have no intention of ballasting track. I have a 6990 Futuron monorail set I plan to remake as a tram serving the amusement park next.
  5. Rather than hi-jack this thread, I started a new one on my loco that does just that.
  6. bogieman

    Steam Locomotive with Smoke

    Warning - Purists look away, some drilling and modifying of Lego parts was required. Rather than hi-jack the Mould King thread which now discusses smoke generators: I thought I would show my locomotive with a smoke generator. I started by purchasing Tony Sava's plans for the Southern Pacific Daylight 4-84 locomotive and coaches and heavily modified it. I had a lot of trouble negotiating the grades on my layout, which have not particularly smooth transitions, using just train motors in the tender so I motorized the locomotive with a PF L motor. I don't recall my inspiration to add pulsed smoke, I saw it somewhere though, so I added a 8-14V Seuthe smoke generator and a Lego air pump driven off the drive motor. Some milling and drilling was required to mount the smoke generator and the air tubing. I tied the spring on the air pump so it doesn't add much resistance. The whole thing is controlled with an MRC Loco Genie that is a wireless DCC system and powered it with 3 18650 LI-ion batteries nominally providing 11.1V. The Loco Genie has sound and directional and effects lighting and is powering the two PF train motors in the tender and the L motor in the loco. The batteries, an amplifier and 40mm speaker and the Loco Genie are all in the tender.You can see it in operation here; Note the coaches have a provision that allows the diaphragms to touch on straight track but separate for curves. The curves on the outer loop in the video are R56 and greater; the grade is 4%. To deal with the grade and rough transitions, there is a sprung suspension allowing the trailing bogie on the loco +1/-2 plates vertical travel. while the pilot bogie is weighted with titanium putty to keep it on the rails. This video has a not so great narration but during the last minute shows the internals for the tender: Finally, here is a video of the internals of the locomotive showing the air pump in action: Now I'm really intrigued by the use of an ultrasonic mister and might try that out while keeping the air pump. Dave
  7. This looks like the guts of the smoke device: Just have to figure out how to do a small reservoir.
  8. Thanks for that link, I wasn't aware of that part. For some 3 axle coach bogies, I machined the flanges off on some metal axle wheels (I have a lathe) but in my case with 8 wide pedestal primary suspension bogies, as Zephyr notes, the middle wheels are mostly invisible so its easiest to just run without them. For a 6 axle locomotive, it insures all the weight is on the driven axles so maybe that's the best solution.
  9. Dennis, your bogie looks good. What part are you using for the unflanged wheels at the middle axle?
  10. bogieman

    EMD SD40-2 ... TNTX SD40-2 T4

    Very nice detailing, love the EMD engine, really great what you can do at 10 wide. In the last two pictures, the wheels appear to be no. 4185 Technic Wedge Belt Wheel (Pulley), is that what you're using? Dave
  11. bogieman

    TNTX SD40-2

    Beautifully done!
  12. Coaster, Any update on shipping for the switches? I anxiously await my order. Dave
  13. bogieman

    [OcTRAINber] The 17th Hole diorama

    Very impressive, would love to see more details on the train. One has to go thru your Flickr album to truly see and appreciate the detail you incorporated.
  14. bogieman

    EMD GP9

    You did a great job covering the shape of the loco and I really like the leaf springs on the trucks. The level of detail you did in 10 wide is great. I do note that the engine is closer to a turbocharged EMD engine with roots blower exhaust manifolds. The equipment rack and engine end details are nice. The upper grilles both front and rear on a GP7/9 were for the radiators which were located behind them. Each radiator bank had either 2 - 36" fans or 1 - 48" fan, the 48" inch fans introduced later in the GP9 production. Engine intake air was thru the louvers on the carbody doors, inertial filters weren't introduced until the GP30. Dave
  15. bogieman

    Uaai 839 Heavy duty wagon

    A fabulous model, I love the way it articulates through the curves with the sliding elements. Already purchased the plans! Dave