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  1. Thx! The sloping tiles are not a problem. They are attached to hinges. More interesting should be the middle roof area, because there you have to close a gap to the sloping tiles. I hope the pictures help, if not, ask again and describe what is unclear. Thomas
  2. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Even though no one here had said it: the compressed air tank was too big and it can't stay that way. But the road to the successful change was long... Now the compressed air tank should have the right size and I can change things again at other parts of the Köf ;-) Thomas
  3. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 - WIP story

    Yes, fits better as the "block" solution. But Sven's sausage idea is not bad either. I'm curious to see what else is coming... Thomas
  4. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Hello all, today there is a new update to the WIP story and a few pictures about the history of the Köf II. Have fun with it. On the size to the compressed air tank or other ideas for it I would appreciate suggestions/opinions from you guys, thanks. Thomas
  5. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 - WIP story

    Small, smaller, Fiat 500 ;-) the little one is cuddly. Maybe you can make the wheel arches even "rounder", because I find the angular currently not so suitable. But yes, first build in the size... Thomas
  6. Hello Holger, curious device, which there is everything. "Beautiful" isn´t the prototype for me, but fits perfectly with "Critters". I'm curious about your implementation, the with functions in the size is also a challenge. Thomas
  7. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Thx! I'm glad that I'm not boring everyone with another Köf. In a German forum, the justified criticism came that the side surfaces would have to be pyramid-shaped. This is correct, of course, but was not possible for me in the first attempt. I spent two full days and evenings pyramiding the sides on the stem. Sometimes the angle was too steep, sometimes too flat, often it has not held and even more often I ran out of space inside.... I had solutions where you can adjust the angle more, however, it then only goes on one side. For two sides I would have needed either a nub more width in the stem or parts that are not (yet) available from Lego. I even thought about cutting up 3mm Rigged Hoses, but discarded it again (before the knife). Experiments with Lego rubber parts caused further failures... The solution shown now is buildable with Lego parts without machining and holds even better than the solution with the turntables. You can touch it. The angle is relatively small, but I find the solution denoch an advance over a flat version. The internal structure was very exciting, does it hold? Yes and I have even been able to build the upper lamp back further back again.... Thomas
  8. Ts__

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Thanks for the nice comments Yes, the Köf is certainly the most boring prototype at this year's OcTRAINber, but I'm building primarily for myself and not for the competition. I try my best... Köf WIP-story: After I have written a lot about the now available space, it was also time to use the space.... What I like about the Köfs are the distinctive flaps / lids on the stem. The first thought about this structure was: make that with a sticker. But before there is an outcry here: I had another idea from the beginning for it: I was just the first few days not clear how I could fix the triangular tiles so... But it must be tried. After the engine was gone from up there, there was room for something like that: Difficult was the attachment inside with simultaneous rear so that you can not see through the gaps. And the whole thing on 3 studs width (total). Not bad, but still far from perfect. Zb the flaps should be slightly further out than the cover on the stem. And also missing the small slope at the front of the stem: So again sat down and built the whole inside completely different. Should now already slowly look like a Köf II. What I still do not like is the front upper lamp. The lamp module is quite large and the lamp could be a nub further back. But I'm still missing the construction solution... And as a bonus, a picture from the test drive the day before yesterday: Thomas
  9. The tiles and slabs give a beautiful texture. It looks more alive with it, great. Thomas
  10. Today a small shipment from the USA came to me with the spare parts. I say thank you for the uncomplicated, nice contact! Best regards, Thomas
  11. Hello, it´s OcTRAINber-Time.... WIP story and progress of "my" Köf II: I wanted to build a Köf for a long time. Yes, I know, it's not a special locomotive and has been done well in Lego. But not by me. From the beginning, it was clear to me: a locomotive must be able to drive alone, not a freight car with an engine behind it as a drive! This is not really feasible for a Köf in scale 1:41 with pure Lego means. 9V motor would be a solution, but since I am not a 9V driver, have 0 track material for it, the 9V solution is out for me. All known conversions with PF/PF Lego Technic are too big for me and would not fit to scale next to my other models. About a week ago came the announcement for the competition OcTRAINber 2021: small shunting locomotives or maintenance cars etc. were the topic. I combine: I have an unused Circuit Cube engine lying in front of me, I want to build a Köf and there is just a suitable Wettberb. Ok, then I'll build the Köf now and put other topics on the back burner for now. Ok, let's go.... at the beginning is the research. The Köf II is really very small. Link to a sketch, I come there in my scale to about 16 studs length without buffers / coupler Circuit Cube + motor is small, but somehow the Köf II is even smaller. So I thought about the placement of the motor. The first try went wrong. The motor builds up too deep at the bottom and grinds on the top of the rail. This does not work with switches and level crossings. Ok, so set the motor higher and roughly mark out the outer edges. The disadvantage of this motor position are the many necessary gears (friction losses), the advantage is, I can drive both axes. You can also see nicely how small the Köf is to become. One day later: I didn't like the many gears and I also had a crazy idea for the front. It needs space and therefore the engine has to give way: Motor is now 90° tilted. I have fewer gears in use and can still drive both axles. Nice. But the installation there is also difficult and I need MORE space on top for pretty design.... So radically new approach thought out. Motor comes down again, but turned to the side, so that it has 1/2 plate distance to the top of the rail. Advantage: one gear less (even less is not possible^^), both axles can be driven, lots of space on the top. Disadvantage: does it hold? The whole thing is also not so nice from a constructional point of view, because I have to leave the grid inside for the motor, too. The cabin sits all the time also already 1/2 plate in the grid shifted (in height), so that everything becomes very interesting. This was the moment when I also had to test the whole thing with real stones: yes, it works and the thing drives: Now I have a LOT of ;-) Space and can be filled with stupid ideas. But that's another story.... Thomas
  12. Please try to update the Firmware from the HUB with the Lego PU App, after this try PyBricks again. My guess: the Firmware from the PU-Hub is maybe very old. Too old for PyBricks. Thomas
  13. Ts__

    DB118 & Blauer Enzian

    Emanuele, I really forgot your name, sorry Fun fact: My first locomotive was strongly inspired by your BR05-003. I only showed it in a German forum (with reference to you). Therefore, I am particularly pleased that I could now inspire you. hehe, I don't think so ;-) Thomas
  14. Ts__

    DB118 & Blauer Enzian

    Hello Lego Train 12 Volts ( I can´t find your first name, sorry), cool, immediately recognizable that this is a "Blauer Enzian". The cars look particularly familiar, but somehow one is missing or? Should be 5, or ;-) Thanks for mentioning it, similarities are definitely there. Thomas
  15. That would be great. Thanks! Yes, the 180° is clear and correct. However, relatively little force (by hand) was enough to break out the 2nd eyelet. I destroyed the first switch with a small motor. A small PU program to start determined the end stops and from then on the turnout was always approached to the correct value without force. I had used the PU Boost Interactive motor with rechargeable batteries (7.2V) and had reduced the force in the program to 50%. In order not to have to constantly change rechargeable batteries at the exhibition, I had then switched to a 9V transformer. The higher voltage was then probably too much and has destroyed the first switch. In the search for the cause, I had then destroyed the second by hand. That went with surprisingly little force. I also did not want to just rant publicly here, but also warn other users. Be careful ;-) From the basic principle I like the switches. Turning is great and you can also easily represent the switchsignal for the position of the switch. BSBT 2021 Rangierbahnhof Zwickau Bakken Weichenbereich by Thomas / Ts__, auf Flickr Thomas