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  1. Ts__

    Track suggestions

    The TrixBrix double straight fits into the grid with a little more push. Not perfect, but also no problem. In my picture above are tens of these double straight with substructure installed. Thomas
  2. Ts__

    Track suggestions

    I have many tracks/switches from Trixbrix from 3D printer in use and also many tracks/switches from Brick Tracks in injection molding technology and therefore allow me to compare them ;-) Trixbrix 3D printing: + high variety of different radii/switch types. + sleepers for turnouts follow the radius (better optic) - 3D printing surface, clamping force of the studs and counter studs - motorization of turnouts more complex (linear movement), but feasible - Geometry: more different special elements for rail yards needed (R104RC, RC1, RC2) Trixbrix injection molding (only a selection of curves/straights) + Quality better than from Brick Tracks (accuracy of fit) Brick Tracks injection molding: + surface, clamping force of studs and counter studs + Geometry: Brick Tracks gets by with fewer special elements for rail yards, curve R104B and the 1/10 intermediate piece is enough + Motorization with indicator easier (rotary movement) - fit accuracy. You can't build the turnouts and the 1/2 straights completely underneath, in one place a stud doesn't fit from below into the tracks and you have to use tiles there. - sleepers at turnouts do not follow the radius (worse optics) - Turnouts are easily destructible (construction weakness), so handle with care. Especially with motorization Conclusion for me: - I prefer injection molding over 3D printing. - for switches I prefer to use the ones from Brick Tracks (even if they are not perfect). Better surface, direction indicator easier to build - for straight lines/curves I find the injection molded tracks from TrixBrix better Background: 1x Y-Switch from TrixBricks, motorized Foreground: 2x Switch from Brick Tracks, motorized 9x Switch from Brick Tracks, not motorized: I can contribute less to the topic of import tax. In the EU, this is not a problem or issue through TrixBrix from Poland and HA-Bricks from Holland. GB has unfortunately chosen a special path. Regarding the curve radius: in my case, all switches/curves are designed for at least R104. I don't see the point in building switches with R104 and then using R56 curves. The reason for R104 are my long wagons/locomotives in scale approx. 1:45. This looks bad on R40 and not every locomotive of mine can still run on R40. Thomas
  3. Because the videos show only successful attempts ;-) I had also tried it first without 2nd clamp. Has often worked, but just not always. Sometimes (maybe in one of ten attempts) the wrong car was uncoupled. Therefore, I have in my hump yard two holding clamps. One is moved away by a carriage and pushes the waggon away, the other remains in position and holds the other waggons. This ensures that I uncouple at the desired point. Thomas
  4. Hello Thorsten, I had written the PU program in January 2021 and had no idea that there are ready-made commands for it. I simply programmed a loop for each motor that compares the target and current rotation speed and adjusts the motor accordingly. Since it works, I have not changed it until today. Therefore there are no problems with the PU APP and its bugs. I use a fairly current tablet, which also has a high speed. And you must not forget: the locomotive runs very slowly in automatic mode with 20 RPM at the motors.The locomotive also runs slowly overall, it is a shunting locomotive and a controlled slow speed was important to me.100 RPM is max speed in Hand mode. Here is a screenshot of the motor control part: In the picture: 2x control loop for 2 boost interactive motors in one locomotive v = target rotation speed locomotive p/x = target rotation speed drive 1/2 u/w = current rotation speed drive 1/2 Thx. I haven't presented the marshalling yard here at Eurobricks yet, since I'm still building it. For each exhibition there is an extension or it is what more developed. The whole thing is a long-term project and I've only done maybe half. @Feuer Zug: thanks Thomas
  5. Hello Thorsten, Werner has already referred to my marshalling hump. This one uses ideas from Werner's decoupler. I then supplemented the whole thing with more Lego equipment and developed it into a fully automatic operation with the PU App. I do use it: 1x Technic Hub for the marschalling hump 1x M-motor for the clamps 1x L-motor for the carriage 1x Boost motor for the signal 1x Boost distance/color sensor to detect the coupling gap 1x City Hub in the V90 shunting locomotive 2x Boost Motor as drive (load control, the loco always runs at the same speed, no matter if 1 or 5 cars have to be pushed up the hill) 1x Lego PU remote control all connected with a Tablet and the Lego PowerUP app. On it runs a program to control the locomotive and decoupler in automatic mode. Here a video from BSBT2021 in Schkeuditz with my hump yard (from 3:45min): And there is another video from Grimmona with explanations from me about this yard (in german): If you still have questions about the technique: no problem, I'm happy to answer them About your turntable: fancy automated ;-), runs very well Thomas Ps: If you bother the 2 videos about my mountain here, let me know, then I delete them in this case. I put them here only because Werner has referred to it.
  6. Ts__

    DB118 & Blauer Enzian

    Hello Emanuele, Thank you for your feedback and understanding. I'm not bothered by the replica of you, that's totally ok and you only had the photos / videos and nothing else from me. You also mentioned the sources in the introduction here, perfect. That is all ok and no problem. You can always rebuild models for yourself and also show them. But what is not possible in my eyes is to create a manual from it and sell it. That was the point that bothered me. There was no question about it, there was no reference to the author when selling. In this case, the design / bulding technology on the outside of the coaches was 90-95% identical. There will certainly be many differences on the inside, but they are not relevant. If the differences were much greater, I wouldn't mind either. But here one could speak of a copy. I appreciate you as a very good moccer and definitely don't want a small war with anyone. Therefore: peace ;-) If you want, we can delete the last three posts here. All the best Thomas
  7. Ts__

    DB118 & Blauer Enzian

    Hello Emanuelle, quick question: are the instructions for the "Blue Enzian" at Bricks-On-Rails yours? If so, which is what I think by the name and appearance, I think that's grossly unfair. A copy/imitation of someone else's model is not a problem in itself, nor is a public presentation with mention of the origin. But selling a manual of such a similar model is not acceptable! Thomas Edit: After consulting with Bricks-On-Rails, the manual is blocked for the time being and they are looking into the matter.
  8. Hello Sergio, yes, you are right. Fits. The picture shows it very well, the prototype is really much higher than expected. I compared the design with German locomotives, they are flatter and that's where my misjudgement comes from. Thomas
  9. Very good work, great details and also like the color scheme! From the feeling the locomotive seems very high, but that may also be due to the perspective of the images. Or is the prototype so high? For 1:45 and the minifig I find from the gut the cabin too high. But I can also be completely wrong, it's just a feeling. Thomas
  10. Ts__

    [MOC] Voralberg's Clockwork Locomotive - Syberia

    Cool, it's something completely different and very well presented. I don't know the game, but I smiled while watching the video. What is missed, was the trigger to drive off. The machine is wound up, how is it started? The text says something about a lever, that was not seen in the video or did I miss that? Thomas
  11. Ts__

    OcTRAINber Judging

    What a great surprise that the little KöF won in its category. For me it was a great competition. Yes, the time limit was sporty, but it was also a good incentive. And also that you should show something during the construction, I think, this is good. That made the competition very lively. And when you see what was created by the participants in the short time: cool. The waiting time after the competition was unfortunately a bit long, but with the leaving of Glenn Holland in October 2021, the BMR probably had to deal with internal issues for the time being. But honestly: better this way than no competition at all. People from all over the world come together and exchange ideas. The world often lacks that... Therefore my thanks to the BrickModelRailroader for organizing this unique competition! Thomas
  12. Ts__

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    Do you have a crystal ball? ;-) I had you there first completely misunderstood and only after your comment, how you meant your sentence. You believed in me more than I did myself. Thank you. Thomas
  13. Good luck, in 6w that sounds like a challenge! Hub is 5w wide, so left/right space only for plates/tiles. So will be slightly wider than 6w. 4 ports on the hub are of course great, I also have a locomotive under construction with Technic hub and 2 motors + light front/rear. But I build in 8w, so more space. Also note the height of the hub. Thomas
  14. Ts__

    [mod] How we motorize small locomotives

    A high goal, but who knows, maybe you will succeed. ;-) The SMD Leds are great and the Köf with the side panels also looks good I built a KöF II in October with the Circuit Cube as drive and the use of very small SMD Leds and also presented it here at Eurobricks. So yes, a Circuit Cube makes small locomotives possible.... https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/187847-octrainber-2021-wip-köf-ii/&do=findComment&comment=3467743 Thomas
  15. Hi Sergio, Next level in the development and construction of Lego passenger cars. Absolutely great job, I'll probably have to take a closer look. Am really excited, since my cars look like toys^^ Thomas