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  1. 5150 Lego

    [MOC] B Double Container truck

    Exellent moc. I'm a big fan of the B-double trailer set up. I made one based on 8654 ferrari transport truck. What are you using as the trailers king pin? A technic pin?
  2. Forgive me if this has been posted but I didn't see anything recent. This Sunday the Fox network will be airing the Simpsons in full lego animation. More info here.. http://news.yahoo.com/lego-makeover-simpsons-gets-fresh-face-25-years-214106564--finance.html;_ylt=AwrTWfyPDGFTpEUA6VjQtDMD Not sure if this will be airing overseas, but might be worth looking into. Have a great day everyone.
  3. 5150 Lego

    2014 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's what you have to remember. These sets are aimed at kids. not AFOL. We are the after thought and quite frankly, should be when it comes to city sets. This is the reason we get so many police, fire, and construction year after year. Don't get me wrong, i get what your saying and understand your points, but the wants of the average AFOL usually don't correspond to the target audience. For me, most of these look great except for the mobile command unit. Looks almost identical to the last one. same cab style and the trailer is just a box on wheels. NO thanks. Police patrol looks great. Love the truck and how they incorporated "dually" style rear fenders. Something I've never seen TLC do before. Might have to try and moc this as a 6 wide vehicle with the fenders making it 8 as 4, to 6 wide might look to small behind the police boat in tow. Helicopter surveillance also look really good. I love big helicopters as i like piling in tools, equipment, vehicles, men, etc in my helicopters. Sliding door is a nice touch. Airport firetruck is nice. Would have liked a bit more ground clearance. and a working suspension, but overall its a good design.
  4. 5150 Lego

    Airfix quick build

    I think some are looking a little to far into this. This seems to me like another approach to a snap together kit, aimed at younger kids who.. 1.- Don't have the patience or skill level to assemble a glue together model, 2.- Skill level 2 and 3 are primarly shelf models not intended to be played with. This system looks to be Level 1 building experience, designed to take the abuse of normal play. While most of the parts are best used with their intended model, a couple "technically" can be used with compeditor (I.E.- Lego) brand blocks. They may not have much use, but if another brick can be snapped on, then they can make that claim. Overall they look like nice sets.
  5. 5150 Lego

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That might be, but we were both in fact talking about the U.S. as both our locations under our forum name states U.S.A. As for 2014, yes. IN a few months dealer will start to get there water marked catalogs and for some odd reason in a technology age no one can seem to get clear pictures. :p
  6. 5150 Lego

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That area of the plane isn't accessible since the planes wings are actually one piece and connect in the center. So there would be no room to hold cargo in the center of the plane. Sucks I know, but to hold the weight of the engines on the wings and be able to "swoosh" around when kids play with it, this seemed to be the logical choice when creating the wing mold. The set isn't a target exclusive as I've seen plenty at TRU and even small mom and pop stores for at least a month or two now. What I haven't seen are the cargo sets. Cargo plane, delivery truck with forklift and Opsprey helicopter all have been no shows at every toy store I've searched at.
  7. 5150 Lego

    Should Friends have it's own Sub-Forum?

    Friends are not a licensed theme like Star wars, Ferrari, Harry Potter etc. Its TLC's own made up line and wouldn't fit well within that sub forum. It is a town of sorts and many of the elements could be incorporated in a modern day town setting without looking to out of place.
  8. 5150 Lego

    Official Lego Movie

    We'll see. From what i'm seeing from him in the trailer i'm not impressed. But again, its just a trailer so time will tell how well it turns out. I guess i'm just ruined by past Lego movies and shows. To me they were all sub par so i have the same expectations for this. As of now the only possible saving grace is the voice actors.
  9. I'm actually liking the B-model as much as the main model. Defenatly different as well as getting two vehicles.
  10. 5150 Lego

    Official Lego Movie

    Well, i guess i'll be the Debbie downer (Someone has to be ). While I'm not nearly as excited as most here are, I'll admit its not as terrible as i thought it would be. Its defiantly corny, but its a movie about Lego aimed at kids so i guess that can be expected. So far I haven't cared for any LEGO animation show, so its a bit hard to get really excited about this movie. Having the big names doing the voices does help. I've always been a big fan of Will Ferrel and Morgan Freeman. But so far the "main character" has me a bit annoyed. He just plays into the whole "I'm the dumb, clueless guy who has to save the world!" which has been done many times already. Oh well. Maybe I'm just over analyzing this to much. I'll holdout on full judgment intill I see more trailers and eventually see the movie. I do hope they work in some Ferrari sets as well as Technic somewhere in there. I'd also love to see classic sets next to current ones. Maybe have space Police and Blacktron mixed in with Star Wars. Time will tell.
  11. 5150 Lego

    Pixar Animation Studios and Films Discussion

    Looking forward to seeing "Planes". Glad that they ended up releasing it in theaters instead of the original direct to DVD plans. Should do much better on the big screen. On a side note, I work right next to Pixar's headquarters in Emeryville Ca. :)
  12. You know whats funny? The people that are complaining about the new name are the first ones that when people complain about things they didn't like about "eurobricks", would tell those individuals.. "If you don't like it, then leave" So let me be the first to say.. If it bothers you that much, then leave.
  13. If this is true then i will be visiting this site more often. Its a shame its nothing more than an April Fools joke. To bad really. :(
  14. I see what your saying in the drawing of the steering angles. In order to prevent premature tire wear and to get a controlled steering, you need each wheel to turn on a lightly different axis (which is illustrated very well in your drawing) but what does that have to do with the differentials? From my understanding he's not driving the axles on the trailer, but just steering them. Granted the system he is using doesn't address the angles of each wheel as it steers, but i have yet to see any lego set of mediem size that does. Usually its a matter of linkage to gain the correct, or close to correct steering angle of each individual wheel. Curious how a differential can be used to achieve this goal.
  15. 5150 Lego

    2013 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yes and no. Kids have always wanted action and adventure in there play time. whether you were both in the 70's, 80's, 90's or 10 years ago, action has always been in the for front and i don't think that will ever change. However, kids nowadays thanks to video games, tablet pcs, smart phones, kids attention spans are getting smaller and smaller every year. Especially when kids are getting these devices at younger and younger ages. IN one of my nephews freshman high school classes, while the teacher is giving the lessons, the students actually text in their answers. Never knew it was that difficult to raise your hand. While TLC is not a direct competitor for these items, they still have to keep the kids attention. Unfortunutly, a post office and library isn't going to cut it. I high lighted your adult comments because i think your thinking of this to much from an adult perspective. Your interested in making an accurate town setting with shops, post office, libraries, etc. TLC hasn't completely ignored this as they've done similar things with the modular town sets. But for the most part, no matter what theme, they want a little fantasy with there play. They want action. Think of it this way.. Put a mail truck and Fire engine next to each other and see which one the child's would rather have/play with and or think is "cooler". I'll bet you a Town center that 9.9 times out of ten there going to pic the Fire Engine. And why not? Fire engines provide a lot more accessories and more senerios for kids. You may not agree as an adult, but sales facts and research doesn't lie. As far as comparing town theme to a model train hobby i don't think that accurate either. Model train hobby main focus is the train itself. The train is what gets "played with" while the buildings and details are set up and for the most part never touched again. In fact, for the most part model train buildings and even vehicles for that matter are very fragile and are not designed to be played with. There made to be just what they are. Models. LEGO is designed to played with and the whole town is generally played with. Kids don't just build the sets and let them sit on display. I think you guys are over thinking this. We get re-hashes of fire and police because these are what sells the best in the city theme. This is no secret You might want a grocery store and post office. But 9 times out of 10, kids are going to pic police/fire over a post office or grocery store. Again, its about giving them what they want.