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  1. domleg

    Giant tractor

    Sariel being a queen... It's not exactly news, is it?
  2. domleg

    Pendulum wave music machine

    This is absolutely beautiful, reminds me of piano phases experiments by Steve Reich. The previous "visual" version was hypnotic, but this is entirely something else. I would sell my left kidney for an instruction.
  3. domleg

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    Thank you everyone involved for your tremendous effort. The module looks absolutely awesome and I happen to have all the required parts. I'm really looking forward to see the mods made by @Doug72.
  4. Thanks, I found few batteries but they all appear to be on the market for a few years now. I'm really curious of what you got, I don't think the mods will object to a brand name in a reply, people here recommend useful stuff quite often!
  5. Hi, Thanks for the info, would you care to post a link to the product please? I wonder how would EV3 handle this very modest overvoltage! Thanks!
  6. Hello all, This is my first post after a few years of lurking about - thanks to everyone for maintaining such an active community. Recently I've been building a robot arm based on a vertical tower with 32L long worm gear with a nut. While struggling with lots of play between the grabber and the base I started wondering what is the reason for the 7:8 height to width ratio used in technic beams? Wouldn't 1:1 be so much neater from the all-direction, 3d building system perspective? I tried to google around, with little success. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks domleg
  7. domleg

    [MOC] RC Karting (BuWizz)

    Lovely and fast! Tried to recreate the model from the photos but got into difficulties, any chance for an ldd file please?