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  1. The Sarge

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    I was checking out the pilots helmets in the Rogue One sets and comparing them to the Visual Dictionary and found a bit of a dissapointment. Set 75162, the Y-wing microfighter, has a helmet that's a perfect match for Blue Four, Barion Raner. Except Raner is black, and the mini fig is... not. Perfect opportunity to give us a black mini fig head with pilots glass and it was missed. I'm no SJW but I like having a full sampler of life, as it were, in my Rebels.
  2. The Sarge

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm hoping we get a couple more Rogue One sets over the next year to fill some gaps. Ideally: T-65 X-wing, either Partisan X-wing X-wing, the Two Tubes brothers, an astromech, a partisan and a but of scenery Or Blue Squadron X-wing X-wing, General Merrick, Blue Squadron Pilot, Astromech, Rebel Tech, hangar cart And an Eadu set with Landing platform/facility entrance, Galen Erso, Scientist, Stormtroopers x2, Jyn Erso And hopefully a few more figures as exclusives or special offers, like the R3 and Shoretrooper we've seen. Ideally some ones we wouldn't otherwise get like a Partisan, homestead Galen, Lyra Erso, standard K2S0 droid.
  3. The Sarge

    MRCA II Adventure

    Ok, since this is where fishing voyages will fall, how would I write up the route for a fishing expedition off the north coast of Oleon? I presume there are ports there and that I don't need to sail up and around the northeastern horn of the continent, but either way there are no zones there to plot distances. I was figuring on some range 0/range 1 boats going offshore and back, nothing fancy.
  4. The Sarge

    Era II Trade MRCA

    Is fishing going to be an option in this version as well? And if it is, how could I go about home porting some fishing smacks on the North Oleon coast, since we can now licence builds in the Old World? I asume the risk of pirates up north is less but the weather is worse and the income less.
  5. The Sarge

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Found a gift card while cleaning and bought one each of the current Rebel and Imperial packs. Actually, I found two cards, but I'm saving the other for the 2017 packs.
  6. The Sarge

    Future Star Wars Sets

    It's not the look of stickers many if us are opposed to, it's the long term durability. Stickers fade, peel and crack in ways that printed parts usually don't. I'd rather have "leftover" heads I can swap around or sell than blank heads because the stickers aged.
  7. The Sarge

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I like the new Rebel Trooper parts and having the Endor helmet in yet another color. U-wing pilot looks nice too. The sets look like decent parts packs and having the TIE canopies in another set should help drive the prices down.
  8. The Sarge

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'd love to see then do some sets that can be linked together, like they did with the very first Jabbas Palace and two smaller sets. If they did I'd like to see: Cloud City Main set with landing pad, conference room, hallways, and waiting room Lando Leia Bespin Guard Lobot Weathervane Duel Attaches to Cloud City, has the weather vane and maybe another room? Vader Luke Carbonite Freezing Chamber Attaches to Cloud City, just the chamber Han Han in Carbonite Chewbacca Stormtrooper? Ugnaut Cloud Car Fits on the landing platform Bespin Guard Maybe that group could be for 2020 (40 years of ESB) Another group of sets I'd really like would be for Hoth, but that should wait a while after the glut we've had. Maybe 2030 for 50 years. They'd be along the lines of: Echo Base The main hangar, hallways, medbay and communications room Toryn Farr Leia Han Rebel Trooper Snowtrooper Rebel Trenches Attach to side of Echo Base Trench and one of each turret Rebel Trooper x2 Snowtrooper x2 Snowspeeder Fits in hangar Rebel Pilot x2 And then maybe two battlepack released the same time: Rebel BP 3x Rebel Trooper Rebel Officer Infantry Gun Tower Imperial BP 3x Snowtrooper Walker Crewman Tripod Blaster
  9. The Sarge

    [OL - MayFB1] One-Horse Chaise

    Thank you everyone! I'll strive to put one carriage out each month.
  10. The Sarge

    [OL - May MCRA]

    Thanks guys! @Kolonialbeamter I went back and double checked - last month was 21 db, this month was 20. I've edited my post accordingly. XD Oops!
  11. The Sarge

    [OL - MayFB1] One-Horse Chaise

    Thank you very much everyone! To all of you wishing to use the design, feel free to! I'd love to see your takes on it.
  12. MCRA May | Honoré Sarrazin | Oleon One-Horse Chaise | Honoré Sarrazin | Oleon
  13. The Sarge

    [OL - May MCRA]

    Thanks guys! @blackdeathgr Actually, Dove has made two very profitable unescorted bounty runs for a total of 41db - not bad for a Class 0!
  14. Honoré Sarrazin decided that he needed an easier way of getting around, and thus comissioned a single horse chaise from a local coach builder to travel the island on. A little expiriment in coachbuilding. I'll follow it up later with larger and more complex carriages.
  15. The Sarge

    [OL - May MCRA]

    Mr. Sarrazin, I write to you to express my thanks for saving my father, with your vessel the Dove. Enclosed is a cheque for the amount of 20db. This vignette portrays how the Dove managed to make 20db (!) this MCRA.