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  1. I've got a couple ideas... I think I may have to MOC this one . Urgent parcel service pays well....
  2. Solid investments in my Class 0s! Four unescorted runs between them and they've each had a 500+ doubloon voyage. Love the write up as well. I always enjoy reading them.
  3. Thanks, figured it was somewhere but hadn't been able to find it. Need to start recruiting for the Lotii war.
  4. Where do I look for the size of settlements so I can figure out how many troops I can recruit? Many of the settlement pages don't appear to have this information.
  5. Thanks! That is useful. Not a lot of sea going vessels in Ameri-indian culture but I think I can blend the decorative motifs and style with Polynesian ship layout and rigging to get something suitable. Maybe a couple small cast bronze cannons.
  6. Looks like this will be a ton of fun! I'e got ideas for a couple categories already. What culture if any are the Tyree'De based on, at least as far as ship design?
  7. Haha I'll try not to. I figured my sigfig is too low in the ranks to be released from his duties for a party like this... but not his esteemed parents, or their daughter.
  8. A letter of intent o attend from Monsieur Pascal Sebire and his wife, Madame Marie-Noël Sebire née Dumaresq. Formal notice will be sent when sufficient transport for themselves, their eligible daughter, and servants has been chartered*. *aka as soon as I put together a couple servants and take photos.
  9. With this Carno-Lotus war brewing, are the histories and details of these nations filled in anywhere? All I have been able to find so far is that one of Carno's colors is red.
  10. This fresh war should be interesting! And I'm very pleased with my proceeds from the little Angelique. Not half bad for a Class 0!
  11. Thank you for the award! Congratulations to all, lots of good entries!
  12. @Ross Fisher @Bodi Yes, the hammocks, rolled up and placed in the racks served as a light protective barrier against musket fire, spalling and splinters. The racks are mostly along the sides of the ship - in this case the guns will be fore and aft on turntables but in a ship with broadside guns the racks are built over the gunports.
  13. @Bodi Thanks! She's coming along slowly, I need to order more hinge bricks for the starboard side, and bits for the hammock racks. I think I've settled on a two master with the rear mast leaned back a bit, so the hull also will get a small revision to place the rigging in the right spots.
  14. The Sarge

    [W-OKT] Beer Garden

    Thanks everyone!
  15. The Sarge

    Captain Nordau vs. Montroy

    Those are lovely little ships, and a nice story to go with them! That lamp might be a touch big for the ship though