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  1. The Sarge

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My town had a cobbler shop that also sold model trains until the cobbler retired. Small barber shop Antiques store Cultural organization, like a Suomi-Hall Travel office Phone store Insurance office
  2. The Oleon liason officer in Seawatch, adjoint Chef de Bataillon Valentin de Glenson. I'll be MOCing his arrival but he is detached from the Oleon General Staff, and will have a small team including a clerk, signalers, and an aide.
  3. The Sarge

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Torn between white hips and the traditional black hips for my clones. The white hips are definitely growing on me.
  4. The Sarge

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    A heads up on the new Eiffel Tower set - tons of DBG candlesticks, if you want to replace the metallic ones in your build.
  5. The Sarge

    [OL-FB] Tamish Bothy at Fort Arltrees

    Thanks! As I add crofts, I'm hoping to show the jungle being trimmed away in stages and replaced by worked land. Thank you! Thanks, the stone is slightly parts intensive but very rewarding! And thank you, I'm glad to be back! Thanks, looking forward to seeing what you build for him!
  6. Tamish bothy, small residence. Submitting license.
  7. A not insignificant number of Tamish exiles chose to go into the service of Oleon, providing the training and organization that they hope to one day use to free their home island. Some of these men and their families have landed at Fort Arltrees, and began building stone bothies in the style of their far away homeland. The stout structures provide ample defense against Lotii raiding parties. Here, we see an officer returning on leave. This is built on the MILS modular base system and will be expanded with other bothies, outbuildings, and small gardens in the future.
  8. The Sarge

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I'd like to see the red/black R5 dome for Red Leader's droid or the green/white R4 dome (new mold?) for Red Four's astromech show up in a set. Not picky as to what set though, I just want the parts. Of course, a Star Wars CMF line would be nice, but who knows if the stars will align for that to even be possible.
  9. Great, thanks. I was looking at a couple of the accessible but not controlled sectors to pick a planet I wanted my character introduction MOC to be set on, so that will work well.
  10. Are we required to start our character in a faction controlled sector, or can they start in any sector?
  11. The Sarge

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    WIP Red Three adaptation: Using the wedge plates helps close the gaps up but it adds studs, so there's a definite trade off. Maybe someday we'll get tiles with the same footprint. Figuring out the color blocking has been interesting as well. For the yellow under the cockpit (and the sand green on the other side) I'm thinking stickers where they partially overlap the red stripe.
  12. Wow, hard to believe it's been a decade since those came out. Maybe we'll get a goatherd in a CMF line to take a little of the pressure off.
  13. The Sarge

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    I'm working on adapting this to a Red Three (Biggs) scheme, and I had a couple questions about the fuselage. ~~One, is there a reason you went with the plate and tile stack for the 1x1 instead of a corner panel at the rear? Using all panels looks like it will allow me to close the rear most side gap.~~ Edit: I see the problem with doing it that way, the back half can't tilt down far enough. I assume the 1x3 panel wasn't available at the time but that fixes the issue. Second, most of the screen pictures and supposedly screen accurate models I've seen put the opening to the torpedo tubes roughly in line with the front of the canopy, judging by the panel lines. That's about two studs forwards of where it is now; is there a major problem I'm not seeing that I'm going to run into moving that forwards? Thanks, and the instructions are great. It's well worth the money to save the hassle of trying to reverse engineer the model.
  14. @Professor Thaum Great, thanks. I'm still in the middle of construction so I'll just make the main section longer to get me above the large cutoff on footprint. It's a ropewalk that currently sits at 2,181 studs ground floor footprint (48x48 giving a requirement of 2,304 studs, the small second floor would have covered this) but I can add another section or two and exceed that handily.
  15. For property sizes, how are multiple floor buildings counted? I.e. ground floor has a 1,800 stud footprint, 1st floor has a 600 stud footprint - is that a medium or a large?