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  1. @Keymonus @Roadmonkeytj Thanks! I've played with removable walls or sections in the past, but ultimately I don't find it worth sacrificing stability or detail to allow one or more removable panels. I do need to get a better photo setup than my phone and some typing paper, to help me better showcase the interiors. Perhaps next time I can take some detail shots of the equipment and furniture outside the building.
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like it.
  3. I love these builds! I think Mooreton Bay is my favorite architecture, but they are all nice builds. The variation in troops is a nice touch too.
  4. Armorer's Workshop I Small Artisan
  5. Noting the natural fortifications of the island of Pharos, the general staff of La Royale determined it prudent to begin construction on a protected Naval Yard to support the push east. One of the first buildings to go up was this sturdy workshop for the armorer, where he maintains and repairs the small arms of the fleet and the army units attached to it. Along the left wall, a workbench with drawers, post vise, and anvil sit. The anvil is positioned near the fireplace, which is used for heat-treating and forming small parts. On the right, a treadle grinder and treadle lathe are positioned, along with a barrel of raw stock. With these tools, the armorer can shape any replacement part except the barrel itself. A trophy for a top twenty finish in the Compétition de tir de précision de la flotte of several years past rests above the fireplace.
  6. The Sarge

    Angélique and Dame Fortune

    @Fraunces @Bodi Thanks! @Captain Genaro Thank you! I think the bows also look fairly blunt because the boat is narrow - it might look a little sharper on a wider boat. And I have already submitted forms for these two, but thank you for the offer! @Darnok As promised a breakdown shot:
  7. To clarify - one entry total per person, or one entry per category? I have a couple ideas but they don't necessarily make sense to have them happening at the same time.
  8. The Sarge

    Angélique and Dame Fortune

    @Roadmonkeytj @Professor Tham @Keymonus Thanks everyone! @Darnok Thanks, I can certainly take some break-down shots later. They are fairly simple construction.
  9. The Sarge

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thank you! The torso is Pippin's from Lord of the Rings.
  10. The Sarge

    Civilization is Returning

    Very nice! I love all the little market stalls and the menagerie of civilians. Those troops are looking sharp too - almost like real soldiers and not pirates! The hats as barrel lids is a nice touch too.
  11. The Sarge

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Thanks, I'm hoping to stay more active this time! Let's beat those lobsters!
  12. Harbor Boats A pair of small craft built to the same pattern, common throughout Oleon and her possessions. These tiny Class 0's perform many duties, such as fishing, carrying pilots and officers between ship and shore, moving small amounts of supplies, and charting inland waters. Dame Fortune Dame Fortune is operated out of Lavalette, and typically fishes in the large bay there, where it is relatively safe. She's bringing in quite the bounty today! Angélique Angélique is homeported in Acropolis, on Pharos. Here, she runs daily rations of bread, cheese and wine to the naval ships calling on this fortress harbor.
  13. The Sarge

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    BoBS Sigfig Guillaume Sebire - Garde du pavillon in La Royale b. 599 AE Guillaume is the youngest son of Pascal Sebire, a decorated cavalry veteran, and Marie-Noël Sebire nee Dumaresq, born in the city of Trigny, Corban, Oleon. He now serves in La Royale as a senior learning officer aboard the gunboat Marteau, stationed in Quilbignon, but word has it they may soon be deployed to eastern waters...
  14. WiP Galley-Frigate Galley-gunboat I'm working on. Haven't picked a rig or number of masts yet, but she'll mount 10 sweeps on a side, and turn-table mounted cannons fore and aft. I also need to figure out how to tie the stern together nicely.
  15. The Sarge

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Sounds good, would it be possible to donate the assets aquired under my old character to Oleon? I would like to start completely fresh if possible (0 DB/0 PIP, no propeties etc). As far as I know there should be no debts.