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  1. It must be late. I don't seem to see what else was done. To stop the gear from back peddling a little after every shift, it seemed like he switched that one red pieces around? Also, for those who did the chassis mod to be removed from the body, am I right in assuming that besides the red locking pins, you still need to remove the black pieces that hold the lower window frame down, the center console, then the grey cross member beam to remove the chassis?
  2. OMG, all I need to do was put the part on backwards? Please tell me it was just printed wrong in the instructions and they didn't see it. That's so dumb.
  3. starstreak

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I was just thinking if many people didn't like the color, they could release a black kit with the design stickers on it. Sell it as a option for $20 or something
  4. starstreak

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    I wonder if Lego will end up making two sets like how they did with the 4x4 with a different body.
  5. starstreak

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Bummers. Was hoping it was a bit different. I know it's technic, but when panels have gaps, it throws me off. So if it was all black, it might look better. Then if they have a skin for it, I would hope it would've covered each part fully as to not have a black border.
  6. starstreak

    42056 - Porsche Speculation

    Sorry if this was answered, but is the orange they are using the same orange they used for the 42038: Arctic Truck? Or is it a original orange just for this set?
  7. Jim- Nice build. I try not to read the reviews on sets that I want to build, but with LeMans coming out, not sure if I have enough money for this set too. It looks nice! Your review is outstanding!
  8. starstreak

    Review: 8880 Super Car

    Yup. That works. I think my Technic Space Shuttle is yellowing.
  9. starstreak

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    Just got back. Yup. Wrist strap,poster,PAB Box, random card for a gift. Nothing really on sale.
  10. starstreak

    VIP Event - What to expect?

    I got my invite here in Hawaii. 3-repeater myself. I don't think it's how much you spend. This year I didn't buy as much in the store as I did last year. Heck, my friend got the special valentines minifig and he might have bought about 2-3 sets. I didn't get a minifig and I bought way more than him. I was sad but if it makes him a afol I'm happy. I traded work days for this. I hope it's something interesting as our store is always 10% markup from the online price.
  11. starstreak

    REVIEW: 7754 Home One: Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

    He can reply to anything he sees. :)
  12. starstreak

    Review: 41015 Dolphin Cruiser

    If I squint really hard, this almost looks like the MP ship in Black Ops II. lol
  13. starstreak

    Classic Space Restoration Project

    I am jealous. This is one of those sets that got me into LEGO and got my parents wondering why it cost over $65? Or was that $85? Back then?..
  14. starstreak

    The Future of Star Wars Contest

    I think that follows under no digital entries.