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  1. @Void_S These are awesome graphics, what modeling software are you using? Is this Studio or a real cad like Creo or Solidworks?
  2. I agree that the boom could be 8 studs tall, although by my calculations the cab is correct in the instructions at 10 studs tall (or 9 depending on where you start from). However, it appears that the front cab and engine bay may be 1 stud too tall, unless the boom sits on the cab at an angle instead of perfectly horizontal.
  3. Doesn't appear to be available in the US yet. I wonder if we'll ever get it, considering no US retailer received the 42113 for its unplanned release (I believe the US release was supposed to be a month later than the rest of the world).
  4. I keep checking bricks and pieces for the new colors and none of them have showed up yet. I've actually got a couple other MOCs that I really want some of the new DBG panels for. I wonder if/when they do show up, if there will be a limit on some of those pieces exclusive to the Osprey.
  5. That almost looks better than the 5x11 tapered panel.
  6. I'm really hoping some vendors in the US got some, I'm just not sure who they are. In the US, I've seen a few sets at places like Wal-Mart, but usually very few technic. Mostly in the US it seems like they are sold online (Amazon) and at official Lego stores, which I assume would just send them back to the warehouse, so I'm not sure how many will be in the wild here. It seems like the smaller independent toy shops don't sell Lego new, but often used or old-but-still NIB sets.
  7. I'm certainly interested in a scanned copy of the instructions if you make them available. If you do post them and TLG decides to cancel the set altogether, would they pursue legal action against anyone with any related information, at the very least to have them take it down? Could they get youtube to take down the reviews already on the site?
  8. Did you make the battery holder or happen to find one that conveniently fit? Where did you get it? Do you have instructions? I would love to use this mod for the 42099 that I just put together.
  9. So they got that small detail right but couldn't do a major aspect of the hauler like the suspension?
  10. I was referring to the one running transverse, sending power to the linear actuators to dump the bed. It appears that axle goes through two bevel gears, one of which definitely has an axle hole, the other we can't tell whether it's got an axle hole or pin hole. If that is really two different axles (and both gears have axle holes), then I suppose it could be either a 4L or 6L axle, but if its one continuous axle (and the gear that we can't see has a pin hole) then its almost certainly a longer axle in tan (new).
  11. The gear on the right side (facing away from the camera) appears to be 87407, but in Tan, which would make this a new color for that piece. Probably doesn't actually operate anything but is used for stability of the axle. But the axle is also in Tan, and I'm only aware of the 4-long with center stop, and plain 6-long in Tan, so maybe a new color for a longer axle as well?
  12. Not according to Volvo, at least not in this video, which details the drivetrain and shows it in the same position as in the lego model. Volvo Articulated Haulers features - Drivetrain
  13. So according to promobricks this set has 1636 pieces. You can get a C+ L motor ($40), and a battery box which isn't for sale by itself yet, but I would imagine at least $10, although Lego will probably charge $25 to buy it individually. Not sure what the actual US price is but the euro to USD conversion is roughly $145, so subtracting the motor and battery box, you get a 1600+ piece set for under $100, easily the best price/part count set released this year at under 6 cents per part. I haven't been really all that interested in this model until just now, and I'm really starting to like it. Seems to have a lot of really interesting functions, plus the dumb battery box with two outputs and an L motor. This has moved up to the top of my buy list.
  14. I'm hoping it's not as simple as that. The real A60H has a transfer gearbox the splits power from the engine to the front/back axles, but also allows the drive shaft going to the rear to be higher than the wheel hub height. The 1st rear axle (front) has a similar transfer gearbox integral to the axle housing that has an input and output shaft on a different plane than the main drive hubs. This transfers power to the 2nd rear axle (back). The axles then have planetary reduction hubs that drive the wheels. In the catalog image of the side view, it looks like the XL C+ motor is 2 studs higher than the wheel centers, so hopefully we will see something close to the real thing here. I'm hoping the rear axles aren't simply driven through their center as was done on 42043.
  15. According to the first post in this topic, this comes with 3 of the new differentials, so how would that work with a pendular suspension? For that matter, how would the old diffs work with this proposed pendular design? I guess you'd need some u-joints in between the 5x7 frames?