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  1. Fantastic build, fantastic presentation!
  2. Good to have you back, Grum. May you recover swiftly!
  3. It looks like two in that First picture, while it looks like one in the second picture. I'm pretty sure the second one was photoshopped. This is a really bad design decision for an official Set.
  4. They manage to recolour such a special piece for such an occasion, but still fail to replace visible blue 3L pins with black ones in the expensive 18+ sets...
  5. Fantastic looks, great functions and superb presentation! I especially like the parking brake here. You nailed the cab really well, and I especially like the obligatory cup in there, just like in City trucks ;)
  6. karmadrome

    10330 McLaren MP4/4 F1 Discussion

    From all images available so far, it seems that the dark blue stripe is missing on the helmet. Lego, seriously?! The most iconic helmet in racing history and they just leave one of the two stripes off?!
  7. It's totally possible. @technicprojects ' MAN TGX dump truck (42098 alternate) has 1032 parts. My bet is that it will be in 1:21 scale, similar to 42078 and 42098, which raises the hopes of another great truck set, especially for alternates. In view of the total parts count, I think the FMX truck will be a dump truck, rather than a tractor unit with additional low loader trailer for the excavator.
  8. It's gorgeous. And you manage to capture this 80's retro vibe in spite of the modern parts.
  9. Such a fantastic build. First the awesome Camper - I love all the details inside, and the many functions. It's gorgeous! Then the U5000 Fire: Finally a Fire Unimog in 1:21 scale, what a great model! I already started with the chassis and am waiting for parts to arrive in order to continue the build, but I'm always amazed by the efficiency and density of your builds. The chassis is Lego perfection.
  10. So creative and fun! And "penguin release mechanism" has to be the coolest Technic function ever.
  11. karmadrome

    Lego Creator 3-in-1 2024

    Great range of sets. The truck is a nice nod to 5590 and 5571. My guess is that the camera was designed by Chris McVeigh - it's very similar to one of his cameras on his website: https://chrismcveigh.com/cm/building_guides_-_technology.html
  12. This would have been the perfect opportunity to revive the Technic Figures. After all, this is a Technic play set, the only thing missing here are Figures.. such a missed opportunity, dear TLG.
  13. So many functions in all of the new space sets! Finally something different. And the Kawasaki is quite faithful to the original, great design here. What a promising start!