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  1. karmadrome

    Panel Storage?

    I store them in transparent plastic boxes with a lid. Also, I connect left+right versions with one or two black pins. Makes searching and finding easier, especially with stickered panels.
  2. karmadrome

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    A lack of steering was to be expected, I guess it would be nearly impossible to include steering AND the folding of the wheels. That said, shut up and take my money! It looks wonderful, and the many details and inclusion of Minifigs shows that Lego still can do it, if they want.
  3. You might want to add that the chainsaw was designed by Milan:
  4. I still can't believe I snagged a complete 42082 with instructions for 45€ today. That's 1 Cent per part. Oh, and I also got the 9395 Tow Truck for 10€ from the same seller... that's easily my best bargain ever.
  5. Excellent MOC, especially at this scale! Looks great and you packed in lots of functionality. I'd love to see a video of it in action.
  6. This looks a lot like CADA's articulated hauler released recently, which was designed by Eric Trax.
  7. 8386 Racers Ferrari F1 Car (1:10) for 20 €. Lots of rare parts in there, lots of black 3L pins and black 2L axles. Gotta love the lack of color vomit in the old sets.
  8. What a fantastic model. Ultra-realistic looks and impressive functions - you really nailed it! The bellows is my favourite part.
  9. Fantastic presentation of this great build, Mike!
  10. Looks fantastic! Will it be sturdy enough to be played with?
  11. Got the 42029 Customized Pickup Truck for 40 EUR, and the seller additionally gave me a 8259 mini Bulldozer and a City police helicopter with it. Also got 42038 Arctic Truck for 20 EUR, with only a few decorative pieces missing.
  12. This is looking great. So curious to see the end result.
  13. Spectacular work! What first caught my eye was your clever parts usage on the vents of the side doors. The overall shape looks great, however, I'm not quite sold on the front nose, it looks a bit too big - the original seems to have a slightly slimmer nose. Did you consider one stud less height on the front grille?
  14. My list of most enjoyable builds (official models:) 1. The Arocs (42043) is definitely the best Technic set to date and is my number one must-build. So. Much. Fun. 2. 42055 was also lots of fun. 3. The Test Car 8865 has been a personal favourite ever since I got it as a kid in 1989. The building step 18 which requires 144 parts(!) is probably the most epic Lego Technic building step in history! 4. 9396 Helicopter is also a pretty nice build. 4. I must admit that while the 42126 Raptor is technically questionable, I did enjoy the build. The massive axles and suspension system were fun to build and how it all comes together was a good experience. Otherwise, I mostly prefer MOCs over official models, so I'll list some of my favourites here: 1. The 42082 C-Model Wheel Loader by "D E I Z E R" from youtube was one of my favourite MOCs to build so far. Even though there is only an instruction video on youtube which is essentially a disassembly played backwards, it works out great if you reduce the speed to 0.25 and pause and play with the space bar of your keyboard. Of course, some experience in Technic building is required, but he did a great job here. You start with the most complex part - the core of the build, which combines the 4-cylinder engine, the gearbox for the functions and the rear axle and go from there, adding bodywork, Cabin, then front axle and the rest of the front part. I never thought building from a video could work so well. 2. Marco Pirola's (@technicprojects) 42098 alternate MAN TGX truck and 42078 Mercedes Actros were also so much fun to build. With alternate models of this high quality, I am amazed over so many clever solution with a limited set of parts. 3. Artemy Zotov's Audi R8 was pure building pleasure. However, I never built any of the official Lego supercars, so I have no real comparison here. 4. PV-Production's 42082 alternate GBC "Crazy Carnival" was something completely different and incredibly enjoyable. So many complex and interesting mechanical solutions in there.
  15. This looks very promising. A version of the model that is not restricted to the parts of 42096 could become really awesome, there's lots of potential here.