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  1. roadstermatt

    [MOC] "The Mandalorian" Skyline

    love this its fantastic
  2. pure speculation but I wonder if the new UCS set could be the first time we see a Lego Razorcrest ? and the Little green fella?
  3. We can hope I for one would be buying them if it happened
  4. roadstermatt

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm sold on that lot yep nice ideas I would happily have that lot again I would buy those without hesitation
  5. roadstermatt

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    me too
  6. roadstermatt

    The Mandalorian - Arvala

    wow that's impressive
  7. roadstermatt

    Sorgan Village

    very nice
  8. roadstermatt

    Whistling Birds

    looks really good
  9. roadstermatt

    I Have Spoken

    that's beautiful
  10. that looks very good you've captured the scene very well
  11. roadstermatt

    [MOC] Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian

    love it
  12. roadstermatt

    [MOC] Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Protect the child

    looks great
  13. roadstermatt

    [Review] #75267 Mandalorian Battle Pack

    great looking set I think I be getting several
  14. roadstermatt

    [MOC] MINIs from Resistance NEW RED ACE

    that's fantastic I wish lego would give us a system scale fireball