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  1. roadstermatt

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    got yesterday at a lego show 7778 millennium falcon complete but no box 8019 republic attack shuttle missing pilot no box 8129 cad banes speeder with a an extra Jedi figure no box all came with instruction booklets
  2. yes its a brilliant build
  3. thanks for posting looks like a good set
  4. Thanks for posting nice review. I think this is a set I will pick up later when its been reduced a bit only real draw is the Pretorian Guards
  5. roadstermatt

    MINI Eravana Baleen-Class Freighter (Ep. VII) V.2

    like it liked the first version too but on seeing the latest version yes its better nice job
  6. roadstermatt

    [REVIEW] 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes

    nice review I will be definitely getting this set
  7. roadstermatt

    Conveyex Transport MOC (LDD)

    that's just brilliant love it a job well done
  8. roadstermatt

    James Bond 2018

    just seen the image well I think I will wait till I can see one in the brick but I don't think I be getting one if the image is a good representation of it
  9. roadstermatt

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    40300 Han Solo Mudtrooper 40299 Kessel Mine Worker also 75096 Sith Infiltrator and 75185 Tracker 1 both without the figures
  10. roadstermatt

    Battle of Crait

    this is great really well done
  11. nice work looks very good
  12. roadstermatt


    nice job
  13. roadstermatt

    [MOC] SoroSuub V-35 Courier

    very nice look good
  14. roadstermatt

    [MOC] Republic Consular-Class Cruiser

    loos very good like the colour combo grey / green
  15. yep with you on that one an rotj lando and nein numb would be good