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  1. Before you read any further: I want to give massive credits to RenegadeClone (or his brother.. or both.. it's confusing) for coming up with this great MOC and leaving enough instructions for me to reconstruct the model. My version is 90-95% the same and I can only take credit for making the model and some small differences in detail (I'll get to those later). RenegadeClone's done a great job. You can find the original topic here. Having said that, things are easier to build when you have an LDD file. A small introduction I'm Krispy. I've been lurking here for a while, taking in ideas and techniques. Now that I've started building again, I figured it's good to share. I'm a big fan of Star Wars universe starfighters, but only the classic trilogy and the stuff after that. I love space sims and "Tie-Fighter" in particular; I've wasted half my childhood on that game . And now I've decided to collect Lego version of the starfighters from that universe. In minifig-scale. I was a little bummed out that TLG doesn't have a proper B-Wing set. Bummed out until I found RenegadeClone's MOC. The Model B-Wing v1.1 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr There she is, rendered using LDD2PovRay. Total part count: 951. Ouch. There are small differences with the RenegadeClone's original; most concern the cockpit: The cockpit is all light bley; this meant using some different parts The rear cockpit section (with the curved slopes) is completely different in internal construction. The slopes are now attached using 3 stubs making the use of rubber bands unnecessary (I dislike rubber bands). The pilot now has a seat (in dark green!). Flying a B-Wing is tough enough without the physical discomfort.... or so they say. The internal structure of the main wing and the engines is different. I only knew the outside dimensions, so I had to reconstruct them on my own. Internally this B-Wing is probably rather different. Below you will find all the files you need to source the parts and make the model. The LDD model is made using LDD 4.3.5. The partslist spreadsheets was made using LDD Manager, but I've added some extra columns to keep track of the parts that you have ("Have" column) so you can see which bricks you still need. For those of you who don't do LDD, I've exported the instruction to html and put them in a zip; they should work on any browser. The Files The LDD file: v1.0 / v1.1 Partslist (v1.0): XLSX (office 2010) / ODS (openoffice) Building instructions in html (v1.0): link LDD file of the display stand: link If you want to figure it all out yourself, stop reading and start building. Below I've posted some notes on sourcing the parts and building the model that you may find useful though. Sourcing the parts Please note that there are a small number of rare-ish parts used in the model, so check if you have these or are able to order them before you start your Bricklink frenzy: Large hard plastic wheel in classic grey Wedge 4 x 4 (Slope 18 Corner) in light bley; you'll need 4 Most parts in sand blue 4L bar in dark grey/dark bley; dark grey shouldn't be too hard, but dark bley is rarer 8.5L Hose in classic grey Also note that if you need to source almost all parts (like me; my lego is older, so I only have classic grey), this beast will set you back considerably. It has almost 1000 parts. By my estimation I've spend somewhere between €100 and €120 on parts (about $125 to $140). It's not cheap. If you use LDD Manager to check if you can do other colours instead of sand blue, you will only find a small number of basic colours. This is due to this brick. If you want to know what your real options are, paint this brick black in the model. If you are having trouble sourcing sand blue parts (I'm looking at you fellow europeans), dark bley offers a good alternative though your model will look more like the UCS B-Wing that way. Building considerations It's possible to build this model using the LDD generated instructions. I've done so, proving they actually work, but they are a bit weird and unlogical. The LDD model has been grouped in to logical groups, so you might want to check those. As reference, I've rendered a picture showing these elements. Minifig-scale B-Wing v1.0 in parts by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Below I will note some things you want to look out for. Engine covers by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Build these engine covers seperate and add them to the model later (after step 180 or something). Engine (build this first) by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr That means you want to build this engine part first. Exhaust close-up by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Note that the technics half pins do not go in all the way. That's not a bad thing though: you now have the option to add a 2x2 dish giving your exhaust the same look as the offical TLG sets (eg. the 9493 X-Wing). Technics tubing not in instructions by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Note that this piece of pneumatic tubing is not on the LDD model. The holders are though; look at the completed model (all the way below) to see where it slots between the two torpedo launchers. Fix for curved plate problem by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr I had a problem with the narrow 1 stud wide cover plate for the rear of the main wing: it curved outwards (to the left in this picture) because a 1x12 plate I used wasn't straight!! Using this modification at the bottom of the assembly, I was able to hold it in place. Cockpit axle mount thingy in place by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Notice that I used old school connectors with studs on the side. This means the model is a bit sturdier on top (also I have, like, tons of these parts). Cockpit section by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Cockpit with seat. Notice that the headrest has two 1x1 dark bley plates instead of one in the LDD model. This depends on what helmet your minifig pilot is wearing. Build complete! by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Build complete! It's big, it's heavy. If anyone has suggestions on a stand that works for this beast, I'm all ears. I hope you've enjoyed this little write-up. Good luck and happy building if you're going to attempt one... trust me, they are worth the effort: the build was definitely one of the most challenging I've done so far! update 13-01-2013: A stand I've updated the files section with a LDD model of the stand I came up with (see picture below). It's bulky, but sturdy and allows you to show off the model with open s-foils! Stand - front by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr update 19-01-2013: version 1.1 I've updated the model to 1.1. Grab the new model file from the files section above! What is different you may ask? Well, there's somewhat less studs on the outside of the model. Oh... and the lower part of the internal skeleton has been redone completely. It definitely feels more rigid now. Check out the differences below! Even if you don't want to update your model with loads of tiles, I would recommend redoing the skeleton. B-Wing v1.1 Skeleton update by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr
  2. update 2013-07-30 I've finally managed to brick build it! I've included some studio shots below. Also there's a little pointer on getting the angle of the cones to work. Finally, I've also updated the model file, as I found some errors in the 1.2 version. ---------------- I've been taking a break from building, but there was one model I haven't yet posted. I was going to do a topic after I brick-build it, but seeing as that might take awhile, I've decided to post the model file anyway. Also someone has already brick built it using my model file; I'm fairly confident that this model will work in real bricks. Disclaimer Like the B-Wing, most of the modeling was done by others, mainly Jerac and Scott34567. I've merely modified the base model to take full advantage of the parts from TLG's #75003 A-Wing model. Also some optimizations were made. So, without further ado: here she is! Studio shot 1 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Studio shot 2 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Jerac/Scott A-wing - v1.2 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Jerac/Scott A-wing - v1.2: Lego®-Vision by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr You can find the LDD model file here: v1.4 Building tip: inserting a pneumatic T between the cones and the round brick helps the side to keep its shape. How to angle the cones by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Happy building!
  3. (07-03-2013) I've redone the photographs with a white(ish) background. This should show the model more clearly. Hope you like! Hi all! I'm diving deeper into Star Wars starfighter obscurity with this very niche model. The Missile Boat only appeared in a handful of Star Wars games (like the extended edition Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance). Oddly enough, after making my Star Wing/Assault Gunboat known to the public I've gotten requests to do the Missile Boat next (more than one even). So here it is! Not a render: a real brick build ship! As always: it's buildable (duh), in minifig scale, (almost) no rare parts and no flick-fire missiles. And unlike my first MOC (the Star Wing), this one is rock solid from the get go! Seriously, it's smaller than the Star Wing, but still weighs about the same. It's very sturdy and swooshable. TL;DR: model files are at the end(ish) of the post. For those unfamiliar with the craft (which is probably 99% of you ) The Missile Boat was an advanced Imperial starfighter designed by Admiral Thrawn and built by Cygnus Spaceworks. Designed as a countermeasure against the rogue Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin and his supply of TIE Defenders, the Missile Boat was a descendant of the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing, also manufactured by Cygnus Spaceworks. The Missile Boat relied primarily on warheads for dogfighting and assaults, a notable difference from other Imperial starfighters, which relied more heavily on laser cannons. The Missile Boat also included an innovative propulsion feature known as the SubLight Acceleration Motor (SLAM). (source: Wookieepedia) And there you have it. Finding source material was even harder than for the Star Wing as the craft only makes its appearance in two games. To make it even more challenging, the models differ greatly between the two games. Oddly enough the X-Wing Alliance Update project also did their (rather excellent) version, which is also diffent. I've included a comparison below. What can I say? I like a challenge! These images and the fact that it's supposed to be 10m long (about 32 studs in minifig scale) was what I got to work with, so I've taken a few liberties as well. Luckily, there are a number of similarities between the craft, like the way the wings are angled, the missilepods on top, big rear engines, narrow(ish) cockpit. I've tried to use similar techniques to the Star Wing; as they are related, it should show. Here are some more views of the result. And I do apologise for my feeble photographing skills: all I had to work with were a bit of cloth, some desklamps and an old compact camera. From the front: Shot from the rear: A side view: Next to it's older brother: Lego®-vision drawing: Render of possible color variations: I'm actually rather taken with the blue one (though I build a red one as the craft in the games are all with red markings). As always, I've shared my lxf files so you can build it yourself. It's 654 pieces in total (165 unique; and that's including the mini-fig) and all can be found on bricklink in good quantities. There are a couple of things you need to mind, but I'll get to that later. Files v1.0: The model assembled v1.0 (in parts): The model broken down in main components. If you are going to build it in real bricks, I suggest you use this file as it will force LDD to generate instructions for each major component, making building easier. Building Notes As I've mentioned before: all parts should be available in good quantities. There are, unfortunately, some parts you need to mind: The Classic grey wedge 6x4; you'll need two and only the 6153a variant is available in this color (which is not in LDD; only the b-variant). There's no alternative (sorry) but the part seems to be available in good quantities. Any suggestions on how to do the nose section without this part (and dump classic grey altogether) is very much welcome. The Light Bley Brick, Modified 2 x 4 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top; it turned out to be way harder to find than I expected, but it looks good on the model. If you have trouble sourcing it, or find it too expensive, you might want to consider using only 2x1x1 1/3's instead. It might require some extra reinforcement underneat though. The Wheel 30mm D. x 13mm (13 x 24 Model Team); it's an older part (last set to feature it is C-3PO from 2001), so most likely you'll only find used ones. Do not confuse this with partno. 60208. The 2695 has a shallower rim and has rounded edges as well. You could use the 60208 (for example if you want the thrusters in dark bley) as it fits, but I personally feel that they don't look right. As with the Star Wing, I suggest that you build it in main components (grab the parts file!) and later assemble those. As always, the LDD instructions are weird and unlogical, so I suggest you spend a little time looking around the model and skipping through the instructions a couple of times just to make sure you won't have to wedge a plate inbetween two brick already there. A quick pointer while building the main hull: LDD will want you to build it in one go, but I advice you to build it in 3 seperate components. A 4-step plan below. Start with the cockpit and internal skeleton (much like the instructions) Seperately, construct the top panel To the same for the bottom panel (just follow the instructions, but don't add it on to the model) Assemble! Unpictured step: the engine part (the dark bley bits at the end) is pretty straightforward. Add it before putting the top panel on. And that should do it. Thank you for reading!
  4. Minifig-scale Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing (06-03-2013) Small update replacing the pictures with a black background by ones with a light one. (06-03-2013) For improvement of general swooshability! I've updated the internal structure to something that is way way way more stable (I can't stress this enough). If you're thinking about building: use these new model files (2.0). Really. Throw away the old ones. The result? See? No more hanging parts and disintegrating sidepods! Much better. (02-03-2013) It's done! I've added a build report below (after the files section). You know what they say: "A bird in the hand is worth..." (01-03-2013) So it turns out that real brick building is still rather necessary if you're inexperienced with 100% from scratch MOCs: the sidepods weren't strong enough to support the wing weight, so they have been redesigned internally. Also my solution for mounting the ion cannons on the sail didn't work as well in real life as it did virtually, so that has been modified as well. I'd strongly recommend getting and using the updated model files(posted below) if you're serious about building the model. Also, expect a write up of the build soon (with pictures! ) (30-01-2013) This model is now on Cuusoo! Please consider voting for it if you want TLG to make it. Thank you! (31-01-2013) I've updated the model to v1.2. The differences are all internal; the model should be sturdier now. IMPORTANT: if you're gonna build it using LDD instructions, please consider using the model-in-parts-file. This will force LDD to generate the instructions per major component (there's 9 in total), making it much easier to build. I've also added a wallpaper-like scene at the bottom of this post! (30-01-2013) New colors and updated images! ..or better known as the assault gunboat from the X-Wing/Tie-Fighter game series (Mu 1 anyone?). You can find more background info at this Wookieepedia entry. It's one of my favorite craft from the games, but unfortunately Lego never released an official set of it so far. As this thing cannot be missing from my starfighter collection*, I fired up LDD. It's my first 100% original, from-scratch MOC. Yay! I'm not really sure if I feel this model is done: I'm starting to suffer from "model blindness". Also the fact that there doesn't seem to be a definitive model of the Star Wing in the lore doesn't help. It's not even in the Essential Guide To Vehicles and Vessels. The model is rather bleyish, but for the love of me, I couldn't figure out a color scheme. I've included the LDD model below if you want to have a go at it, though I suppose most imperial craft are bleyish. So I'm hoping that you guys and gals can comment on whether or not I've done a decent job so far. Here are pictures so you can make your mind up (or you can just download the model file below). (minifig included for size) Some background info TL;DR: keep scrolling! The files are down below According to the lore, this ship is 10 meters long, 15.1 wide and 7.2 high. If my calculations are correct, that translates to 32x48x23 studs (about scale 1:40ish, which is minifig-scale). I believe the model is about that size (anyone got ideas on how to measure models?). It has 689 pieces of which none are rare according to LDD Manager. The model features foldable wings as well as landing gear and holds true to my "no flick-fire missiles in my house" policy. The ion cannons on the dorsal fin can rotate. There's a cockpit and the pilot has a chair. Because there are two technics axles running through the model (they connect the pods), it should be stable and probably quite swooshable. I won't find out until I build it of course (which may take a while since building the B-Wing burned through my budget rather quickly). If anyone has a better idea on how to construct the cockpit with these angles, please let me know. At first I used transparent panels on the sides of the cockpit, but they gave me design headaches up to the point where I was tempted to cut off the top bit (with the studs) from the panels to give the pilot some more room and raise him a bit so he can see outside the window properly. This is why I went with the small panel / transparent plate setup. I wanted to use this Windscreen 3x4x3 as it was the only one that kind of matched the angles I was looking for (when you use it on its side anyway). Files The main model file: v2.0 Model in parts (for building instructions): v2.0 (in parts) Play around with it. Maybe one of you can come up with a color scheme. Let me know what you think (31-01-2013) Here's a group of Star Wings patrolling around an ISD (click for big). *See my B-Wing MOC post: I collect starfighters from the X-Wing/Tie Fighter game series in minifig-scale. The Build I've finally managed to real-brick build the model! So here she is: Turns out that although building with virtual bricks gives you a lot of freedom to experiment, there is no substitute for real-brick building. In this paragraph I shall share some things I've experienced while converting my virtual model to something real. First problem I had was with the ion canons on the sail. Turns out my old grey frictionless pins are not fond of jamming bars in them. So I've opted for the solution shown below (which still looks rather neat). Then there was my "ingenious" solution for mounting these two canons really low and close to the sail. The original plan was to use a brick with an axle cross and jam the pneumatic "T" pieces in there, which oughta fit according to LDD. Turns out, they don't. Well, they fit, but (probably due to wear or tolerance) the brick doesn't hold them properly. Below you see the more standard solution for the problem. Note that in the new model file it is done slightly different, which you can also see in the first picture in this post. And then there was sidepod stability... my biggest problem (as I had predicted and feared). My original design turned out to be very fragile. As the picture below illustrates: just the weight of the main wing was already enough to have the assembly split and come apart (notice the black gap in the middle grey part). I've come up with a redesign that kind of works (I'll get to that in a minute). This is the main reason why, if you have already downloaded a model file and intend to build this thing, you should get the updated model files I've posted here. The version number should be 1.5. Unfortunately, that rework of the sidepods didn't stop the axles that connect them to the main hull from bending. The result of that is a model that looks like Star-Wars-meets-Salvador-Dali (apologies for the slightly blurry picture). I've already modified the main hull so that a pair of extra axles is present near the read. This helps, but doesn't stop the hanging. I'm afraid that if I want to make is internally strong enough, I've got to go with an entirely different solution. Probably lose the axles and use beams/thick liftarms instead. I might play with that after I'm done building my Missile Boat (coming soon ). The solution I'm using at the moment to combat the hanging is simple: support the sidepods! As you can see, I've used a 1x16 technics brick and it works really well. Ideally, one would use a 1x14 brick, but I don't have one. Sure, the stand is a bit bulky, but nothing I'm currently annoyed with. So it suffices for now. Other than these issues, the build went rather smooth. I was particularly happy with the sides of the nose: they are much sturdier than I expected, allowing me to remove one of the 4 connection points so I could make the internal cockpit a bit sturdier. I'm happy with how big it turned out; getting a sense of scale is always difficult when you work digitally. I hope you've enjoyed my little report and good luck if you attempt to build this!
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    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Great idea! Also, I've restored the dropbox link.
  6. At the threat of community scorn for necroing this thread: Yeah.. I've noticed the files no longer work. Thanks Dropbox for changing all the public links to private! It is now fixed.
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    [MOC] Banana

    For some reason, this creation makes me smile loads. Good job
  8. Collecting shuttle parts ... tedious business

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    UCS LEGO C-3PO Bust

    9000 parts... yeah.. that would be expensive in gold bricks! It is a lovely bust though, so I think we can forgive you for painting bricks
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    McDonnell Douglas/BAE AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    Another excellent rendition. If you'd build all the aircraft you've posted here, you'd have serious kick-megablocks shelve to show of! Question: what is with the green front of the windshield?
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    LED renderings of Star Wars sets

    That's an impressive render, Nachapon! It must've taken ages to parse, let alone render...
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    1930's style Wolfpack Military vehicles

    I concur with Eurotrash: I'm really digging the sub; it's as smooth as it should be. Would look great on a desk as well
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    McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II MOCs

    Lovely Phantoms! Easily my favorite Cold War fighter and I think you've done it justice. Slight point of critique: maybe include some pictures in the topic you've started rather than just a hyperlink? Then we know what to expect.
  14. I haven't seen the Hasbro model, but does the original even have landing gear? I've been googling a bit, but there's no reference or hint of the B-Wing having any landing gear other than resting on it's S-foils. There's no mention of it in the Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels (= my bible) either.
  15. I'm a little gutted... like 2 weeks ago a local toystore had two for the price of one on selected Star Wars lego sets. And this one was among them...
  16. That's a clever idea! It would seem that the newer part (no. 10312) has the square cut-outs (at least according to Bricklink) It seems I'm gonna have a pretty long list of modifications to do on my model!
  17. These look awesome indeed. We can start a B-Wing club if this keeps up! Sharing is caring! Post away. I'm curious to see what modifications you did
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    Chibi T-47 Snow Speeder

    I love this... it made me giggle and that's a good thing.
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    [LDD MOC] Whistling Owl

    That's a shame :) It looks really sleek. I love how you've incorporated the cockpit canopy.
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    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    I've been a little slow on this forum recently, but I just have to say: great mod! Looks like I'm gonna need to adjust my shelved one.
  21. Great! This is precisely the feedback I was hoping for. I haven't been the most active builder recently (something to do with finishing up my master's thesis while having a regular job), but now that I have some more time, I'll update the model using your feedback. Thanks for sharing!
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    Agreed, I never thought about using that small corner piece when framing the wings. And the fact that your pylons are rounded is especially nice. Well done! I might need to rebuild my defender using this
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    [MOC] Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing

    I agree! It looks totally awesome Havoc. Makes me happy to see other ppl are able to build it too
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    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Awesome collection Bear!