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  1. azog

    [POLL] Barracuda vs Eldorado

    The Imperial Trading Post is one of my favorite sets in my collection! However, it's not only expensive but rare to get in good used condition, let alone complete. I would say to save money for the Trading Post and keep looking for a good listing! It's a beautiful set especially when you add modern accessories!
  2. azog

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Whew...finally caught up on this discussion haha. I actually really like this GWP! It gives us a modern dragon masters knight and an updated Majisto's workshop for the upcoming medieval market village! Hopefully the Museum modular will still be up for pre-order by the time this releases! For those who don't like it, I'm really sorry you don't! I think you all just got your standards set too high! The only reason the forest hideout had all the updated prints and molds was because they appeared in the LKC. I guess this confirms that we will never get another Dragon Masters or Black Knights set (at least in the near future). I'm definitely an optimist, but I think most of us in this fourm already own the correct helmet, plumes, and shields for the Dragon Masters faction, so it won't be too hard to update this figure. If you don't own them, at least the pieces aren't "too" expensive if it really bothers you! As for the comments about the knight being a female, grow up and accept that it's a toy based in a fantasy world. Because guess what...I can guarantee that you have at least 1 male minifigure head laying around if it truly bothers you that much. I'm sick of these comments using, "historical accuracy" to justify their sexist views. Remind me again...when did wizards and dragons exist? Oh...that's right...NEVER! It's fantasy! I will never not laugh at people when they complain about a female knight/soldier.
  3. azog

    [WIP] Full Hull Battleship

    You have no idea how nostalgic that picture is! This picture inspired me so much when I was younger! Thank you for that beautiful moc and your current one is going amazing so far!
  4. I'm going to need multiples of this set! The blurry images we got from that survey leak make this set look amazing! And how can I not mention the inclusion of a GOAT! With 2 knights confirmed for the Majisto GWP that I would assume to be Dragon Master remakes, it is safe to assume we might also be getting 1 or 2 Dragon Master figures in the village as well. Lego wouldn't release an exclusive faction update just for 1 GWP right? However, LEGO could always go the safe route and just give us more Black Falcons or Lion Knight Crusaders.
  5. azog

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    I really doubt they will sadly! Lego usually doesn't put their licenced parts on the PAB site. My best advice would be to get one off of Bricklink! That's what I did at least, only cost me $20 US!
  6. Super excited about this one! Not only is it another pirate set, but the design is just beautiful!
  7. Just got my copy in the mail! Out of curiosity (pun intended), has anyone found a way to motorize it yet?
  8. Personally, I would rather not have a re-release of 10210 Imperial Flagship but instead an entirely new ship. Maybe, "The Iron Ram" from the old comics or something like that!
  9. A D2C Black Pearl or Flying Dutchman would be a dream! If only
  10. This new Star Wars figure in set: Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle (75362), has a new medievalish helmet!
  11. azog

    Blue Coats, Red Coats, or Green Coats

    Redcoats have the better sets...but I still prefer the Bluecoats!
  12. Just change the heads if it bothers you so much. Most of these comments are grossly sexist and you all are just disguising it as, "there was no female soldiers back in the day". Guess's a fantasy based set, using a fantasy based faction, that's not based on anything historically accurate. Wait...actually, I want to join this game. Why is the ship so small? A merchant ship that small would have never existed. Also, what's going on with that prison cell? Why is there such an easy way to escape? Also...only 3 cannons? What type of fort would only have 3 cannons? Pretty pathetic defense if you ask me. I'm not trying to be rude but I'm sick of these comments. It's so stupid and nobody else cares. Either change the heads or simply don't buy it.
  13. azog

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Has anyone tried to combine the new visitor center set with the previous 75932 Velociraptor Chase set? I own that one already and I'm waiting to see if I can combine it with the visitor center before buying!
  14. azog

    Jurassic Park/World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Tomorrow is the day! What are we all buying? For me, I'm getting the Brachiosaurus Discovery and the Dilophosaurus Ambush! Two sets that I have needed since the launch of Jurassic World in 2015
  15. azog

    [WIP] Collaborative Pirate Display

    Can't wait for this! I am currently building a Spanish War Galleon to attack the Redcoat fort! Can't wait for this event!