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  1. azog

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    All good news here then! Because I still want to buy the Legacy Bounty that is coming out in August I can only hope the land build is the final battle with the overlord dragon and tower version of garmatron. But I have a feeling it will be Borg tower due to it's demand. Which I wouldn't mind if they put the same amount detail in it like they did in Ninjago City 70620
  2. azog

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    What boat? Are they making another destiny's bounty?
  3. azog

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    It's a remastered version of the original BSB. So It has mostly the same colors and dimensions as the original but in a completely different package. Having an under deck and modern piece elements makes this set stand on it's own from the original. However, it keeps the original charm due to the colors and sails!
  4. It is a set to enjoy! I currently have mine displayed on my nightstand haha Otherwise during this time I am not doing anything physically but instead trying to decide if I want to buy the creator pirate ship
  5. I mean everyone has a different perspective on what a "good" ship is. So, yes it is possible haha Personally this set has no comparison to the updated BSB just due to nostalgia and how smooth and realistic the ship looks. I will probably wait to see if the set goes on sale later in it's release.
  6. azog

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    One of the best examples I can think of is the MOD by Dorino! He posted his MOD in the pirates MOC's forum, titled "21322-Alternate Model. He only used the remaining parts to build that island.
  7. azog

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Not embarrassing at all! That's a great set with some really nice pieces! No pirates set is bad, no matter the price or size!
  8. I like to incorporate different cannons with my sets. An example would be 10210 Imperial Flagship, I left the official firing cannons in the gun deck to represent 24lb cannons and I built smaller cannons on the top deck to represent 12lb cannons. It's great that in history cannons came in different sizes because it makes it easy to incorporate different sized Lego cannons in sets
  9. It seems a little expensive at first glance. To be fair idk how many castle sets he is selling. But I know if you look long enough you can find the BSB for $200-300 good condition. You also have to vary what parts he's missing. If it's just some simple bricks you might already own or ones that are cheap on bricklink I would say go for it if it's worth it to you. However, if he's missing the sails on the BSB or some castle wall pieces with exclusive prints it's not worth it. Also if he's missing mini-figures such as the pirate woman in the BSB, it might not be worth it because they are expensive to buy on their own especially in good condition. It's up you of course cause it is your money, but look at pictures and contact the seller for any questions before you buy. Because trust me there is nothing worse than buying some sets and realizing you are missing the most expensive pieces.
  10. Sadly those are the best parts of the set! Buy those missing pieces as soon as you can! I own all those sets and trust me, you don't get the full affect until they're complete . Still though you now own some of the greatest pirate sets ever made!
  11. Looking at the size of the ship, it's actually the same length, 1" smaller in height, and 1" smaller in width compared to the Caribbean Clipper. Honestly if you want a ship I would spend the money buying a nice Caribbean Clipper instead of the Creator Pirate Ship.
  12. The last thing i'm curious about with this ship is what the interior looks like. How does the cabin look? Does it have much of an under deck? Also, can you lift up the deck to access an interior?
  13. azog

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    You have to give us more pictures! I really like the lighthouse!
  14. azog

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Wow...I really have no words for this wave. This might be one of the best waves for Ninjago. I was originally happy to buy the Journey to the Skull Dungeons set but now looking at Skull Sourcers Dungeon. I am amazed that this is even a set. It has a mix between Temple of Doom from Indiana Jones, Skull Island from the Pirates theme, and the goblin caves from the Hobbit. I might need to buy both of these sets
  15. azog

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    You are all good my guy! Any idea when the leak will be revealed? Also this is great, I thought about that last night thinking Lego should have made him a tad closer to white and not so dark. Now I can relax haha