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  1. Wait, how did you help with the development process?
  2. azog

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Hmmm I didn't think about that! I loved TF2 when I was a kid. I might have to switch my own list haha
  3. I loved Castle in the Forest! Design budget or not, it has been one of my favorite builds of all time. The building experience was amazing and I love the look!
  4. azog

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    We are finally getting a brachiosaurus! It's happening!
  5. azog

    Classic Space Color meanings

    It's always a great day when you see a new Classic Spaceman color get introduced! Here is my current list: White: Explorer Black: Security/Spy Red: Pilot Blue: Captain/Commander Yellow: Communications Green: Mining Operator Grey: Cadet Pink: Medic Orange: Engineer Purple: Admiral Brown: Caretaker/Teacher Now this is just my list with my opinions, but I truly don't understand why everyone keeps devaluing the pink spaceman. Either saying they are a girl or that the white laundry bled with the red? The girl one just makes no sense to me and nor it should for you as well. You are telling me guys can choose from all these different colors but girls HAVE to wear pink regardless of job title? It makes no sense other than people just assuming pink=girl. Enough said. And then why would you assume the laundry bled? Why did no one assume that the orange spaceman had his yellow suit blended the red? Or that the green spaceman was originally a blue? Once again the only reason I can assume this is because of the stereotype that "men don't want to wear pink and it must have been an accident!". Sorry if I offended anyone but the pink spaceman is a guy named Lenny according to Lego and I believe he has his own department just like all the other colors.
  6. I would say it's probably The Black Knights because they are more prominent then the Wolfpack. However I would love either of them!
  7. I bought my copy for $20 + shipping! So I would say you did really good! Enjoy the set, it's simply beautiful.
  8. I love how you used that cloth piece from that Indiana Jones set as sails! Also the green outfits all fit the classic feel. Overall well done and amazing build! Side note however, is there anything in the cabin?
  9. azog

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    I got mine back in June at my local Lego store. Very fortunate too! An older lady apparently drove from a different state just to get those, and she walked out with 20+! Luckily I got there 5 minutes before she did and got the 6 that I wanted haha. I haven't seen them in stock ever since, which is a real shame for people like yourself.
  10. I can almost guarantee with an 70-80% chance that it's going to be a minifigure scaled Bag-End. (I have no info I'm just assuming just to be clear). This would make the most sence! A beautifully detailed interior with 19 minifigures. All 13 dwarfs, young and old Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and Rosie possibly. This would not only include the Fellowship of the Ring, but the Return of the King ending with Sam taking over Bag-End, and also the Hobbit and Unexpected Journey. Three films in one iconic set just makes sence. Especially after seeing the D2C Hogwarts express that just released, the D2C Back to the Future Delorean, the Ideas Dr.Who set, or even the UCS Millennium Falcon. Point being, Lego loves to do sets that can display differently based on different movies. This set will also encourage others to buy the 2 brickheadz to get a Frodo and Gandalf to put next to their Bag-End. Finally it's an iconic enough location where it may even appeal to casual Lord of the Rings fans and not just the die-hards. Obviously Lego is going to try to get as many sales as possible and I believe this location will sell the best. Sadly the 2nd highest chance would be a remake of the Tower of Orthanc. We already saw them do this with the Dark Knight trilogy Tumbler that re-released earlier this year with minor upgrades. It would be the lazy approach but Lego does know it would sell well. Let's hope for Bag-End!
  11. looks like the king has returned!
  12. Now that it is the day before release, does anyone know how much stock stores will have? I'm going to try and call my local store here to see if they know.
  13. The metallic silver is also in production! It appeared in the Bricklink Castle in the Forest set.
  14. Oh could only hope it's a black knights or a dragon masters castle. However if there is forestman it could be another Black Falcons or The Kings Mountain Fortress?