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  1. Israel Hands

    [MOC] "Big Orra" by SuperSick - Ship - BSB Upgrade

    Nice. Is is just the connectors on the bottom that joins it together?
  2. Israel Hands

    [MOC] Adventurers; Desert Tracker

    Looks like a little fun build, I'd have one on my desk at work
  3. Israel Hands

    [MOC][Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship

    Well being a kid of the 80's, I had plenty of his posters and calendars on my wall. Popping into Athena poster shop most weekends
  4. Israel Hands

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Probably have a bash this weekend. So you want Imperial Flagship style but for new BSB sized sails?
  5. Israel Hands

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I did very little, TBH this time round, Alazon beat me to it. If possible, could you avoid stripes, just to make it a little more unique? Possibly go for colourised Imperial Flagship style, with the stitch-work showdown through. Or look though the sail library and have an emblem on the larger sail.
  6. Israel Hands

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    Alazon, Have you matched the size of those sails to the new Pirate Bay set. I think the old BSB sails may be too small. Also, will it be possible to include a scale rule on those plans. I'm not in a position to assemble my set yet, but I can scan the sails and upload them, which is a start. Is there someone who has the set assembled, willing to print off the new tattered sails, (even if its on standard paper), and photograph them in-situ, so we have an idea on how they look? "ClassicLook" I;ll have an attempt. Thanks to Photoshop its quite easy to overlay different elements and i like the idea of the Shipwreck Island sails. Which new crossbones do you mean? The one that is white skull with black outline?? Alazon would it be possible to include a scale rule on each print, 5 cm or 10 cm to help with scaling when printing. One of these sort of things And also, can you change the black outline to a lighter gray, as a cut guide. That way, if you're not 100% spot on when cutting, the lines wont stand out
  7. Israel Hands


    There is already a thread on modifying the Pirate Bay set, so in order not to hijack this thread, I'm going to move my replies to the original sails posts. There you'll also find some useful resources if you ever want to make your own sails. Yes, Silent Mary sails did look to be a good starting point as inspiration. By the way Alazon, when I was rooting through my drawers looking for the old canvas that I used, I came across an old, full sized, pirate flag I had bought once. I'll have to find a place for it. I'm about to start converting an outdoors extension into a work room - might stick it in there
  8. Israel Hands

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    OK, I have a slight problem posting more pictures until I can get my password sorted, but for now... I used two type of Canvas paper from CartridgeWorld. This was about probably over 5 years ago now Paper Type: Canvas 20 sheets Paper Weight: 220 GSM £6.99 5 years ago Not bad, but very shiny. A little bit too high gloss looking Paper Type: True Canvas 100% Cotton 5 sheets Paper Weight: 226 GSM £5.95 5 years ago Re-order: A4TCANV More expensive per sheet, and thicker then original Lego sails, however it has a nice textured Matt finish. Only downside is that you have to over saturate the colours, otherwise they appear "washed out". I don't know if you can still get these, but look for "Paper Type: True Canvas 100% Cotton" for printing. I have a few scraps left over. I might give them a test print over the weekend. I'll also see if I can design some tatty sails for the Pirate Bay set. As i said before, there are a couple of ways to make the holes in the sails. Standard hole punch. The only downside is that they are little large, around 6mm diam. The best I've found is to use "eyelet pliers" or a "belt punch". If you go to buy these tools, make sure the punch size is around 4.5mm to 5mm. Some sets have multiple sized heads. Dont get the 10mm one - way too big
  9. Israel Hands

    Reproducing LEGO Sails

    The Pirate Bay Sails For references you might want to look at these links Master Index Making Sails 1 Making Sails 2 I'm going to see if I can reproduce the tattered sails 32652 from the "Silent Mary set 71042" but add the red stripes I also like the style of these from "Red Beard Runner set 6289" # I'll if I can design something similar for the Pirate Bay. At the very least, just use the techniques here to make another set of sails, and use the worse set for the island mode
  10. Israel Hands


    just checked them out - Cor. they are a bit tattered, arn't they In the past my sails have been straightforward copies of existing sails. I was just going to make some more but dirty and patch them and roll them up, but I might see if I can find templates for 71042 and use that as a basis. Perhaps print the red stripes on them. There was a thread a long while ago about making sails. After some experimentation I settled on just printing on canvas paper! It worked very well, they were a little thicker then the real sails, but they had the texture. Now that I'm getting some of the old ships out, I might have another look.
  11. Israel Hands


    Thanks to the extended period of leave, I've taken the opportunity to get some old sets out, and give them a clean. I've pulled the original Black Seas Barracuda and the Imperial Flagship out of storage, gave them a good soaking and a "scrubbing of the decks" and they're dried, assembled and back up now. A sunny day, a cold glass of wine and a peaceful afternoon cleaning some Lego. Pitch Black - Paris: "Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life, so long as you have the little luxuries"
  12. Israel Hands


    Likewise Elusys. You don't see much of the rolled up sails anyway. My set arrived this week. Still boxed until I can find the time/space to put it up. I've made sails before to replace missing ones from sets I've bought off EBay, so thats no problem. I like the idea of adding some character with a bit of wear and tear. If the finished ship is too pristine, I can swap over some pieces for different colored bricks or old discolored ones I have. In addition, might add some plank pieces as well here and there.
  13. Israel Hands

    Determining sets from pieces

    Now you just need to post the pictures once you've completed each set. Looking forward to that
  14. Israel Hands

    Determining sets from pieces

    Several of the dark green parts may be from the Bounty hunter gunship{"iconly":0}