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  1. Hello everyone, (if someone cares about greenhorn here ) I've re-discovered LEGO after several years :) I have all sets from Western series, some Star Wars, but my biggest childish dream was to own the Skulls-eye-schooner. So I started searching on the internet to buy some...the price was outrageous. But I am playfull person - I started searching the alternatives. I've found this adult LEGO world and I am really amazed, that I am not alone My girlfriend laughs to me, basicly my whole family But to the point. Earlier than I've found this website - I made myself some sails. I bought a twill, textille collors and made sails for Black seas Barracuda. The result is great...but not perfect. The Imperial armada, Imperial flagship have difficult logos...and this is a problem...I can a draw the logos, but it is not the right way..and finally I found this page..the sails library, great tutorials - printing on artistic canvas - how simple!!! Super!! Is here someone so kind and willing to send me a pictures of Imperial armada and Flagship sails? I don't have any sklil with CAD, even with I'd be greatfull for your help. Thanks you for your reply. Tom, Brno, Czech rep. I mean the accurate sizes 1:1, no fotos or real scans - I know they are in library here..