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    I've loved Lego since I was little, and am eternally grateful that I was such an anally retentive child, I kept all my Lego sets (along with their boxes) in perfect condition...I always wanted a Lego town and I'm currently making that dream come true (my town has quite a lot of 20 year old vehicles)!

    I set this account up 3 years ago (!) but I'm only getting around to finding time to participate now!

    My favourite set is 6592 Vacation Hideaway.


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  1. [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Small and perfectly formed! Gorgeous build!
  2. Beautifully designed interiors! I really love the dark green & gold colour scheme and the design of the blinds/curtains
  3. 2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks like Friends will be getting a Playground! https://friendsdesignerapp.lego.com/en-us/winners Doesnt really float my boat (but I'm not the target market anyway), but I can totally see why it was picked as its got loads of playability. Fair play to the little girl who won what an awesome prize - to have your own design available to buy!
  4. Lego Station MOC

    Absolutely stunning!! Looking forward to more pictures (hopefully!!)
  5. Gotham City Energy Facility

    Gotham City Energy Facility - the newest, slickest coffee kiosk in Lego Town (maybe!) A super quick and simple modification of the building from #70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery. Thanks for looking!
  6. [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    ...and I've just noticed the golf bag in picture 5!!! Excellent!!
  7. [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    Love this! You've packed loads of nice features into such a compact build! :-)
  8. Christmas 2016 Pessebre

    Thank you so much for sharing! His layout is superb. The train station is amazing - beautiful, and blends in perfectly with the modulars.
  9. Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Voting

    1 2 5 5 11 Great work everyone!
  10. 50%(ish) MOC - Pizzeria

    @r5-j2 and @fordtruckin Thanks so much guys!
  11. [MOC] City apartment block

    Absolutely fantastic build. It does look really realistic - reminds me of some of the apt blocks you see around Sandyford Love the glass balconies, and the bike rack shelter is genius.
  12. What a gorgeous building! So much to love about it! I love love love the entrance hall!!
  13. [MOC] 60117 alternate mocs

    Very clever & all of the builds look great
  14. 50%(ish) MOC - Pizzeria

    Hi Everyone, Another building I've fully enclosed - this time the Pizzeria from #7641 City Corner. I've just added an awning and some signage to the front, while I've added a roof top seated area at the back. It also has a hinged opening for playability! Thanks for looking! There are some more pictures on my blog (www.eanairwithcoffee.com)
  15. Looks good! Looking forward to hopefully seeing the build. I love that you've added a hinged wall to the greenhouse.