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    I've loved Lego since I was little, and am eternally grateful that I was such an anally retentive child, I kept all my Lego sets (along with their boxes) in perfect condition...I always wanted a Lego town and I'm currently making that dream come true (my town has quite a lot of 20 year old vehicles)!

    I set this account up 3 years ago (!) but I'm only getting around to finding time to participate now!

    My favourite set is 6592 Vacation Hideaway.


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  1. eanair

    My second modular MOC: Sand green

    I love all of the details in the interior of the apartment
  2. eanair

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Someone I follow on Instagram posted a picture of this polybag on sale in Walmart. The bag is numbered 30364, and it's $3.99. Nice printed popcorn carton 1x1 brick included. Fingers crossed for availability here in Ireland!
  3. eanair

    Petticoat Lane

    @beverly888 > Thanks so much! I was aiming for Victorian London architecture look! @Romanos > Thanks! Yes there are not a whole lot of bricks used here! I used a few 2x6 bricks! Doesn't look great but keeps the cost down! @greg3 > Thanks! I love Friends sets & modifying them to look more, normal I suppose!! Yep, the plan is the expand the Lane...working on a third building right now! PS love how you've created the Isle of Man flag in brick form!
  4. eanair

    Petticoat Lane

    Incorporating elements from Friends City Park Cafe and Friends Hair Salon.
  5. eanair

    [MOC] Mini Buildings

    Small and perfectly formed! Gorgeous build!
  6. Beautifully designed interiors! I really love the dark green & gold colour scheme and the design of the blinds/curtains
  7. eanair

    2017 Friends Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Looks like Friends will be getting a Playground! https://friendsdesignerapp.lego.com/en-us/winners Doesnt really float my boat (but I'm not the target market anyway), but I can totally see why it was picked as its got loads of playability. Fair play to the little girl who won what an awesome prize - to have your own design available to buy!
  8. eanair

    Lego Station MOC

    Absolutely stunning!! Looking forward to more pictures (hopefully!!)
  9. eanair

    Gotham City Energy Facility

    Gotham City Energy Facility - the newest, slickest coffee kiosk in Lego Town (maybe!) A super quick and simple modification of the building from #70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery. Thanks for looking!
  10. eanair

    [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    ...and I've just noticed the golf bag in picture 5!!! Excellent!!
  11. eanair

    [MOC] Mobile Coffee

    Love this! You've packed loads of nice features into such a compact build! :-)
  12. eanair

    Christmas 2016 Pessebre

    Thank you so much for sharing! His layout is superb. The train station is amazing - beautiful, and blends in perfectly with the modulars.
  13. eanair

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII Voting

    1 2 5 5 11 Great work everyone!
  14. eanair

    50%(ish) MOC - Pizzeria

    @r5-j2 and @fordtruckin Thanks so much guys!