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  1. Is this thread now evolving into ''the never ending speculating and wishlisting void'' of anything Stars Wars 2018?
  2. Well, yes the Bounty Hunter BP had 4 named characters, first and very welcomed instance for sure, but it's getting a trend in battle packs to put more varied characters. We got the not as extreme of an example with the Clone Trooper and Jedi battlepack, 2 named Jedi in a small cheap set too just recently. More variety but less army building potential depending on the offering. My previous response was in no way an endorsement of that exceptionnaly good rumored line-up for the V-19 set, sorry if it came out as a bit belligerent. I just think that good line-ups like those can happen again, even in this Lego age of recycling bad facial expressions for 200$+ UCS sets for named characters and boring waves of shelf warming sequel trilogy sets. Is the list of mini-figs probably fake? I'm tempted to say it is.
  3. No the technic pin connects to the jumping platform play feature you can move around. I also find it really funny that people still think that you can't have a good mini-fig line-up because it's not a really big set; Lego offered us 4 named bounty hunters in a cheap battle pack last year.
  4. Star Wars

    Wasn't convinced on my first time seeing the trailer, but I watched it 3 times now and It looks like a fun space adventure. I like it. No one is gonna match Ford's Solo, it's just an impossible task, but I hope he's at least a somewhat ikeable and charismatic character in this movie. Chewie, Tobias, Lando and his robot all look great; I'm just worried about Han and Emilia Clarke's character.
  5. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Did Lego subverted our expectations with the Black VIP card by offering owners absolutly nothing? Did Rian Johnson came with the Black VIP card idea? I feel bad for those people that expected ''amazing deals throughout 2018'', 3 months in and so far nada. So much for fan loyalty
  6. Ideally something to flesh out the universe more like Star Trek. Star Wars is pretty bare bones as to what entity does what, what's in the unknown regions, how the world works. I would have liked the story setting of a family of space traders maybe 50 years after the collapse of the empire; it's downfall led to some major power struggles within the rebellion that now have a very limited reach of ruling and some un-established powers from elsewhere within the galaxy is getting fleshed out. The parents eventually get killed at the end of the first season by ''X'' leaving their son and daughter as sole survivors; their uncle manages to find them both and takes care of them now. I would concentrate on world building and the characters mostly; none of the daughter or son would have the force for example because that's growing terribly old for me or the smug ''I can do everything'' character with no back story. Let them have some interesting adventures with diverse scenarios, keep the political things of the galaxy seeping into episodes from time to times to keep track of what's going on. That would be for the first season at least. Basically spin Star wars Rebels on it's butt 180 degrees and that would be the direction I would like to see.
  7. The obvious shot to take here is at the new Star Wars trilogy. I would have personally dropped the idea of making a new star wars trilogy right of the bat and make a TV series of it instead with a strong team of writers. New characters, set way after the OT or before. Then I would have considered making movies, maybe about the Skywalker line or something else. As it stands the sequel trilogy is not interesting to me.
  8. I was half right about the canopy stickers it seems Too bad about them, but at least it's not slathered with them Snowspeeder style. That 20$ CAD more sure ain't welcomed; and I'm really worried about the nacelles drooping; that's a lot of weight for such a long distance with 4 technic bars, even if they are reinforced. They also used that horrendous generic smug pilot face for a named pilot, same as the snowspeeder. At least use the X-wing micro fighter pilot head if you are too lazy re-designing one Lego, it's so much better. Oh and that astromech is dope. But overall it looks a lot better than the previous version with the color choices and greebling.
  9. They ought to be messing with us; or did they just leaked themselves? Safest bet is clueless legal team...
  10. Honestly I feel like it's gotta be Solo related if anything. Or it's gonna be that DJ polybag that was exlusive to Toys R Us in the USA.
  11. are usually the first uploading them; I hope it showcases that damn May the 4th exclusive figure. I liked that they did something different last year with a buildable R2-D2, very nice model, but I would prefer something from the expanded universe better or an obscure character. As long as we don't get something akin to the first order trooper from 2016 I'll be happy.
  12. Please be a fully printed canopy piece, please be a fully printed canopy piece. The end side of the nacelles looks like a lot of weight to be supported by 4 beams, it all seems to be brick built, I wonder what Lego magic is behind this. The greebling looks insanely detailed too. Definitly grabbing this, my UCS TIE needs a friend
  13. I thought the only change was the pin location on the belt but yeah there's a couple things here and there. I think Lego missed a nice the oppurtunity with this one by giving angry clone heads to these storm troopers instead of head variants that could be used for the other mini-figs, like a male face with chin strap and another officer face. As it stands right now this BP isn't really massable, one can only have so many brown hair mustachoed officer. Which leads me to this question, why does Lego even bothers printing ''Angry Clone'' heads? Everyone is clearly sick of them (they have been included in 84 since 2013), it's not even a displayable head outside of the realm of hiding it as fast as possible under an helmet and Lego could save the tame it took printing billions of them and simply put a black generic head, or a cowl + printed head.
  14. Wuher and that Sand Trooper alone are gonna get sold at least 15-20$ on the after market once the set retires. The amount people charge for that sandtrooper in the 2014 cantina is obscenly high.
  15. It's a Toys R Us exclusive yes, at least in the US and in Canada. They have a history of extremly short shelf life in a lot of cases, so I'd buy one now unless you want to pay double the MSRP in 2 weeks. It's also double VIP time on the online shop if you can't find anything better.