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  1. Star Wars Rebels

    I find myself rooting for everything that isn't the main cast of protagonists in this show. Be it Empire or Rebels, I just can't root for those characters, except maybe Kanan? I mean he's blind and his love interest is barely interested in him; Hera is too busy being smug and blowing shit up in ways that leaves me with a couple more question marks each time. Poor guy. Talk about that, 4 season and I can barely give a crap about these guys. I'm going on a limb here and predict how the series will end; - Crew immedietaly plans to rescue Hera but it gets twarted by Thrawn; they are forced to leave Lothal via a crappy ship that will get through an Imperial blockade. Kanan will maybe die in the process of saving Hera. - Full on filler episodes between the premiere and the finale. Let's cram those star wars references for the old fans despite the fact the writting clearly appeals to kids only. - The finale with somewhat combine Mandalorians, Rebels and magic megablocks wolves. The TIE defender factory is gonna get destroyed. If Kanan isnt already dead he'll die here. Brief Palpatine cameo stripping Thrawn of his rank, cue-in a Bendu megablocks appearance. Hera will stay in the Rebellion as General Smug. She has forgotten about Kanan and is now dating General Dodonna. Ezra will drop his Jedi abilities and start using death sticks to forget his completly irrelevant arc as a dark jedi and the morality questions the show forgot about. He's now roaming the unknown regions with Boba Fett and Thrawn until Disney needs them for cameos. Sabine was awarded the ''Star of Humanity'' achievement by all the known systems for her ridiculous amount of skills ranging from weapon of mass destruction desginer, artist and art critic, explosive expert, marksman, CQC specialist, covert ops specialist, ace pilot, athlete, mechanician, light saber user, mandalorian martial artist and known to speak droid. Zeb slowly sunk into alcoolism wishing Lucas had approved McQuarrie's first desgin for Chewbacca. He was supposed to appear for a small cameo in the cantina scene for the 2018 Han Solo movie but it got scrapped because of the re-shoots. Chopper resorted to petty robbery when Hera could finally buy a replacement astromech and did not have to deal with his crappy attitude. Was apparantly sighted at the Uncle Owen farm on Tattoine looting from the recently burned houses and getting deals with the local Tuskens to mug locals.
  2. Only gives another reason for people to join the Empire!
  3. Nima outpost appears in the back, and there's a crashed star destroyer so definitly Jakku. Could be a vehicle used in battlefront 2 or they get back to Jakku in TLJ, but the inspiration is definitly from the Kenner prototype.
  4. Lego are MANIACS Definitly based on this I can't even right now, the guys that tought about THIS are NERDS
  5. New printed cockpit, I really like the moisture vaporator and you get to fight a white snake! I really like it I think it's based on a non-released redesign of a Kenner vehicle, Star wars enthusiasm was down because the OT was released so long ago, they wanted to scrap parts of already existing vehicles, mash them together and continue the Star Wars time line with their toys. Lucas art enventually refused and there we are. Getting something this obscure is awesome haha. The series was called ''The Epic Continues'' and was supposed to be released in 1985.
  6. Star Wars Rebels

    The occupation on lothal episode was the best so far this season, by a wide margin. Flight of the Defender was okay, and VERY silly at some times ( Looking at you Thrawn ).
  7. Supremacy is Snoke's ship, and at that 59,99$ price and time release it's most likely gonna be a playset involving Rey, Snoke and hopefully some praetorian guards. And that SOLO movie ''villain ship'' priced at 69,99 awefully sounds like a TIE too. I like that wave so far!
  8. There's a huge difference between a scalper and a reseller. The scalper is the guy that will hoard as many of a set he can buy on release to create fake rarity and demanding more than retail. Look at the NES classic edition. The common reseller will try their hardest to find sets as cheap as they can find, ususally when it's on it's way to retire, then demanding premium when it's officially out. The re-release of the Taj Mahal is weird; it was extremly rare and produced in small quantity, and doesn't catter to a large audience, bibbest problem of all they did not re-designed it. I'm glad for the 50 people who's gonna buy an outdated lego model that could have benefited from all the new pieces Lego has now, but to me it looks like a middle finger to resellers more than anything. ( A Taj Mahal was sold for 3000$ a few days ago ) I wouldn't have any problem with the set if they had chosen to redesign it, but Lego seems to be in quite the panick mode of firing employees and making a quick buck with these lazy re-releases. It's hurting the brand in the long term. And no I'm not defending resellers either, it's just less scummy than scalping.
  9. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    You really nailed the cockpit on this; very smart use of pieces! It's really hard to pin down this shape.
  10. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    This. ^^^^^^ If you are not willing to spend this much the Y-Wing is amazing for it's cost.
  11. Star Wars Rebels

    - ''The Empire wanted to hire me but I didn't want to move out with my family, it would have been inconvenient''. ''Wow thanks for saving me guys, I think I'll join your Rebellion or whatever on your hidden base away from my family.'' Power Engineer scumbag of the year. - Hera giving moral lessons to Saw ''we don't torture or kill civilians'' blowing up people by the thousands at the end of each episodes. Of course you don't torture people, you always kill them! $%*&%$ hypocrite. - If there's a light cruiser or star destroyer in an episode that plays somewhat of a role, it's already dead, unless Thrawn is in it. - Zeb is now officially a background cameo. - I pity stormtroopers each time I see them, they look like mistreated sad puppies. Is the show made to root with the rebels? I'm having a hard time
  12. Exactly, the case being with luke is that nevermind the rest of the figure, his face looks like an over detailed Pug with a beard.
  13. Star Wars Rebels

    I totally forgot about that! I also like how The AT-DP started trying to crush the mandalorians with their feets because their lasers are bound to do nothing. Something I'd also like to point out is how inconsistent mandalorian rockets are. Like at the beginning, the Imperials ''knock out'' Sabine and they surrender to the two AT-DP because they are suddenly a threat now; notice how the previous rockets in the battle only shook them. Now comes Bo-Katan and her two friends and BAM, both AT-DPs are taken out by a rocket. Also jet-packs able to match speed with TIE fighters and being able to punch a TIE fighter hatch with a single punch
  14. So many Rebel pilots, a user on reddit hinted they are part of the han solo wave and that would make the most sense; I'm always happy getting these guys! And the helmet details are so good. I just wish they would use somethign else for the male pilot with the OMG face and big smile; the original x-wing micro fighter face was so much better!
  15. It's not that they can't, look at Wyldestyle from the Lego movie, and it's the same reason they won't use dual molding; remake opportunities and budget. It's a win-win situation for them; ommit technology they aquired and applied on other themes that they want to promote that are ''new'' ( look at the quality of the figures for the Lego movies and overall detail: dual molds and prints everywhere. Lego movie sets won't be remade and they want to sell them, they of course will give them the high quality treatment. Let's save money and opportunities later. Now let's look at Star Wars; enormous remake potential for almost every sets and is really popular right now. You will have a harder time to market a remake of a new set if there's nothing to improve on the mini-figure.. One of the best example in recent memory was the C3-PO polybag from TFA. Side prints on arms and legs. Lego couldn't even bother including those in the 500$ Death Star or the 800$ Falcon. I hate it but it's a smart tactic from a marketting standpoint.