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  1. Star Wars Rebels

    I think I couldn't bear the thought of having Thrawn bringed back from the dead EU only to get killed in Rebels of all shows. I would be legitimately livid if he dies.
  2. Vader wasn't shot by Han, one of his wingmen panicked and bumped into him sending his craft out of control. In the first movie Rey lost to Kylo on Takodana, resisted and pulled Kylo's mind search agaisn't him, grabbed Luke's lightsaber from Kylo's grasp then defeated him while he was extremly wounded after he tried converting her. The force pull duel in TLJ was a draw up until Holdo's ship crashed into it; we don't know how this fight would have ended otherwise. Kylo defeated a lot more of praetorian guards than Rey did, still she's the one who managed to break through her difficult situation then proceeded to save Kylo. What does Rey achieves in The Last Jedi? How about helping putting Kylo Ren into power and saving the rest of the Resistance on Crait?
  3. Star Wars Rebels

    I really wouldn't hype myself up for an Emperor battle of whatever, it's probably a short dream or illusion a la Darth Vader cavern on Dagobah.
  4. Brickshow just plain stole the info from Rebelscum without even sourcing it and wording it as their own description. It's one of the many thing that makes them shady; they also resell full price sets at events with a 20% mark-up where most most the attendance are young kids, it's plain scummy. Rebelscum plainly stated that their info were anything but 100% confirmed; but I know one thing, they don't steal information and pass it as their own and they keep their source a well kept secret.
  5. Star Wars

    They could very well shape the universe the way they want with a TV series about a lot of subjects, the easiest one being the under ground life of Star Wars; imagine something based on people trying to make a living on Nar Shadda, he could be a thief, bounty hunter, start his own crime organisation. Maybe go a bit game of thrones like with it, be fun and creative. If they absolutly want to stick with an ''epic'' trilogy they are going to to fall with the same pattern 4,5 and 6 created. My suggestion to kick life into the universe is to really start to flesh it out with a set era, introduce new and varied characters that people will like, explain the power struggle of the main factions e.t.c. Be it far removed from the themes and characters we already know of. I know the galatic civil war is a very vast and interesting subject; in fact the PC video game TIE Fighter did a pretty flawless job of world and immersion, and what potential Star Wars has. The Marvel Star Wars comics also demonstrated that, they are very good. This new sequel trilogy they are doing is already done in my mind, I'm not interested in learning anything based on it; they failed to make me feel invested on what is going and they didnt bother to set-upthe universe in the first or second movie, the plot barely moves foward with The Last Jedi in almost a criminal way and I don't care to see the finale. In resume it may be creativly bankrupt in the current epic trilogy format, but there's so much potential in single movies and tv series it pains me to watch it dying like this. Take risks, be bold and make something fun; people connected so much with the first trilogy because the movies were good, not because it was slapped ''Star Wars'' on it. God it pains me...
  6. Yes, it's only rumors; but don't discard anything because it seems ''too good'' After the bounty hunter battle pack everything is possible with Lego.
  7. dropped a couple of interesting rumors concerning 75215 - 75216 and 75217; all summer wave sets, and the number listing is accurate. None of it is 100% confirmed but it's sounds interesting. V-wing star fighter; Rex, Cody, Plo Koon, a pilot and a droideka. TLJ Throne Room fighting scene: Snoke, Rey, Kylo and 2 different praetorian guards. Resistance transport: Leia, Kaydel Ko Konnix ( Carrie Fisher's daughter I think?), Nien Numb, C3-PO and a resistance soldier.
  8. The Castle Line was the bread and butter sales wise of Lego in Europe, especially germany. It's an highly profitable theme with kids, but the 2013 Kingdoms was extremly lazy and over shadowed by themes such as the Lord of Rings sets and The Hobbit, that really didn't help. Lego currently considers Nexo Knight to be a Castle theme by all evidence; even though it's not technically the case; shoving distorted elements from the middles ages and putting them into a vehicle heavy sci-fi fantasy setting isn't Castle by a long stretch.
  9. Star Wars is open to something entirely new? JJ is coming back for the final movie of a trilogy he had no vision for a sequel or answers, and he has to work with the ending of the last Jedi which aside from setting up that the Resistance is gonna have allies from the outer rim coming for help; has absolutly nothing to tease for the finale. In comparison; Empire sets up these things for it's sequel: Luke just learned something horrible about his father, we have to rescue Han, Vader wants to use Luke to overthrow the Emperor, Luke will train to become a Jedi. We want to see what's next. The last Jedi has: We have allies coming to help us from the outer Rim, Rey's got a few books too about the force. Final movie with JJ is gonna be kill the evil Kylo Ren and the next spherical super weapon. The set-up for a sequel really makes me feel like I couldn't care less.
  10. Taking old cannon into account as to explain how powerfull Rey is kind of pointless though. She bested Kylo Ren in the first movie, even though we can assume Kylo had way more trainning he was also bleeding to death and heavily injuried, she can take that win. But honestly when she pulled a mind trick in the first movie it was a big no from me, then she kills several of Snoke's guards and saves Kylo Ren, then lifts 50 huge megablocks boulders when Luke could barely make a small pile of rocks with the help of Yoda. I just feel that her progression with '''''learning''''' the force is awefull so far. Honestly I'm just done with this trilogy; I have zero interest in seeing the ''finale'' or whatever it's gonna be, all the ''grey'' areas exlored and ''killing the past'' themes we saw in the last jedi are going to get axed so we may all come back to ''Kylo Ren is evil, Giant beam weapon and whatever. Disney screwed up royally hiring two directors so far working on a trilogy with polar opposite ideas; JJ soft rebooted A New Hope, then Rian throws everything the last movie builded down the shitter for the sole purpose of shifting expectations and do his own thing.
  11. Star Wars

    Star Wars is creativly bankrupt; Star Trek Discovery is better at beingStar Wars than anything Disney pulled up so far. They need to kick start that new trilogy far away from any of the known character and known conflicts; do something else than ''A young jedi joins a bunch of rebels to fight the evil empire with the giant super weapon'' and give it to a single writer/director that knows what he's doing.
  12. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I really like the head; the main features are really well represented. I really just wished the body was something else than the Indominus'; the legs are way to big and like basilik said the arms were microscopic; maybe it had to do with solidity, they had to do them bigger.
  13. What has me really interested is the weird technic brick in front of the hut? I don't see anything that you can detach to connect there... Also there's definitly a small fire place in the hut, at the left of the entrance.
  14. It's also to keep the build interesting visually and fun: I'm always happy getting some bright colors to fill up some sets even if they remain hidden in the final product; especially if you are building big grey blocks like some of the star wars sets.
  15. Kinda weird to say but switch some the character's faces and the TIE set is a better battlepack IMO