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  1. The best sets have already been announced prior. The AT-AT, Razor-crest and 501 set are easily the best sets. The AAT is a neat little build but the main attraction is Ashoka and her clone trooper, the two droids are also neat. It's a really high/low wave for me, I'll probably buy those sets above but have absolutly zero interest for the rest of the wave.
  2. Except this number is not listed on their website, nor anywhere else. You're wasting everyone's time. Edit: Their search engine is trash, sorry.
  3. RetroInferno

    Future Star Wars Sets

    The last season of clone wars was such a character centric one it's hard to come up with set ideas from Lego's perspective. ( No sister Martez centric sets, have mercy ) One of the few things I can come up with that would be fun for kids and collectors is Squad 99 ''Bad Batch'' with their shuttle or the mandalorian star ship we saw with the mandalore arc. I think everyone would be universally happy if they'd just release something with both Rex and Ahsoka to be honest, those were the main characters of this season.
  4. RetroInferno

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Because it sold poorly. Btw just checked the Stonewars comparison with the old/new AT-AT and I really like the changes done with the new one; the angles are better, more details, wider body and the legs are a bit longer I believe.
  5. I wanted to make a thread for this year's may the 4th but I won't put more effort into it than Lego did for their promotions. There is zero incentive to buy something except if you can't wait to grab the a-wing, amazon has stuff regulary on 20% off and the promo set is not enough to justify it IMO.
  6. RetroInferno

    (MOC) 7654 Remake (Droids battle pack)

    A pilot with blue stripes and maybe an officer yeah, but as a remake of the original it's nice as is.
  7. General Veers is way better now than the 2014 version; the snowtroopers are not straight downgrades IMO, they have printed legs now and their color is a bit more accurate with the tan hands, even though they lost the kama and backpack, which is a shame but gets in the way of them sitting without having to remove the backpack and skirt without it creasing. Maybe they could had them stand up in this case. Also someone mentionned it earlier but weird choice of putting black instead of red for the imperial logo on the AT-AT crewmen; I don't mind variety but kinda weird.
  8. Hey and we'll have a white speeder for the scout trooper in the razor crest. Nice set, will definitly pick this up.
  9. RetroInferno

    (MOC) 7654 Remake (Droids battle pack)

    This could sell well IMO, but those B1 would need prints, like the ones included with the most recent gunship and AT-AP.
  10. Wow Lego introducing an interesting set, been a while hahahaha. The ship is very detailed, nice size and baby yoda is well made. It's gonna sell like crazy.
  11. RetroInferno

    Army building issue?

    I started my collection seriously back in 2014; the gap from there to today is not noticable to say, swap the 2014 stormtrooper variant to the 2019 one. Both versions blend somewhat well. It's only prior to 2011 that printing style really stands out, Clone wars especially.
  12. I don't think the mini-figs are lacking, my problem is that the sets are almost 1/1 the wave we got in 2015. Kylo Ren's shuttle, poe's x-wing, speeder set with rey and bb-8 set on a sandy planet, a-wing, y-wing. It's boring.
  13. RetroInferno

    [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Discussion

    I think the child + faceless hero combo works well. Some of the action and dialogue is a bit corny but overall it's endearing. There a nice contrast with the main character that had a very crappy childhood that has a chance to protect the child and keep him happy. The show offers us to see character progression too; The mandalorian is not an ultimate badass with no chance to grow; he gets his megablocks kicked and he takes more than he can bite. This is unlike the vast majority of star wars stories where the heroes simply fight their way in and the stakes are very low (Rebels and Resistance, a big chunk of clone wars too ) Cara Dune is show regular so we are going to see more of her, hopefully they team up I enjoyed her character a lot. Overall it's a 8/10 for me so far with the promise of getting better, and it's IMO a lot better than the rehashed ideas with misused ( or plain boring ) characters we got to see from Disney until they aquired the license.
  14. Really interested seeing the mandalorian battle pack, the rest of the sets are a hard pass; except maybe Ben's hut at a discount. Nice wave for newcomers who like tatooine too. I'm hyped for the end of the sequel trilogy so that we may get mandalorian and fallen order stuff, those are way more appealing imo.
  15. Nice to get the helmet for Wedge in a cheap set; although it pisses me off to no end that NAMED pilots still have that terrible generic pilot face. Sassy smile and goofy terror expression. Even with UCS sets Lego doesn't bother with their face printing, like gold leader for the Y-Wing. Hell the TIE UCS pilot has ''rare'' variant of angry clone face that's more interesting. Wedge is featured in all 3 movies, only guy to survive both death star battles and wasn't blown to pieces on hoth and still gets generic goofy Mcdude printing. The least they could do is re-use the much better facial print used for the first x-wing microfighter ( Theron Nett )