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  1. There's also a new Ugnaught that just popped on Ebay, different torso and face print compared to the one from the Carbon freeze chamber we got a while ago.
  2. So following the awesome streak of obscure characters Willrow Hood hype anyone?
  3. RetroInferno

    Star Wars

    Throwing something armless into a trash bin = pouring gasoline in a river? Nice strawman
  4. Cynical me thinks the two exclusive range troopers might be the culprits. In reality Lego pricing works in mysterious ways.
  5. Those pricing are consistent with what we heard for a while; The conveyex at 90$ is almost ridiculous, even more so than the Hauler at 100$. Even at 20% off it's stretching it.
  6. 90$ US for the conveyex? Lego pls.
  7. Rio has a new 4 arms torso piece. Wow The 2 Dryden Vos enforcers have different head prints. It's a real shame they dont have their helmets though. Really, really weird line-up for that vehicle. With the conveyex it's a bit like damn you if you, damn you if you don't case: the mini-figs are all solid but the train is a design nightmare to put in Lego form. You want to make a model thats not too expensive but looks like the real thing; you can't put the upper and lower part of the train without a track because that's at least a 200$ set.
  8. RetroInferno

    Star Wars

    I mean he paid for the set; he's free of voicing his opinion and do whatever he wants with what he bought. I really, really am not a fan of TLJ ( or this new trilogy as a whole ) but I'm not on the hate bandwagon that spawned an industry of 20 youtube channels dedicated on spewing crap on it 24/7 either. The mature thing would have been to simply give this to a small kid that would have plenty of fun with it; but you gotta be edgy to get those youtube clicks so here we are with this video. I wouldn't mind if someone started a bonfire with the First Order AT-ST though
  9. The way the shuttle opens and you immediatly get access to drop your troops is very nice for play; The only downside with this set is the mini-figs line-up; I would have dumped both Obi-Wan and R2 for more sandtroopers. You can seat 2 of them on each sides of the craft. I'll gladly get one if there's an interesting promo or the inevitable 20% off on amazon. Maybe it's my OCD but why are shuttle pilots not wearing black gloves still
  10. Isn't it weird that they using the last Jedi backdrop instead of Solo? And about that Qi'Ra mini-fig, the only instance she was wearing that fur coat is when Han is meeting with Lando the first time; also a weird inclusion.
  11. What's the usual production time of a lego set? From getting the source material to having the sets manufactured? Lord and Miller were fired in June 2017; Dryden Vos was meant to be an alien by that time that's for sure; a lot of concept arts shows some kind of reptilian species but also the lion kind species (Hylobon). There's so much in the behind the scenes we'll never know for sure.
  12. RetroInferno

    Star Wars

    I really wished the movie did not look like utter crap in my movie theatre; it was a blurry dark mess. I enoyed the movie aside from that; alden ehrenreich did a better take on Solo than Glover did on Lando which really took me by surprise. He was really fun to watch. Chewie being actually relevant was also great, he hasn't been since 1984. Aside from the cinetography, I really thought that L3 was the biggest pile of dog crap to grace a star wars movie since Jar-Jar Binks. What a painfull character...
  13. There's more than 3 Solo sets coming. Remember the imperial officer torso used on the Sandcrawler droid by ''accident?'' on the Lego expo floor for their summer sets? That looked a lot like the what the Imperial Colonel on Mimban was wearing and the torso is also spotted by dirt. That gives a lot of credency to the rumored Mimban trench set I heard being mentionned a couple times. Wouldn't be the first time a set comes out of the blue either.
  14. RetroInferno

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I grabbed Han Solo's speeder, two Imperial Patrol BPs and Molochs' speeder, everything at 20% on amazon. I quite liked the movie despite the fact that the cinematography was awefull, hoping for the Blue Ray to fix that.
  15. He would have looked a lot nicer with the helmet he is supposed to be wearing.