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  1. SerenityInFire

    [Moc] Blacksmith with a classic base

    I personally don't care for raised base plates. That said, this just works, and it works well.
  2. SerenityInFire

    Future Castle Sets?

    I prefer castles without the raised baseplate, as you get a much better price per part ratio without it. EDIT: If lego were to bring back Castle, maybe they could have the main part of the castle and the keep available as two separate sets. Kind of like how "The Gatehouse Raid" could connect to the castle from 2013.
  3. SerenityInFire

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    That's a pretty nice army of dragon knights. I like how you combined four factions into one.
  4. SerenityInFire

    [MOC WIP] A tale of two cities...

    Another update to Skull Castle! I finished the Crypt Tower. First floor is an armory. Second floor contains the crypt - hence the name Crypt Tower. This is where the skeletons go to recharge the arcane energies that fuel their existence after a long day of battle - or after a long day of poker. The third floor has another armor - this time crossbows and bolt quivers. There's also a ladder that leads to the top level. Here is a better shot of the ladder that goes to the top level. There is also a turntable for a catapult that has yet to be designed.
  5. SerenityInFire

    Future Castle Sets?

    The one store in my town that actually carried Playmobil closed down, so the only building toys available are Lego and Mega Construx. I'm looking forward to this Lego castle anyway. It'll probably make a nice parts pack for building my own castles.
  6. SerenityInFire

    [MOC WIP] A tale of two cities...

    Here's a little something else that I've been working on. It's a carriage for a visiting king (the blue king from 2013 Castle). It's based on the carriage from Lego Kingdoms 'King's Carriage Ambush'. I modded the design a bit so that it could carry more weapons, securely carry a treasure chest, and seat one guard in the back. I'm just waiting on some parts from bricklink to arrive so I can finish building this thing.
  7. SerenityInFire

    Story of Ava, chapter 3

    I must say, that's a really good reuse of the parts from the recent Medieval Blacksmith set. It looks like it's related to that building but isn't simply a clone of it. Good work!
  8. SerenityInFire

    Future Castle Sets?

    There are some decent legs/torsos to use from other themes (namely Star Wars) to use as civilians.
  9. SerenityInFire

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    It's pretty cool that some of your larger build ideas come from smaller builds. My favorite of your furniture builds is the grandfather clock.
  10. Greetings friends! I present to you, a tale of two cities. These LDD designs were the culmination of wanting to build my dream castles, and finally getting a design down that I'm happy with. The final designs and real life builds are quite a ways off, but I do really want to share the finalized designs of my gate houses, and a few other things I've finished for these two warring factions. First up is the Skeletons' gatehouse. Here's a close up of the first level. The room on the right is the general's war room, complete with maps. The room on the left is where skeletons who should be on guard duty go to entertain themselves. Both rooms on the second floor contain levers to control the fully functional drawbridge and portcullis. The room on the right also functions as a storage room while the room on the left is left empty. On the third on final levels are a guest room and an armory for defending the castle from up high, including spears and a crossbow. A close-up of the guest room. The next building is the skeleton blacksmith. He's equipped with several hammers and an anvil. He's also wearing a protective apron. The real life build of this MOC is mostly finished as I just need to finish the roof and the smoke stack. The third and final building so far for the skeletons is the stable. I have the stable part done IRL, but not the attached office, which is used for assigning horses and other associated paper work. Now that we've gone through the Skeletons' gatehouse and other associated buildings, let's take a look for what I have designed for the Humans' side. First up is the gatehouse, complete with functional portcullis and drawbridge. The first floor of the gatehouse contains an armory and the general's office. The second level is pretty much the same as what was in the Skeletons' gatehouse; an empty room on the left and a storage room on the right as well as levers for controlling the portcullis and drawbridge. The top level is also quite similar to what was in the Skeletons' castle. There's an armory on the left and a guest room on the right.
  11. SerenityInFire

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    Any chance we'll get to see that Dragon Knights village?
  12. SerenityInFire

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    That's a mighty fine looking tavern. I can't wait to see the finished product. I am curious, though. What set did those glasses of ale come from?
  13. Now that ship is definitely a nice coffee table piece! I can't wait to see the final build.
  14. SerenityInFire

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Thanks! I generally keep my legos downstairs out of the sun, and just brought them up for photographing. I generally agree with you about mixing fleshies with yellowies, but I just use the fleshies to denote some special characters, like the King and his Generals, and one of the wizards too.