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Found 6 results

  1. I don't know if this has been done before here or somewhere else, but I thought it could be fun! Just post some pics of your Castle army. You can include old skellies in there too! The best way to do this is always in some kind of diorama! So, let's see some armies! :skull: I might post mine soon as well!
  2. "That dwelling was named Menegroth, the Thousand Caves... The pillars of Menegroth were hewn in the likeness of the beeches of Oromë, stock, bough, and leaf, and they were lit with lanterns of gold. The nightingales sang there as in the gardens of Lórien; and there were fountains of silver, and basins of marble, and floors of many-coloured stones. Carven figures of beasts and birds there ran upon the walls, or climbed upon the pillars, or peered among the branches entwined with many flowers... But Túrin and his companions passing through great perils came at last to the borders of Doriath; and there they were found by Beleg Strongbow, chief of the marchwardens of King Thingol, who led them to Menegroth. Then Thingol received Túrin, and took him even to his own fostering, in honour of Húrin the Steadfast; for Thingol’s mood was changed towards the houses of the Elf-friends." -Tolkein, The Silmarillion I have been fascinated by Menegroth for a long time. Tolkien's description (much of it quoted above) always painted a vivid image in my imagination. I actually made a "first draft" attempt at Menegroth back in 2019. But I wasn't happy with it and planned to try again for this Turin series. I'm actually still not thrilled. I've captured the essentials that I had in mind, but have by no means done it justice. To do that I'd need more trees to create almost a stone forest. And trying to hide animals in the stone walls proved particularly difficult for me. The floor was made using this technique. And you can see the first part in my Turin series here. I don't know when I'll get to part 3. Maybe before Brickworld in June, but more likely afterwards.
  3. An entry into the Forbidden Fortress category of the Colossal Castle Contest. A collab between John (LittleJohn) and I: John built the landscape, while I built the fortress. The build is based off of the story of Beren and Luthien from the Silmarillion. There's a full interior inside, and the drawbridge is functional. Sauron's werewolf form, and Huan were both inspired by Dunedain and Blake Baer. Luthien and Huan, the Hound of Valinar, rescue Beren from Sauron's fortress of Tol-in-Gaurhoth. Sauron takes the form of a werewolf to battle Huan. "Therefore he (Sauron) took upon himself the form of a werewolf, and made himself the mightiest that had yet walked the world; and he came forth to win the passage of the bridge... But no wizardry nor spell, neither fang nor venom, nor devil's art nor beast-strength, could overthrow Huan of Valinor; and he took his foe by the throat and pinned him down" (Tolkien 175). Gates and drawbridge closed: There's a lot to see, so check out additional pictures here: C&C welcome
  4. LegoFanfromPR

    The Citadel of Der Golad

    In the northern plains beyond the elven cities, lies the human city-stronghold of Der Golad. Ruled by its wise king, the city serves as a human enclave in the north and as protection against the evil schemes and machinations of the Dragon King and his henchmen. The king, blood related to the mighty Emperor, has witnessed the utter destruction of the elven cities by the Dragon King and his monstrous army, who has steamrolled thru all that opposes him, aided by fearless armored uruks, giant trolls, dragons and evil potentate warlocks. Sending word to the Emperor, the people of Der Golad prepare for the great siege that will come as part of the Dragon King's campaign to ensnare the North into his power. But Der Golad's walls are impregnable, they possess the finest archers of the north, and every citizen has taken arms to defend their city and livelihood. A mercenary company, led by Kara the Amazon and Rustius have come forth to fight for the King of Der Golad, albeit for the right price. Time is running short, and allies are in scattered in the wind. IMG_20150417_134601337 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The City of Der Golad IMG_20150417_134458025 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Aerial view of the city IMG_20150417_134431615 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The city's Keep IMG_20150417_134424720 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Heavy Infantry IMG_20150417_134413092 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Archers and the Keep's catapult IMG_20150417_134403874 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The garrison at the wall IMG_20150417_134356420 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The gate guard IMG_20150417_134349495 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The finest archers in the North IMG_20150417_134340334 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The King of Der Golad and his generals meeting Kara, Rustius and the merc company IMG_20150417_134335518 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr The company IMG_20150417_134730805 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Kara and Rustius IMG_20150417_134734815 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150417_134748016 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr Soldiers of the Company IMG_20150417_134809624 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr More of the Company IMG_20150417_134820764 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr
  5. LegoFanfromPR

    The Elven host marching to war

    The Elven cities of the Northwest burn. The Elven Queen has regrouped and entrenched on the Forest Keep. Assesing her remaining troops, she receives notice that the Emperor is marching with a huge army to meet the Dragon King, who is besieging the Human city of Der-Golad. Bringing forth three battalions of her best troops (those who remain anyway), she will ride with the Emperor and his allies to stop the Dragon King and his forces. Her daughter stays behind with the keep's garrison and Eagles. IMG_20150402_193041572[1] by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150402_193112512[1] by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150402_193310637[1] by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150402_193601228[1] by jarosarionieves, on Flickr IMG_20150402_193119664[1] by jarosarionieves, on Flickr My castle building skills are a bit below par, but I love army building. Im finished building the elves and dwarves. I'm building two more batallions of Emperor's troops and a few Goblin Kings to use as shock troops for the Dragon King's army (11 in total plus 2 dragons).
  6. monkeyjay2003

    LOTR MOC index

    close topic.