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  1. I want/need at least two sets just for the nice selection of parts.
  2. jadedomg

    [MINI] Garbage Truck

    I really love this. You did a excellent job!
  3. The 2014 pullback racers have them and they still fall under the technic line.
  4. jadedomg

    2014 Technic in North America?

    August 2014. The retailer catalog for north america only had technic in August.
  5. I knew next to nothing about how vehicles worked, even in my 20's. I now know a bit more thanks to how the technic sets/flagships work. Gear ratios, transmissions, differentials , suspensions (the one on the unimog is really neat) and even some pneumatic stuff. I also learned patience and learning how to pace myself and not get frustrated after being disabled which saved my sanity and probably my life.
  6. jadedomg

    Connecting Tri-Liftarms

    http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=92338 You could try using the 5L chain with studs on the ends to keep them together, they will still have some play but they wont fall down towards the edge of the triangle
  7. jadedomg

    Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    Yay! I am looking forward to getting the parts and putting this one together, it will be a permanent piece most likely
  8. It's 2014 and I can't buy any of the 2014 sets yet in canada!
  9. jadedomg

    Ferrari Enzo

    As always your models amaze with how much you can get in the size and how good they look at the same time.
  10. jadedomg

    Sell 8043 for 42009?

    8043's B model is one of my favorite and for that reason alone I would keep it. Like others say you have over a year to buy 42009.
  11. I bought the F1 Car, small backhoe, hovercraft and dirtbike. I was gifted the crane mk2, the service truck and excavator. It was a good year for getting sets! I really enjoyed the F1 car and new crane.
  12. I love your collection and the fact it keeps growing without you having to take apart all the great moc's you have built is amazing. I wish I had the money/capability to create such a collection.
  13. I turn the wheels to the side and have never had them crash. I got the shelf at rona for $60 and the middle of the shelves are held in place by little dowel pegs because lego isn't that heavy it would keep its shape without it at least. pick up truck and b model of the racing truck that wasn't so great as a technic model but at least the b model looked pretty good!
  14. This is my collection of sets that are still together. I need more space but if I start cannibalizing a set I do get more shelf space at least!
  15. toys r us Canada has put up the crawler though it shows as out of stock but you can sign up for email notification. http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=22797316