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Found 10 results

  1. This I work on now together with my husband. Jeep Wrangler With extra big tires. (My job for living is sell tires in a garage..) It is sheepo. We shall use Sbrick to Control it.
  2. My first time not mine MOC review. As fan of 4x4 cars I can't miss oportunity to build this MOC by Sheepo. It is not huge like other Fernando's MOC's. So I am in! I decided to do it with shortest and smallest version (I am lazy and busy simultaneously) - 90 inch version. I split my review to 5 parts - 5 separate videos with comments, close ups and so on, cons&pros. Turn on youtube subtitles - they are english! If you are busy to watch all 5 episodes, I advice you to watch the last - 5th epsiode. I will start from it right now. Epsiode 5. This shoud be in the end of the post, but I am afraid you can't go till the end. My vision of Defender: Ultimate offroad machine, well result is not ultimate, but at least looking like that (I hope). I have to solve some weak points of original MOC. Model lost some its pros: gearbox and realistic axles. I have to reinforce chassis and transmission for high load purpose and increased weight of detailed model. Unfortunately, cant make Land Rover unkillable as my Toyota FJ. But result is lovely, Defender will take its place on my "untoucable" shelve with mechanical MAP chassis. many photos of this version is here You shoud know, that MAP - is modular all-terrain platform. And all LR body verison based on this customizable modular chassis. Episode 1 is about chassis Then I have built Defender 90 body in yellow color. Almost STOCK. More photos. I have too much of this color, and construction machines - is not about me. So this LR is good oportunity to use all yellow parts for Camel Trophy style MOC. Episode 2 is about Defender body and small modifications I did with it. Episode 3 is about outdoor test drive. Then my viewers ask me to compare LR with its all-time real competitor - Toyota Land Cruiser. I have several ready to go Land Cruisers on my shelve. So, that was easy for me. But it was not easy to compare this MOC's, since they are completely different inside... Check my episode 4 "DEF vs LC" all photos can be found here
  3. Hello everyone Here is my VW T1 Crew Cab in Red-Grey. The chassis is built to Sheepo's blueprint. The only change - the holder for the IR receiver. The body is built loosely based Sheepo. Almost closed body. 3 opening doors. Loading area with 3 walls to open. simple remote control. Here are some pictures ... more pictures: enjoy...:-)
  4. Hi all! It's been a long time since my last post, I have been busy with school. A few weeks ago I builded the standard Mustang Shelby by Sheepo in black with red striping. I tought it was a very nice and detailed model, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make it faster, using only official LEGO parts. Therefore I decided to build, next to my standard mustang a RC version. It turned out very well, I didn't mesured the speed yet, but I think it goes around 15 or even 20 km/h. For propulsion I used 4 RC motors, 2 for each rear wheel. To power those energy slinding motors, I used 2 RC units. I kept the brakes in the front, but even with a XL motor, they doesn't have a lot of braking-power. More at my Facebookpage, even a little test video: I'm sorry for my bad English and rubbish text, I wrote it in a hurry. A clean, nice and detailed topic will follow!
  5. Hey all, I have made Sheepo's mustang after seeing him at lego fan weekend in 2013. But although it is just superb in almost every way i wanted to make it faster. So i just kept the body and made a new chassis for the mustang. After i saw how well it performed with the powerfull motors, i decided to do the same with the caterham. This was much simpler because the body is the chassis here, so i just had to build the body and put the units in. On the mustang i putted wheels from the sunset cruiser and the super seven is sitting on the red tires you could buy with the dirt crusher. Both are doing around 25km/h which i think is not bad for these huge cars. Here is the photoset: Thanks to Sheepo for making such nicely styled bodies which are Just the right scale for these motors Tibivi Ps: The caterham is not yet finished, it neds some details like a dash and seats. Also some hoses are still on there way.
  6. This is the car I showed in the Lego Fan Weekend two weeks ago. This creation is made in scale 1:8. The total size is: 75 studs of length, 29 wide and 21 of high (60x23x17 cm) The weight is 3.1 kgs, with around 3500 parts and 5 motors. It includes some remote controlled functions: - Steering (M motor) - Drive (2 L motors) - Sequential gearbox (PF Servo motor) - Disc brakes (M motor) The sequential gearbox is an improved version of my previous Caterham ones (3rd Gen V2), with 5+R and auto-clutch. The speeds ratio: R - 2.08:1 1 - 1.67:1 2 - 1.25:1 3 - 1:1 4 - 1:1.33 5 - 1:1.67 The max speed in 5th speed is 3 kph (~2 mph) It has a gear indicator in the interior, between the front seats. For make more easy the gearbox tests the car in has a rear support to keep the rear axle lifted The suspension is based in the real one: front McPherson axle and a rear 4-links live axle. The front axle also has advenced geometry: Camber angle(2º), caster angle(3.5º) and kingpin angle(7º) The steering has ackerman geometry and working steering wheel. The car also has working disc brakes in all wheels, they are very powerfull and includes functional brake pedal. The complete video COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE COMING SOON!! As always for more info visit my website:
  7. After many delay, now I present my new big MOC, It was in LFW in Skaerbaek. Since I was a child I has been a fan of big trucks, and specially of American style trucks(in Spain is strange to see trucks with long noise). For this MOC I have chosen one of the most charismatic and representative models of these trucks: a Peterbilt 379. Also I have endeavored to put a version of CAT C15 engine (I'm also a fan of the brand CAT). This MOC is made in a 1/10.2 scale, giving a final size of 31 studs width, 99 length and 40 high. Here you can see some pictures taken in Skaerbaek where you can appreciate the size, there are: this Pete, the Crow's Vampire GT(scale 1:10 too...), the Nathaniel's Supercar and my Veyron. The total weight is 5.5kg, and has been one of the main problems I've had. Front axles deforms and look like the wheels has huge camber angle. This is a esthetic defect which I hate, but it has not solution if I want to keep all functions and therefore the weight of the truck. I will try to fix it comming soon. The electric system is huge, and it has: - 2 AA PF battery boxes - 4 PF IR recievers - 5 PF XL motors - 5 PF M motors - 1 PF switch - 3 PF large extension wires (50cm) Probably, the most “wanted” picture for Lego Technic followers: CAT C15 Engine Under the hood you can find a replica of the CAT C15 engine, with its 6-cylinder in line. The engine doesn't have the sides covered to appreciate that the cylinders are located in the same order as the real engine, with 120 ° intervals between them. Getting those 120 º between cylinders was very complicated but I thought it was necessary to be more faithful to the original. The engine also has a motor M to rotate it, which is connected directly to a battery. Between the engine and the M motor there are a differential, which is also connected to the drive motors, so that the engine is always at idling, but when you starts the drive motors the C15 accelerate adding both speeds. The rotation speeds grow up from 250 rpm up to 700 rpm aprox. Pneumatic system After almost 10 years without using pneumatics in any of my MOCs, I decided this was the perfect model to use it. The pneumatic system the truck runs along the complete truck, mainly controlling the suspension and brakes on all axles. The pneumatic system is composed mainly: - 2 Small pumps (6L) - 1 Large pump (for emergencies). - 2 Air tanks - 7 Small cylinders - 8 Large cylinders - 7 Valves - 1 Manometer (LEGO part n.64065) - 22 T connectors - And about 5 meters of pneumatic tube in 3 colors: blue, black and light gray. All pneumatic control is located on the right side of the truck inside the fuel tank. Also in the cab, between the seats, there is a manometer to measure the system pressure, it is very useful to know how much air have you at any moment. Axles As the real truck it has live axles. Both rear axles are driven without differential between them. In each axle between the differential and the wheel the axls has gear ratio 12/20 to reduce necessary torque in the differential and protect bevel gears. The front axles uses the same steering system as the real Pete, of course the steering wheel turns too, also it turns 4 laps, again as the real Pete - Suspension The suspension is fully pneumatic in all axes, and it doesn't use any spring to help. The front axle has 4 big cylinder and each rear axle 2. - Brakes The brakes as the real truck are drum brakes, there are a drum on each side of each axle, all of them controlled by a small pneumatic cylinder. The control of these pistons are made through two valves, one for the front axle and one for the rear axles. For normal braking the brakes operate all at the same time, but only while you are keeping push the brakes botton. But you have also parking brake mode, if you push the brakes botton in the opposite direction only rear brakes works, and they will not disabled if you stop pressing botton. To remove the parking brake you only need use the normal brakes. - Auxiliar output Behind the cabin there is an auxiliar pneumatic output(blue connector), where you can connect anything you want. The valve to activate it is located before the rear-right wheel Transmission The transmission is the biggest mechanism of the truck, and it has an approximate size of 25x7x45 studs. It uses 4 XL motors for drive. The transmission has 18+2R speeds(this is true, is not a joke...). The transmission is divided in two parts: the main gearbox with 9+R speeds with automatic clutch(this gearbox is based on the LR Defender), and a transfer case with 2 speed (H and L) Joint both gearboxes the result is this: RL-1:0.261 RH-1:0.29 1L (1) - 1:0.324 1H (2) - 1:0.36 2L (3) - 1:0.432 2H (4) - 1:0.48 3L (5) - 1:0.54 3H (6) - 1:0.6 4L (7) - 1:0.72 4H (8) - 1:0.8 5L (9) - 1:0.9 5H (10) - 1:1 6L (11) - 1:1.2 6H (12) - 1:1.33 7L (13) - 1: 1.5 7H (14) - 1:1.67 8L (15) - 1:2 8H (16) - 1:2.22 9L (17) - 1:2.5 9H (18) - 1:2.78 Auxiliar electric output As I said before, the truck has an auxiliar pneumatic output, but also it has an auxiliar electric output too. There you can connect anything you want, and control it with the remote controller. To avoid leaving this connetor without any use I have added a fifth wheel(trailer connector). - Fifth wheel Note: right now I don't have intention to do a complete trailer. It is very simple and effective. The kingpin diameter is 1 stud. Finally as always, you can see a complete video with all features showed: For more detalied information visit I hope you like it!!
  8. I have the pleasure to present you my latest moc. The Caterhan Seven (also called Caterham 7) is the present version of the original Lotus Seven (or Lotus 7) designed by Colin Champan in 1957. This car is very famous because it is extremly ligth, and it has outstanding dinamic specs, which make this car perfect for its use in competition and track days. The original: This creation is made in scale 1:7. Thus remains in 29 studs wide, 56 of length and 20 fo high(23x45x16cm). The weigth is 2.2kgs. It has around 2500 parts. As all my MOCs, this includes some remote controlled functions: - Steering (PF M motor) - Drive (PF 2XL motors) - Sequential 5+R speeds gearbox (PF Servo motor) - Disc brakes (PF M motor) This car arrives with a 5+R speeds version of the all-new 3th generation of my sequential gearboxes. The new generation is even more compact and reliable. Of course it has auto.clutch It has a gear indicator in the cabin. Just behind the seats, over the rear axle are the battery and the drive motors (2XL) The Seven design is based in a tubular unibody frame with double wishbone front independent suspension and DeDion rear live axle. The front axle is double wishbone type with caster angle, camber angle and ackerman steering. The original Lotus 7 had a typical rear live axle, and the newest and powerfull version has independent suspension , but the most common rear axle is the DeDion axle. Like the real one, this creation has rear 3-links DeDion axle(you can see it in more detail in the video) The "most wanted" picture. This creationa also has working brakes in all wheels(the same brakes used in my Land-Rover) Like the real Seven, this creation mantains the unibody frame. Also to reduce the weigth, the frame and the bodywork are the same thing. The yellow liftarms in both sides of the car are the bodywork, but at the same time are the frame of the car. This picture shows how the structure is made As always a little video: For more info and pictures you can visit Fernando
  9. Congrats Sheepo on reaching 10,000 supporters on Cuusoo! Let's hope this awesome project becomes an official set! Here's the official page.
  10. On his "Sheepo's Garage" website, Sheepo posted Building Instructions for his Lego Technic Remote Controllers. The Power Functions controllers are comfortable to hold, and are versatile. He's counting the number of downloads, so go there for the PDF file! Thanks for sharing, Sheepo! The instructions were made by him and Jurgen Krooshoop.