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    GBC, castle, Technic, modular, plants, Stopmotion, lego set mods, classic space, and pirates.


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  1. Yeetforlego

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    I completely fine with people making lego compatible creations like lego tape or buzzwizz motors. But copying the design exactly and making money off of it is not ok. Vincent Van Gogh's painting didn't even have a IP so having it your way lego has every right to make money off of his painting. People have a right to their own opinion. I respect that you think that it is ok for people to make money off of somebody's hard work and time. I personally think that if it is preventable it is the right thing to do to buy from the original creator. Just because you can copy somebody's creation does not mean you should do it. Part of the reason why people buy instructions for Mocs (even though they can just build it from the photos) is to support them. It takes 5 seconds to copy something, but do you know how many hours, days, months, or years it took the original creator to make the creation? Unless it is a tribute or respectful modification to somebody's creation, it is always right to buy from the original creator. I apologize if I seemed rude earlier.
  2. Yeetforlego

    Should people buy Fake Chinese PF motors?

    Dude, don't play dumb. Everybody knows good and well that this is built out of respect for the artwork. Not to make money off the painting.
  3. Yeetforlego

    Space station Bonsai Tree-MOC

  4. Yeetforlego

    Chicken Delivery Truck Moc

    Thanks! I am planning on building more.
  5. Yeetforlego

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Very interesting! I have ripped apart tons of drones, rc cars, and remotes but never lego!
  6. Awesome moc! I love the way you combined technic with standard bricks around the off roader! A truly awesome creation!
  7. Yeetforlego

    Drag Brick - Dragster Brick Flick

    Those are some fast racers!
  8. Was this made in blender?
  9. Yeetforlego

    [MOC] Sdkfz.251 ausf.D

    I am blown away from the looks of this moc! But when I saw it was electric I couldn't believe it just got cooler!
  10. Yeetforlego

    [MOC] Coalition Forces enter Kuwait City, 1991

    Loaded with detail! Well done!
  11. Yeetforlego

    Can't LEGO keep up with demand?

    I actually think that's kind of a good thing. They are getting tons of good business.
  12. This is my Space Station Bonsai Tree. The people of a distant planet needed a place to build their much needed space port. After looking for days and weeks they ended up finding this huge alien bonsai. It started out as a single space port, then another, and another. Until eventually it turned into a mini metropolis! I wanted to originally build a Umbrella Bonsai. The top of it looked too bland and needed something. I ended up adding a few buildings and it turned into this.
  13. Those are some nice chopsticks!
  14. It takes people with dedication to build things like this!
  15. Yeetforlego

    [MOC] Orang-Utan with Baby

    Most impressive!