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  1. Admiral Bejaune

    New LEGO Pirates Discord Server

    I agree. EB forums are nostalgic for me. Too many memories here to replace it with something new.
  2. Admiral Bejaune

    [MOC] Spanish Frigate "Phama"

    Nice frigate. Good lines, and very Spanish color scheme. The way you extended the new anchor molds and made them appear larger is great. I also like the white plates in the lattice pieces amidship to represent hammocks. Nice touch.
  3. Admiral Bejaune

    [MOC] "Big Orra" by SuperSick - Ship - BSB Upgrade

    Nice ship. Classic colors. I love a ship with an interior. I like the technique on the curve on the bow. Oh she's not a brig but more of a barque.
  4. Admiral Bejaune

    La Comete

    I gotta bump this because somehow I missed it. I gotta say this is one of my favorite ships built. Congrats to Legostone in building her, and Sebeus I on the mods. Ill say it again, one of the best I have seen. Cheers!
  5. Admiral Bejaune

    [MOC] Sang Royale

    Hate to bump.... But bump... Sang Royale has been rebuild, better than before... More realistic, better lines, but still has her classic look. Its been many years since I have posted, but I am back and have built a ton of ships that I will be posting. I just got jaded with the website. Hopefully I can get a few of my friends back to posting mocs like the "good ole days" of the early 2000's. New pics of the update soon. Cheers B
  6. Admiral Bejaune

    [META] A quick overview of the map

    That’s because it does.
  7. Admiral Bejaune

    A simple matter of math

    Captain Greenhair shows his brilliance again with the beautiful French 64! Nice work on the frigate as well!
  8. Admiral Bejaune

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    The silent Mary is heavily based on the French ship La Couronne of 1636. Here is a website about the ship. Couronne SM17/La Couronne SM17.htm You can also google image search "La Couronne ship" and see some great models of it.
  9. Admiral Bejaune

    General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    I wish this topic would go cold until someone posted with official pictures!! I'm tired of seeing a post and it not showing anything! Kind of a hypocritical post for me!
  10. Admiral Bejaune

    Build a frigate with Captain Green Hair

    Maybe this bump will inspire more great Mocs to be built! Such a great tutorial!
  11. Admiral Bejaune

    [MOC] Ship ''Halve Maen'' 1606 in minifig scale

    Again you have raised the bar!!! Seems to me I've gotta go minifig scale now!!!! She turned out excellent my friend! Keep innovating!
  12. Admiral Bejaune

    94 gun, somewhat-to-scale ship of the line. LDD MOC.

    No offense but is this suppose to be a fantasy style ship or a historically accurate ship? If it is suppose to be a historically accurate ship then I would say you need to do more research on the subject. It looks more like a steampunk airship to me than a ship of the line.
  13. Admiral Bejaune

    [ESL] Brig El Matador

    It's so good to see a new ship from you. And of course it doesn't disappoint. The sails are perfect in color and shape and the skin color strake is perfect. It's always great seeing a build from a master builder and a great friend. Long live the CGH technique!
  14. Admiral Bejaune

    [OL-FB4] The Tigre arrives

    The paint back then was actually very good. It was lead based, which was bad. But salt water absolutely destroys everything. I own and have owned several ocean boats and I am constantly cleaning, replacing and repainting certain things onboard that salt water has ruined. But that is the nature of the beast that is the ocean!