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  1. Yes, good choice, and ok, mods and improvemnts sound great
  2. I think it's a great set, but wheels/ tires are not costume by Ferrari or Lego... like the Porsche set 42056. And the front headlights are different of the real one.
  3. It's a good set because the blue black colors, simple. clean set. But we hope they did. make it to 1:8 scale. I just gone buy this for display set.
  4. mojitoca

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    LDD 3D model is ok, thank you !
  5. Yes, I will check it out, when you're ready !
  6. mojitoca

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    I think 2 versions look very nice !, I'm looking for the guy from the orange car, for the instructions.
  7. It is a good set but is like a 4x4 at first time.. but this easy fix will solve this ! Just the front lights is kinda strange first time, now I think is normal after a wile.
  8. mojitoca

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    What a great Moc.How many Bugatti 42083, parts ? Two sets ?
  9. It is far better than the corvette set ! more details, but I want 1:8 scale version
  10. mojitoca

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    What a great build. Do you have still the Lxf file. ? Thanks