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    42095 and 42111. Plan to buy the 42093

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    Lego Technic MOCs, especially 1:8 cars.
    Also like Mindstorms creations.


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  1. chlego

    MOC 2021 McLaren MCL35M F1 Cars Minifigure Scale

    Nice, but why is it in the Technic category?
  2. Now that is some overkill! Love it!
  3. Thought the same, it wouldn't be rigid enough I believe... Or you would have one wheel that sticks out on one side. Following!
  4. She thiccc! Looking good, next step is to add a fake engine
  5. I also hate the huge central column, and this is why I decided to remove the stepper, also to be closer to the original car. I'll go for a rotary thing or similar and will place it very discretely in the cabin. If possible, I'd also like to make a HOG shifter.
  6. The 2nd one is very interesting!
  7. So it has been some time, but I didn't give up! For now, I have reworked the front axle (will post pictures soon) and I am building an 8-speed gearbox without these orange parts.
  8. When can we hope getting some info then?
  9. I believe there are also a lot fewer gears in there, to essentially achieve the same.
  10. Seems legit, since LEGO discontinued PF. I guess PU works too, but if you plan on using PF, go for it.
  11. I'd go with this one. No, I counted the fact that you already have 2 PF - L motors Are you already finished?
  12. If you get the BuWizz, you don't need the 42124, since its system is an alternative to the BuWizz. The 42124 is from LEGO, the BuWizz is a 3rd-party company compatible with LEGO. If you get the 42124 and not the BuWizz, you don't need a Servo Motor, but you'll need another L/XL motor (the newer version, check on If you get the BuWizz, you'll need the servo, but no additional motors