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  1. langko

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Thankyou, glad you both like it! Thanks! Yes, agreeable this is really nothing different. It looks different but apart from the parking feature it’s pretty much all your usual stuff with a different shell over it all. Glad you noticed the rear lights! They were the perfect part for this model. That and the trans black flags in the doors are my favourite part usage in the model, both of which I haven’t seen done before.
  2. langko

    [MOC] BMW X3

    It’s refreshing to see a car in DBG, you’ve done a great with the parts available in that colour. I love the front grill and headlights.
  3. langko

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Nope, it’s solid as a rock. In most places the bodywork and chassis are completely intertwined. Even the parts of the bodywork that were built in individual modules are attached in such a way that they aren’t coming off without severe dismantling. The doors are easy to remove but that’s about it. This is definitely no where near the level of T-Lego, Brunojj1 and Charbel, where the car can come apart in a dozen or so perfect individual modules
  4. This looks awesome! Very clean bodywork with very little gaps. Details in the engine bay and interior look great too.
  5. langko

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Thanks guys! Thankyou, I did think of that but felt that was a bit extreme for my first try, I’m happy I just got the suspension to work well as it is I’ll try it for my next MOC Good luck with yours! I feel like orange could be slightly harder because no 5/6 panel? This model uses 6 of each and I don’t think I could have done without them... that said there are lots of other parts available in orange that aren’t in dark azure, so it working with what you’ve got I guess. Wow, really appreciate that coming from you. Your models were a huge inspiration. It is my first MOC. I’ve been making origami for nearly 20 years, built lots of LEGO sets as a child, and I’ve worked as a mechanical fitter/assembler, working on gearboxes and vehicles... so while this is my first time making a LEGO MOC, I’ve been building stuff my whole life. Yes, if you read my above reply the front wheelhouses were a nightmare. I was really starting to suffer from the lack of part availability and I almost didn’t complete the car due to that area. It’s agreeably not perfect but was the best I could come up. I tried flex axles but the shortest in dark azure is 16 and that was too long. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have? Interestingly enough the car can be replicated as it is using yellow, given the extra parts that come in that colour in regards to connectors and shorter flex axles, I’m sure I could come up with something more “perfect” using that colour scheme. However acquiring all the parts needed in yellow would be a stupidly expensive task. I 100% agree with your closing comment. The P1 is better looking but there’s something about the Sennas angles and lines that suit LEGO really well. As I’m sure you’re well aware though, putting the pieces on those angles is much easier said than done
  6. langko

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Thanks guys, appreciate the comments! GTR version probably not, I struggled enough with this haha Thank you. You loose track of time when you are in the creative zone, but easily 100 hours... Structual integrity was a huge problem, and in many places the models is over engineered to help with this. The middle segment between the seats is only 3 studs wide by 4 high, that combined with very little roof and most of the sides of the car being part of the door, caused lots of issues. The sides between the seats and the doors are 2 studs thick which is what helps make the car so rigid. Lots of bigger panels in the chassis helps too. Thankyou, There is actually a ball joint on the hinge near the mirrors. Parts 32174/32474, but they are pretty well hidden. The big panels didn’t work... like Gary mentioned the beams create a rounder look on the front, otherwise I would’ve had to do something with system bricks. Plus by using a big panel I couldn’t attach it to the car like I have here. Thank you! Haha I actually quite like the look (wouldn’t have tried to make a lego one otherwise haha) I actually saw one in person late last year and was blown away, that was a big influence in me deciding to make this model. I was waiting for someone to mention the paddle shifters. And the honest answer was I simply wasn’t clever enough to think of something compact enough to fit. There is very little room in the model... mainly because the interior is already quite squashed in the senna, the car was built quite thick to make it strong enough, and because of the doors. I struggled with keeping the door in the open position, gravity just wants to slam it shut. The solution was to have a support fold out of the side of the car when the door is opened. If you look at the interior photo on Flickr you will see this in action (9l black beam and grey beam with socket) This worked really well, the trade off was when the door is closed those beams fold back inside the car taking up a lot of space. They only just miss the steering column on the drivers side. In the end I chose for a cleaner, de cluttered interior and a simpler more playable method of changing the gears. Now with the experience of making this I will try and include more bells and whistles in my next MOC. As for the arches this was easily one of the most painful parts. Trying to capture the correct look from above and the side, whilst giving enough room for the doors to open and the wheels to turn was a huge challenge. In the video version this is agreeably the worst part of the model. However since I revised it for the photo version I’m quite happy with it, I honestly don’t think I could’ve done much better with the part availability in dark azure. If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. If only I had the powers of LEGO and could create new wheel arch pieces whenever I wanted Thankyou! Couldn’t agree more! The crazy angles made it challenging but lots of fun. I did see your project, I wish you got to finish it, but I understand that life gets in the way of things sometimes. Thankyou, I worked quite hard on that area. Im not too fussed about that, if my model can inspire 1 person I’m happy. It does make sense though, no one else can make this, Lego’s model is something anyone will be able to buy of the shelf, so of course a lot of people are going to be interested in it
  7. I only have 6. I tried using these at first to hold the bars, but I found the top one was colliding with the dark grey connector so I just gave up and did the easy way haha
  8. True, but if anything your solution makes it look thinner, where’s as mine keeps it more or less similar to the original. I don’t mind having more black anyway, as it fills the gaps more. But honestly I just did it that way because I was too lazy to work out how you attached yours
  9. Hey everyone, been reading for a while but never made an account. Mainly because I didn't feel like I had anything worthwhile to contribute... Some of you might of seen this already on youtube or reddit but given lego's announcement of the GTR I figured I'd share my 1:8 version here. Inspired by some of the awesome builders on this forum I decided to use the heavy lockdowns this year to attempt my own MOC. I hope this inspires some of you to try the same, you don't know what you can do until you try it. This was very challenging to make, but a lot of fun. I know this forum isn't made for lots of photos so I'll only post a few. Please check out the rest of the photos on my Flickr album: INFO: Exterior presented in dark azure with white accents. Model could be built in all black, white and yellow as well. Red, orange and lime are missing pieces. Interior presented in dark blue, black and metallic silver. 3200g weight 60cm/27cm/15cm = L/W/H 3500ish pieces, maybe more. Working suspension. Working steering with removable HOG. Right hand drive because I'm from Australia Manually openable butterfly doors (with transparent sections in the sides and roof) N+7 speed gearbox controlled by a single switch on the dash. Stoppers to prevent shifting from N-8 or 8-N Fake V8 engine Parking feature Openable "hood" Manually adjustable rear wing Foldable dash Youtube video with all functions: The model underwent some revisions since the video upload... Interior redone in metallic silver, as well as adding the foldable dash Blacked out rims (only non-lego part in the model) with dark blue brake calipers Blacked out diffuser tips at rear Redone some of the bodywork, mainly improving the areas around the front wheels and lights, as well as slightly adjusting the mounting of the rear wing Thanks for reading! Enjoy the model. PS: to answer some common questions I've been asked... This is NOT a B-model to the Chiron, it relies heavily on the Chiron as a part donor but there are still lots of extra parts needed. There will not be instructions
  10. Thanks for this idea! I used the 'white' glow bars so there is no greenish tint during the day. I attached them with part number 18651 instead so I didn't have to modify much of the model.