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  1. Gawd 😭😭 I love this so much. The proportions are so spot on, and the bodywork is ultra clean. The only thing that I love slightly less is the connector usage at the front, but you definitely make it work.
  2. Not to be a negative Nancy, but I think the realistic A-pillars is a step backwards. I get that it’s more true to real life, but this is definitely a place where some artistic liberty is a good thing. When you lose that suggested curvature of the windshield it messes with the proportions of the car, imho.
  3. Personally not a fan of those lights @LegoHoops have you tried trans clear bionicle teeth? These just look too big and blocky
  4. This is absolutely brilliant, please tell me you're planning on finish it!
  5. I see your point, but use of panels shouldn’t preclude using them IMO. Look at Bruno’s or Jeroens designs… a harmonious mix of both
  6. Something I noticed while looking at the 42141 MCL F1 car was the complete lack of any flex axles. I miss the suggested lines and curves achieved by using flex axles to create a more organic, smooth design. The new car looks way too jagged and rough around the edges IMO. Discuss.
  7. Uh this is a sore disappointment. The paneling around the side pods are a complete letdown… come on Lego!
  8. I don’t really understand the backlash either. It’s clearly NOT a blatant copy paste of Jorge’s F40, at least in terms of the bodywork. Yes it was inspired by it, but the builder gave him credit and did the right thing. If I was Jorge I would be proud that my MOC is so legendary that people are basing their MOCs off of it… To OP, it’s stunning! Great job with the paneling, I love how it’s covered but not cluttered. That’s a hard line to walk.
  9. @Ngoc Nguyen I appreciate the well thought out response! I guess I approached this build with a different mindset but I now your understand perspective on C-models. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this model, in fact it’s far better than anything I could produce. I was just wondering what you would be capable of building using…well all the parts instead of a select few! But I understand your approach to it, and at the end of the day if this brings you joy then that’s what counts!
  10. This is an excellent model, but why are you needlessly constraining yourself to a that no one else has? A c-model for a set has purpose if it’s one that’s readily available to the general public. If not, why wouldn’t you just focus on making the best model possible using any and all the parts that you require, instead of using a limited selection of parts from one set?
  11. This is freaking incredible. I cannot wait to see it in action!!
  12. Phenomenal, deserves frontpaging! any videos?
  13. This looks fantastic… except for the front end/fenders. It looks rather unfinished. Have you considered using the wheel arches from the set here? (Instead if at the trunk)
  14. Not to turn this into a fanboy war, but I completely agree. Congrats @kbalage!
  15. You could just not open the thread, you know? You need to understand that some people don’t mind, and may even enjoy the continuous updates.