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  1. I’m not sure I follow your logic. The black pin shown has 4 slots distributed at an interval of pi/2. This means it’ll have compliance in both x and y directions. You could theoretically reduce the effect of this by rotating it so that the slots are diagonal in the hole, but either way the amount of stiffness you’d gain would so minuscule that it’s purely mind games at that point. just my take. Happy to be proven wrong :)
  2. Dude, what are you like, a wizard? I ogled over this MOC a couple of days ago, but never paid attention to who made it. You built this AND that stunning Peterbilt? Wow… Please keep them coming!!
  3. I’m also very excited about seeing scale models here…I would 100% pay for instructions for a lot of these that I have seen in the last few days!! OP - just stunning really…. This is inspiring me to go build something :)
  4. Pneumatics may have a more “realistic” mode of operation, but honestly their movement is so jerky, unpredictable and unrealistic that I prefer LAs > pneumatics every time. Plus the realism argument is a moot point, since industrial equipment uses hydraulics out of necessity due to the high forces it can impart with pressurized incompressible liquids. Electromechanical actuators are quieter, more precise, more reliable and requires less maintenance… I believe the tech is just very expensive and not quite there yet for high load applications. I’m sure with global electrification we’d see that pendulum swing the other way! Lego was just ahead of the curve ;)
  5. Look at the 22961 pin connectors between the two sections…. Something is definitely going to cover up that gap ;)
  6. Been meaning to reply to this thread, but never got around to it. This has to be one of the most impressive MOCs I’ve seen on here. Just by looking at it I can tell that you’ve given every single pin all the way to every panel a painstaking amount of thought. Hall of fame worthy
  7. Me too, but the rules of the contest seems to suggest otherwise. Doesn’t matter either way though, because I’m going to end up voting for what I like… which would be a “re-imagined” set.
  8. Wow! Your creations are my inspiration to keep building!! Phenomenal, I have no critiques. A true modern take on model team. Please make a hellcat version with some wide fender flares?
  9. The functionality of this MOC is absolutely second to none. It’s amazing how many features you packed in there, along with some ingenious solutions… However, the aesthetics are lacking, IMO. I’ll wait to see the finished product but the lines are just not there, and the bodywork is cluttered and messy. But it’s through no fault of your own, I just think you’re running into limitations of technic (and maybe even Lego in general given how ugly the system model was…) At this point, if you can’t finish it in time for the contest anyway, I’d suggest redirecting the build in a different direction - keep the functions but go with a model team approach and combine system bricks with technic parts to create smooth bodywork. I think it could end up being a fantastic MOC if you can execute that properly. Best of luck!
  10. My favorite rendition of an 8880 so far! Superb job!!
  11. Such a shame. The blue version is a lot better in terms of styling than the released variant.. sigh 😔
  12. Some of the best technic bodywork I’ve ever seen. Very impressive! Looking forward to the final product!
  13. You may wanna check out this thread for some inspiration ;)
  14. I said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s completely and utterly disappointing IMO. I don’t even think they did a great job on the design, and all the stickers just make it that much worse. At least the price isn’t horrible.
  15. Am I looking at something different than you guys? This set just screams lazy, just like the Ferrari 42125. I don’t think it even looks that great….