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  1. This just became that much more evident after building the 10283 Space Shuttle. I didn’t want to be one of those naysayers, but it’s a sad day when a system set has cleverer and more intricate mechanisms than most technic sets. What happened?!
  2. sm1995

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Holy cow. That is absolutely hideous. And looks completely devoid of functions except for drive/steer. What were they thinking?!
  3. 100% agreed. Technic isn’t really a great platform to focus on bodywork anyway, given its inherent limitations in creating smooth gap-less surfaces. I’ll take functions any day.
  4. sm1995

    [WIP] John Deere 8RT 410 tractor

    I’m getting nightmares just thinking about building those tracks Good luck!
  5. sm1995

    The fastest bike (?)

    ^you could effectively dampen it by using friction pins at the suspension arm pivot :)
  6. sm1995

    The fastest bike (?)

    I have never wanted to build a technic bike until now. That’s awesome!!
  7. I don’t want to either, so I won’t. But it’s an interesting rule that I’ve always questioned. In my opinion, forums are supposed to be an open arena for the expression of free will, as long as the intent isn’t malicious. And I don’t think sharing leaked photos that anyone could access with a little bit of detective work is malicious in intent. Thats my last post on this. I apologize for detailing the thread. Let’s get back on topic :)
  8. I don’t get this. This forum is not associate with TLG in a legal footing as far as I’m aware. So why aren’t we allowed to share leaked images?
  9. sm1995

    [WIP] Hennessey Venom F5

    Amazing, it just looks so simple yet highly functional. I’m about halfway into a build right now but everything just feels so cluttered. I’m very excited to for future updates!
  10. I like the idea, but the rims are way too expensive for the part quality. I suggest moving away from FDM completely and adopting possibly SLS (w/ peek) for better surface finishes and part strength. Also, if you print with PLA I assume you smooth it with possibly ethyl acetate? Why not print with ABS and smooth with an acetone bath which is easier and safer. The printing itself will be more difficult but the part strength and temperature resilience would be better. Not to be a negative Nancy, just offering up some constructive criticism. As it stands FDM surface finishes, even with with smoothing, are not great. Printing with PLA has other complications for parts subjected to load, which could prove problematic in RC applications. With most sellers on alibaba offering injection molded ABS rims for a fraction of the cost, I don’t see how these can be competitive.
  11. Beautiful! Can I get a shot of the front 3/4 angle with the whole car in view? These mods just might swing me to buy the set!
  12. It’s 100% bodywork. The challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing bodywork is just tedious - and the end result is simply not as rewarding as that of designing a nifty mechanism.
  13. Wow! I am in love with how clean the bodywork is. One of my favorite MOCs of this year!!
  14. sm1995

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Stunning!! I think you captured the lines of the car really well! When they released the senna, I thought it was the perfect car to be recreated in technic because of its bodywork. I started my own project to build one but it went nowhere thanks to work, I’m glad that someone realized the dream I had years ago!