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  1. Beautiful! Can I get a shot of the front 3/4 angle with the whole car in view? These mods just might swing me to buy the set!
  2. It’s 100% bodywork. The challenge of creating aesthetically pleasing bodywork is just tedious - and the end result is simply not as rewarding as that of designing a nifty mechanism.
  3. Wow! I am in love with how clean the bodywork is. One of my favorite MOCs of this year!!
  4. sm1995

    MOC Mclaren Senna 1:8

    Stunning!! I think you captured the lines of the car really well! When they released the senna, I thought it was the perfect car to be recreated in technic because of its bodywork. I started my own project to build one but it went nowhere thanks to work, I’m glad that someone realized the dream I had years ago!
  5. sm1995

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    The reason I stopped building was purely work. I started my first job around 2 years ago and the workload was too high to balance with my Lego hobby. So I had to prioritize. Thankfully things are starting to slow down at work, and I’ve been slowly getting back into it. Being a super car enthusiast, what I’ve noticed is how saturated the MOC space is with supercars, and how similar they are to each other. They’re all basically the same thing underneath the skin with a new body. That’s... boring. I feel as if people have shifted their focus from the technical mechanical details to just mainly creating attractive bodywork. Maybe that’s TLGs fault because they have laid pretty solid mechanical foundations with their 3 big supercars, and MOCers have become complacent to the point where they just keep skinning the cat in a 100 different ways. I’ve set myself some lofty goals with my new project, and hopefully it can contribute at least a little to make a stagnant space become a little bit more lively.
  6. sm1995

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    It looks freaking incredible, I can’t believe it’s technic tbh.
  7. sm1995

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Just going to be brutally honest and say it - it looks better than any MOC I’ve seen so far, including any that I’ve been able to come up with. Its got beautiful flowing lines with minimal clutter and jumbled messes of panels. Kudos to do the designer! I’m excited.
  8. Thanks a lot everyone! Really appreciate the positive comments; helps me power through when the build process gets frustrating. I don't think there's anything wrong with that :) and honestly it comes down to whatever your preference is. I build in modules so I can switch to designing different components of the vehicle whenever I get bored with one. Also it's easier to tear down and re-design if I find something wrong when I integrate it. This is awesome! You got all of that from the video? People here are too talented man... There were a few minor things I changed from memory, because I had to change the paddle shifter in the MOC for reasons you will see later but this still remains as my favorite. paddle shifter.lxf?dl=0 I couldn't find this piece in LDD so I replaced it with a red 3L pin w/ pinhole in the center. Just swap that out and replicate on both sides. Sorry for the very long post, but I stopped posting regular updates here because of how much I change things; I'd have to flood this thread with so many redesigns of the same thing. Plus my work schedule is really insane these days, which certainly doesn't help. But I'll post whenever I have a big milestone or honestly just make a new thread with the finished MOC in a few months.
  9. sm1995

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Every time you release a new model, I'm just in awe at how clean the body lines are. It's really hard to find that nice balance between gapless building while still keeping an uncluttered look. But you absolutely nailed it. Great Job! Looking forward to your next model
  10. Thanks! and we'll see if you're right in a few months Thank you! It's not a structural element so it's definitely possible, but the Senna has a nearly horizontal steering wheel that I decided it wasn't worth the effort... but lets see, I might change my mind as the build goes on!
  11. Thanks Didumos! It initially started with emphasis on just bodywork but then my perfectionism kicked in and I wanted to include everything but the kitchen sink It's been a difficult build however, designing the chassis around the bodywork. I'm much much more constrained spatially than usual. Anyway, the latest update is that it's been completely torn down.... again. I have reworked everything to include functioning aero in the front and the rear, and am rebuilding the chassis because the first iteration was not capable of bearing it's own weight without flexing like spaghetti :/ Also, with the introduction of new gearbox pieces (which made every gearbox obsolete), I have come up with something pretty nifty that I've not seen in any other MOC so far. Not gonna give it away, you guys will eventually see what it is. I'm not sure if I'm going to make a 7 speed gearbox to fit the new chassis and the "nifty thing" since designing a 7 speed is so much harder than designing an 8 speed. What do you guys think, will it be worth the difference? Also, also, I've redesigned the paddle box from what it was before. This one is more intricate than any other I've built, and is pretty much 100% reliable.And as demonstrated in the video, capable of shifting very quickly with no problems whatsoever.
  12. The new gearbox is seriously awesome. Great work guys, keep it going. Love to see where the spoiler idea goes!
  13. sm1995

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Well, having built my copy I can't help but feel a little disappointed. I was most looking forward to how the body lines will flow when it was completed, and honestly it was a let down. I might be in the minority but despite it's flaws, I think that the Porsche had much more cohesive design language flowing throughout. Anyway, my mini review: The good- The chassis is almost unbelievably sturdy for something this large and heavy. The designer did a really good job here, no qualms whatsoever The interior is way way nicer than the one we got in the GT3 RS. I like it. A like the area around the A-pillars; it's really well sculpted. The rear end is quite beautiful. Not perfect, but it still looks great. The bad- I absolutely loathe the shifter. The switching mechanism is quite good and reliable, however, it's far less intricate than the one in the Porsche. Not to mention the linked shifters that can't operate individually, thats just lazy. The spoiler relies on friction to stay up; if you leave it in the up position and move the model around a bit it'll just slide down. It's pretty shoddy IMO. The front suspension doesn't work perfectly, but it's not like the front end completely collapses when you press on it. It'll still bounce back up a little, although not to the complete range of operation. Not a big deal to me, since I like the low stance. The doors are SO BAD, I don't even know where to start with them. They need to be completely redesigned. But the biggest letdown to ME is the design. The lines just don't flow well. The front is full of empty spaces while the back is covered rather nicely. The two areas I actually really dislike are the rear section of the windows/roof and the hood. I don't know if I missed a step or built something wrong, but that just looks unfinished to me. Especially the roofline area. In the end, I enjoyed the Porsche much more as a model when it was completed. I like all the new parts that were introduced in this model, but as a whole I think Lego took a step back with the Chiron. :(
  14. sm1995

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Yup! I don't know, either way it seems like it'll involve switching the suspension arms out for different pieces. I used the 6L ones on my MOC, ill post a picture of how that's set up over the weekend. I'll have to take a look and see whats possible when I get my Chiron (hopefully tomorrow!) hahahah thanks, old school is sometimes exactly what we need :) But you are right, there's a lot of things to consider. That's why I need to get my hands on the set before I start theorizing...
  15. sm1995

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Hi, I’m sorry but I’m still not on the same page. I think we may have different definitions of what hinge means. By moving your spring closer to the wheels, the spring force will invoke a higher clockwise moment about your wishbone pivot point. Also a higher overall spring force as well now due to your point of application taking a longer arc length. (Fs=kx) Heres a little back of the napkin scenario I did to illustrate what I mean. Not really sure what I’m missing here.... also CCW on the picture should be CW (clockwise)