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  1. ^Thank you. I wasn't going to make a video for this until I remembered that the engine and gearbox just lift out (if the dash is removed). The space was perfect for a PF RC transplant. Skip to 45 seconds to see RC version in action.
  2. You're right but the answer was to remove them altogether. The bodywork scales at 9L at that point so adding a stud to the height with the piping was a mistake, it made the middle too tall and spoiled the curves I had managed to make. The new version is much better IMO. Jaguar XKSS V2 WIP 4 by James Tillson, on Flickr I'm doing what Jaguar did when they converted the last D type race car in to XKSS road car. The rear light mounting points are now for the bumpers and the lights are higher up. There's a heat shield for the exhaust and a proper windscreen. Not sure how I'm going to make the folding roof... Jaguar XKSS V2 WIP 1 by James Tillson, on Flickr Jaguar XKSS V2 WIP 5 by James Tillson, on Flickr
  3. Is that part 6177 (often used in Millennium Falcon)? It would be perfect if it had an axle hole through the centre. .Cheers
  4. You're looking at almost all of it. I had to buy 2 extra 18944 panels. It is the only colour I can build this in, until 42070 black panels are freely available. The windscreen is just a bent piece of plastic, it doesn't even have a frame (or styles). Those axles were the least I could do to imply a windscreen is there. I don't think there is a straight line on the real car, I tried to make it curvier but it went outside the scale dimensions. My model does looks curvier in real life. The wheels (without tyres) scale at exactly 7 studs. The 8 stud dishes are a good compromise but flatter would have been better. You say they don't look the same but I started work on the XKSS and it looks a lot like my corvette from the rear. I also made the factory race car. I may do an RC version of this as the gearbox and steering wheel are impossible to use. I wasn't going to do instructions for this, I can't imagine anybody else having 23 blue 18944 or 36 blue 24116 panels
  5. This is my 1:8 scale model of the famous Jaguar D-type customer race car. It won Le Mans in 1956 and in 2016 became the most expensive British car to sell at auction (about $20million). I used scale drawings and tried to be as accurate as possible, even with suspension points etc. The front clam shell and boot (with spare wheel) open but I couldn't get the (tiny) doors to open and keep the right side profile. To be exactly the same scale my Stratos should be 3% bigger but they look nice parked together. There was also a factory race car with a closed cockpit and a road car called XKSS. I will be making both of these too.
  6. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    Now I come to look at it the blue print you used it does look comically out of proportion, it looks like it was drawn from the actual picture I put behind it. The real focus has a wheelbase of 2640mm and is 4340mm long so if your car wheelbase is 26L then your model should be 43L but I think your model is only 39L. I will be cross referencing my internet blueprints from now on.
  7. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    The blue print you used looks good against the real car and it matches most of your MOC.
  8. I lost the LDD (while trying to make instructions) so I made a photo instructions instead.
  9. I made 2 more that aren't on the list yet. Zombie and Hamster Wheel.
  10. Old Shames: Your worst MOCs.

    The force is weak with this one...
  11. Finally finished my beetle. It is still slow with a terrible steering lock but I am happy with the looks.
  12. That looks like fun and I like the use of the panel for the tipper truck. I would like to see a video too. No, somebody else already did it
  13. L motor turns slower than M motor so it would go (even) slower with an L. The model is based on the 1955 version, it only had 30hp anyway. There is room for a buggy motor when I want to make a fast one. I had another go at the back window, the back of the car is more curvy now. [/url]
  14. Totally agree. Steering is set but that window will have some attention this weekend. I'm using the steering parts from 42021 with the wheels from 42024 as it put the pivot point a little way inside the wheel. I will rebuild the chassis later when I'm sure where all the anchor points are. All of it I think as I've never seen anybody else use any.
  15. I'm still working on the beetle. It has 1 motor for drive but I think it is fast enough.