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    Building instructions for DB 103 Class locomotive

    Thanks for the PF version, I appreciate the effort.
  2. ReflectioN

    MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    Ehmm, no, sorry. Haven't found the time in the past 6 months to finish it. It's still on my to-do-list...
  3. ReflectioN

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    Thank you Alex!
  4. ReflectioN

    Brick Railway Systems (BRS) Wayside Structures

    Very nice models, and thanks for the digital files!
  5. ReflectioN

    G2000 Serfer

    Fantastic build, congrats!
  6. ReflectioN

    Cafe Corner Interior

    Nice one! I've yet to build the Cafe Corner, and these examples for interiors certainly motivate.
  7. ReflectioN

    [MOC] Modular Railway Station - Version 2

    Excellent design, and many thanks for the free instructions!
  8. ReflectioN

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the instructions.
  9. ReflectioN

    Early 1900's Automoibles MODs / MOCs

    Very nice, thanks.
  10. ReflectioN

    1950's - 1970's US inspired vehicles

    Good one, thanks for the digital file!
  11. ReflectioN

    MOC: Blooming Blossoms (Modular Building)

    Clean, neat, good symmetry, attention to detail... Yep, another good Kristel-building.
  12. ReflectioN

    Bricklinked UCS Millennium Falcon - MODded heavily

    Excellent thread! Lots of inspiration for my own Falcon. Has anyone ever created a detailed guide (with lotsa photos or a pdf) for creating a full interior?
  13. ReflectioN

    MOC: Avenue Saint-Jacques

    Interesting read Legodt! Altough I'm not going to fill the back with an extra wall, I can understand why some people would want to do that. Propbably to have it better co-exist with other modulars. Right now I still have to finish the roof section, so I'm almost done. I did make the building into several 'stackable' parts, very much like the original modulars. It works very well. The different sections have enough structural integrity of their own, no problems there. And here's a question to snaillad --> are there instructions for your other creations? Like the Cinema or the Warehouse. I've been looking around but haven't found them yet. I mean, what am I supposed to do with my Xmas 2014 vacation ...
  14. ReflectioN

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    Looking forward to a full set of pdf-instructions. All that hard work is much appreciated.
  15. ReflectioN

    Nico71's Creations

    One of the more impressive Technic builders, I'm surely gonna look into building the Red 4x4 truck with CVT transmission.