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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! Following the Delta Integrale I present you my Lancia Stratos HF! This model features opening doors, as well as massive opening front and rear shells with the most detailled engine bay I've ever made! Despite everything being openable, it's surprisingly sturdy with only its rear spoiler and A-pillars being the weak spots. Minor details include a spare tire at the front, a fire extinguisher between the seats and of course all 3 pedals in he drivers footwell. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking!
  2. Hello everyone! As for my second post on here I wanted to share my Delta Integrale! This model features opening doors (all 4 of them!) as well as an opening hood. I've decided to go with a black and dark blue interior as oppose to the black-only one usually found in these, as it makes for a more interesting and compelling look. It's also got the little things in which you insert your seatbelt into, thought I'd be a fun little detail. The engine bay itself is nothing too over the top, just managed to fit all the essential details. The hinge itself took a lot longer to create than expected, as most designs for it took up too much space inside the engine bay. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking!

    [MOC] Lancia Delta HF Integrale

    One of my toughest mocs, had lots of trouble with the rear end. Thanks for viewing :)
  4. Hello! Originally I wasn't going to enter this contest - but it was just too tempting - so I am going to give it a go. I have decided to build a Lancia Fulvia Rally car - such as the one you can see below: I have already been working on this for a few days - so the majority of the chassis and some of the bodywork have already been completed. The chassis consists of: Front wheel drive A 2-speed gearbox located over the rear axle - which is also linked to a moving gear stick inside the cabin A functional V4 engine Rear 'leaf spring' suspension Steering - which will hopefully be HOG So far I have attempted to recreate the rear and front bodywork of the car - what do you think? Front by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Chassis by All.About.Lego, on Flickr I have tried to use as many Technic elements as possible so far - as I understand that model team-style building is not permitted, but there was a limit to where these could be used - for example I had to make the bonnet out of tiles because of the limited space below! - I hope this is OK?! More updates will come soon! (oh, and if your'e wondering, once its complete it wont be made out of 1000 different colours!)
  5. I've recently returned to LEGO, thanks in no small part to being given the 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set as a birthday gift by my excellent friends. It was amazing to see how Technics sets have progressed since my childhood but was very dissapointed to find that there were no B model in the instructions. In my early days B models taught me that it was OK to pull apart a build and make something new and this was more than half the fun. Well there was nothing else for it but to make my own and here it is! The Lancia Stratos was an impressive, almost otherworldy machine that loomed large through my childhood and it seemed a fine choice for the orange parts of 42056. The wheels are the right diameter but a lot wider so they take up a lot more room inboard than the real thing and have what you might call a cheeky amount of overlap on the guards but I reckon it works here. I've kept the wheel base and track to scale. Everything opens and shuts like the original and there's a working 5 speed "H" pattern shift gearbox driving the transverse V6 in the back. You can add an additional part to activate reverse gear but this is not neccesary if you want to stay within the parts list of 42056. There are instructions available and the first chapter, the gearbox, is free so that you can see if you can work with them or not. They're available here: INSTRUCTIONS You'll find some unusual choices in terms of parts and placement but remember that this is an alternate build and the bricks available are somewhat limited. Since this is a B model and all the parts are sourced from 42056 it was tricky to get the form and functions that I wanted without too many compromises but the details of the MOC are: Dimensions : Studs = 69 x 56 x 23 cm = 55 x 44.6 x 19 Weight = 2.02 kg Part count = 2197 - 5 speed "H" pattern gearbox with optional reverse - working fake transverse V6 engine - steering via HOG that moves the wheels and steering wheel - front and rear independent suspension - openable bonnet, boot and doors I hope you like it and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in this community, I never knew what an AFOL was until a couple of weeks ago and now it turns out I am one - it's a brave new world for me!
  6. Lancia Delta Integrale Specification Scale 1:14 Length 37s / width 19s / height 13s (54/23,5/13,5 cm) Weight: 1050 g Front suspension: none Rear suspension: none AWD Functions Driving - 3L Steering - Servo Today, I want to present Lancia Delta Integrale. I’m sure that everyone know the original one, which won many rallies. There was few versions of Integrale: from norma road cars to monster with power of hundreds hp. This model is usual one. My main goal was to build small, fast car, which gives a lot of fun. The construction is quite simple. Lancia is driven by 3Ls - 2Ls for rear, powered by 8878 BB and IR receiver V2, and one L for front, powered by 8800 BB. For steering (with Ackermann geometry) I used servo. Photos Gallery I encourge you to follow my new Instagram account.
  7. Hi everyone! So, during christmas I had a lot of free time and decided it's time for another attempt at build a supercar. I've chosen Lancia Beta Monte Carlo. Mainly because the body is not round. Well, at least not very round and the car looks good. Let's get to the technical details: - The engine is on the back, and it has a rear wheel drive. It's R4 engine (4 cylinders in a row) mounted crosswise. - McPhersson suspension on both axles. - 5+R gearbox - aaaand.. nothing more out of the ordinary What I'd like to have in it is: - Full independent suspension, of course McPhersson (with at least little geometry) - Full RC - at least 3+R gearbox - fake R4 engine mounted crosswise (that would look cool) Now, my hands made this thingy : Some commentary is needed. It's full RC, as you can see. It drives pretty neatly with two L motors, but skips one tooth in some gear at third gear (only one! and only when driving forward). Also it's Piterx's desing ( It's small, compact and functional. I'd like to see it with Servo Motor, because it's easy to miss gears... A bit of research (first result on google ) led to this beast , but I'd have to order some parts to assemble it. It's a bit smaller than Piterx's and there is nothing sliding out of gearbox. Also, Servo This may even make some space for, now absent, fake engine. The suspensions is a combination of nicjasno's McPhersson and Sheepo's MPS. The second battery pack is a bit redundant, but I just couldn't fit one in, to have a symmetry. They have to be disassembled, because they take space where chairs should be I'd like to fit one on the back, but it's too tall.. Same problems on front. That's something to think about, and experiment. The chassis falls a bit short on stiffness, but a good bodywork should fix it. If anyone have an idea how I could make this gearbox and engines more compact, feel free to comment! I'd like to hear what you think about it
  8. This is my first ever completed Technic MOC, originally inspired by Piterx' Lancia Fulvia but much simpler. It's not quite done, but I anticipate being able to spend very little time on Lego in the next year or two, so it's as finished as it's probably going to get. There is no gearbox or interior, and there are a number of things I'd change if I had the time - but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. The 037 was the last rear wheel drive rally car to win the WRC, in 1983. It raced in the infamous Group B category, which had few restrictions on vehicle design and engine power; as a result, the overpowered cars were in a number of fatal accidents, and ultimately Group B was abolished. While it lasted, though, Group B saw some spectacular driving and some extremely fast and loud cars. The Martini Racing stripes are done with washi tape (fancy Japanese colored masking tape), which works OK except where the tape crosses pin holes. It actually looks better in person than in photos. As in the original vehicle, the hood and rear lift up, and the doors open and more or less lock in place: Also like the original, the model is mid-engined. I used 1 RC motor geared 12:20 from the fast output. Until I put the bodywork on, the car could do handbrake turns and drift on wood floors, but now that the vehicle weighs 1030g, it can't drift and can only rarely do handbrake turns. I'm especially happy with the front axle, which includes a decent wheel lock, caster, unequal length wishbones, near-Ackerman steering, and a scrub radius of nearly zero. My thanks to all of those here who offered advice on suspension - I learned an enormous amount from you all. Steering is by servo, which offers return to center, reasonable speed, and high torque. I use a basic remote because the train remote is too slow for me to keep the car from crashing; the downside to that is that proportional steering is impossible. Wheel lock, steering, and scrub radius: Caster: The hub is held together by the 4L axle with stop (and the half bush on it), which turns out to be a more robust solution than I'd expected: The rear suspension is a modification of Thirdwigg's floating differential. It works well, with one caveat. Every once in a while, the 3L axle driving the 20t gear slips towards the differential a bit, and once when this happened a 3L u-joint got destroyed by torsion. The rear suspension is hard and has limited travel, and the suspension arms are tilted up even at rest; I would fix that if I had time. And of course the obligatory under-chassis shot: