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    Skid steer loader

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  1. It appears to have some sort of suspension, how did you fit that in such a small space?
  2. Gregdabrat

    "future metropolis"

    This is a very detailed MOC, I love all the stickers you used!
  3. The detail on this is great! I will have too get my hands on some of those truck wheels
  4. This is amazing! There is so many great functions in this set!
  5. Gregdabrat

    Advice on best technic knockoff?

    Wondering what the best alternative brand would be for technic like bricks, because it would be nice too get some larger sets and not have too spend alot of money.
  6. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Great Coral Reef

    All i can say is just; wow. You should put this on lego ideas or something, because it looks amazing
  7. Wow, this is amazing, im a sucker for huge lego cranes.
  8. Wow, thats a really cool moc, im a big fan of wreakfest myself. The way you combined the technic ball joins with the system ones was really clever.
  9. I created this post, to see what you guys think are the most unknown and undocumented sets. Like lego 4393-1.
  10. This moc is pretty cool!
  11. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Coalition Forces enter Kuwait City, 1991

    The humvee has a really clever use of gears for the wheels! The models look great
  12. I am definitly gunna get the excovater, it looks like a amazig set
  13. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Ninjago Borg Tower

    O: This looks super awesome!
  14. Ok to be honest, like 90% of these models are great