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    Skid steer loader

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    Lego (duh) lego cars, lego vehicles, technic, modulex, lego crane trucks


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  1. Wow, thats a really cool moc, im a big fan of wreakfest myself. The way you combined the technic ball joins with the system ones was really clever.
  2. I created this post, to see what you guys think are the most unknown and undocumented sets. Like lego 4393-1.
  3. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Hummer H2 SUT

    This moc is pretty cool!
  4. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Coalition Forces enter Kuwait City, 1991

    The humvee has a really clever use of gears for the wheels! The models look great
  5. I am definitly gunna get the excovater, it looks like a amazig set
  6. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Ninjago Borg Tower

    O: This looks super awesome!
  7. Gregdabrat

    Old Shames: Your worst MOCs.

    Ok to be honest, like 90% of these models are great
  8. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Small Art Gallery - Modular

    This looks like it would fit in to other modular building sets. It looks very good
  9. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Santa is on its way

    I like the retro car with the tree! The car was done very well and the tree looks realistic
  10. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] Bryldryn Cottage

    Wow! Looks amazing
  11. I made a cyber truck Land Rover: PXL_20201112_045902600 by Gregdabrat Nunya, on Flickr PXL_20201112_045907489 by Gregdabrat Nunya, on Flickr
  12. Woah! Can you do a tutorial on that? I hate that extra gearbox in the back!
  13. Gregdabrat

    REVIEW | 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

    I want it very badly, but my wallet says no!
  14. Gregdabrat

    [MOC] The MONT-BLANC massif

    Wow! That looks amazing