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  1. Beskar Bricks

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    SETS Zeta Class Shuttle- £140- Figures would be Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Bohdi Rook, K2S0 and two rebel troopers. Republic Gunship- £120-200- Figures would be two clone pilots, two normal clones, one clone captain and Jedi Bob. Note that we might get one this year. (New mold for pilot helmets) Twin Pod Cloud Car- £35- Figures would be two cloud car pilots and Lando Calrissian. Count Dooku's Solar Sailor- £100- Figures would be Dooku, two super battle droids and the pilot droid. Commander Doom Battle Pack- £25 - Figures would be Commander Doom, two of his troopers and one of his troopers with a yellow helmet print. MOLDS P2 Clone w/ Visor Clone Pilot Helmet Clone flame trooper helmet Revert to the old stormtrooper helmet Bring back the old pistols FIGURES Commander Doom P2 Commander Cody Owen Lars (Young)
  2. Beskar Bricks

    GBW- Presentation- The Republic Of Concordia- Jackal APC

    There's no suspension at all.
  3. Beskar Bricks

    GBW- Presentation- The Republic Of Concordia- Jackal APC

    That's actually what it's based off.
  4. Beskar Bricks

    [GBW] I15 – PDSRE – Short field landing

    That design just screams 'classic lego' for some reason.
  5. Beskar Bricks

    GBW- Presentation- The Republic Of Concordia- Jackal APC

    Thanks for all your kind words! Just realised this was frontpaged!!
  6. Jackal APC by Beskar Bricks, on Flickr The Jackal APC is the republic of Concordia's main troop transportation vehicle, although it can be used for a variety of roles such as cargo transportation, or mobile anti air. The sufficient crew is relatively small- only a single commander and driver are needed. The maximum load of the vehicle is 8 fully equipped troops (plus the crew). Three machine-guns can be mounted atop of the vehicle, easily accessibly by the hatches on the roof of the vehicle. There is room to mount a HERACULES weapons systems anti air 30mm cannon just behind the commander's hatch. Two doors at the back of the vehicle provide access to a large troop carrying area, as well as room for storing two standard PSIC pallets. Jackal APC by Beskar Bricks, on Flickr
  7. Beskar Bricks

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    Monkie Mid Jojo reference though.
  8. Beskar Bricks

    SCP Foundation Lego

    The SCP Foundation is a fictional organisation created in 2007. Many of the works are well known. The Foundation itself contains Anolamies referred to as SCPs. This thread is for anything made of lego relating to the SCP Foundation.
  9. Beskar Bricks


    Thought so.... I'm actually a writer for the foundation.
  10. Beskar Bricks


    Sounds slightly familiar... Did you get that designation from the SCP Foundation???? (Specifically Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-9.) Also @ParmBrick and @paintballman thanks for the welcome!
  11. Beskar Bricks

    Best treads to buy?

  12. Beskar Bricks

    Best treads to buy?

    Hey, I noticed recently that I can't build a tank, soley for the reason that I have no treads. Which is the best treads to buy for a tank?