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  1. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] A-83 Exploration Base (Neo-Classic Space)

    What can I say, this is just incredible!
  2. DodgeDude5498

    [WIP] Winter Diorama

    Looks very nice so far!
  3. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Bricklyn Park

    Very nice build and I love the stories in it!
  4. DodgeDude5498

    MOC:s - A range of 6-wide trucks

    Very good work! Love that Scania cab
  5. DodgeDude5498

    Octan Gas Station Moc

    This is lovely! So realistic, especially the curved sides of the roof.
  6. DodgeDude5498

    Ballabreek 2020

    Every time you make a new post you make me want to keep working on my town lol XD Looks great! Keep at it and thanks for the inspiration ;P
  7. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Cletrac K20

    Your welcome! Wow, those look really nice too!
  8. DodgeDude5498

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #19 Rocks and Stairs]

    Very nice! I like what you've done with he stairs so far, keep the updates coming!
  9. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Cletrac K20

  10. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Big Red Engine Shed

    Looks awesome!
  11. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Edward's Island (Neo Fabuland)

    Fabuland isn't my thing, but this is one epic build!
  12. DodgeDude5498

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #19 Rocks and Stairs]

    Man you're good at rock work XD Excellent work!
  13. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] LEGO Opera House

    Wow, that looks great! I love the multiple combinations, it's brilliant!
  14. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Lego City Fire Ladder Unit 04

    Pretty nice work! The cab roof definitely needs to be smoothed off though ;) I also build a lot of LEGO fire apparatus, I've got 36 right now. Check out my website in my signature!
  15. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] CFD Engine 51

    Pretty nice work! I build a lot of LEGO fire stuff too, check out the link to my site in my signature.
  16. DodgeDude5498

    Combine harvester 7636

    Looks great! Hope to see more builds from you!
  17. DodgeDude5498

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #19 Rocks and Stairs]

    Extremely nice work! It looks very natural and elegant
  18. DodgeDude5498

    Birth of a new Lego city [UPDATE #19 Rocks and Stairs]

    That looks awesome! Keep it up!
  19. DodgeDude5498

    Lego Ideas Bus set

    You don't use it on the browser, it's a separate app. You can also try
  20. That is the best alternate I've seen in a long time! Excellent work!
  21. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Barbershop

    Very clean building! Excellent work!
  22. DodgeDude5498

    [MOC] Vintage Bus Ver.2

    Great job! I love the rusty overgrown version XD
  23. DodgeDude5498

    MOC:Teapot Junction

    Excellent work!
  24. DodgeDude5498

    Ballabreek 2020

    That's a really cool idea with the rubber tubing!