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  1. @nico71 thank you very much for the response - very informative! I would love to see a radial engine
  2. Superb! I particularly like the control panel. Would you say there is much efficiency difference between your switchless 'switches' and unmodified Lego switches?
  3. Oh, I love this thread. Kevin Clague has some interesting contraptions:
  4. Ah, many fond memories of the Mindstorms community back before YouTube and Eurobricks... https://web.archive.org/web/20030206014846/http://mindstorms.lego.com/eng/inventions/ Exactly! I see the Technic hub as basically a Mindstorms hub without the name - and for so much cheaper, which makes it accessible to more people. It is compatible with the Mindstorms sensors through Pybricks and hopefully now it will become compatible with them through the Powered Up app too. Goodbye Mindstorms .
  5. I'm saddened by this news, but not entirely surprised. I can think of many reasons why this has happened but the first that comes to mind is that as Powered Up has entered the mainstream, and Mindstorms hasn't evolved dramatically, a situation has arisen where there's not much that Mindstorms can do that Powered Up can't. I don't see this as all bad - hopefully it's a step towards a more organised Lego electronics ecosystem.
  6. I like it. Nice, snake-like movement.
  7. Nice . And your ferris wheel is a thing of beauty. Looking forward to see it work.
  8. I don't think so with the Mindstorms official (python) software and I see this as a huge limitation of the software. With Pybricks you can control as many motors in parallel as you want by setting wait=False as a parameter .
  9. That makes sense. I'm making my own 6-axis robot and was hoping to just rely on the smart motors to detect end points, like I did with my plotter. Of course, the 3 infinite joints would need some kind of (temporary) stops for calibration. This is a good addition and I wish I had room for one (am using all 6 ports on the hub). By the way, this remote is really cool too. Honestly, I'd glanced over this topic before but am only really appreciating it now that I'm building my own robot. I'm 50/50 whether I'll use your differential method or program out the 'coupling' on my robot. Either way, it's an innovative method and you've documented it (and the rest of the robot) well for people to look at, so I think there are at least a few people out of the 4000 views of this topic (plus those on Rebrickable) who have gotten value from that .
  10. Thank you for the detailed reply. It's very impressive that you managed to decouple the wrist joints AND the gripper. Oh my mistake, I was. I saw a comment from ~2 months ago and didn't realise you'd already released a new version. I see the usefulness of the 3D printed part for infinite gripper rotation and have also thought about mounting a Spike Essential hub and 2 small motors on the wrist of a robot. I think Pybricks might eventually support hub-to-hub communication which would be ideal for this - one Mindstorms/Prime hub on the base + one Essential hub on the wrist = 8 motors... perfect! Anyway, thank you for sharing detailed updates over time. It's so nice to follow and see the robot get better with every post!
  11. @Glaysche Wow, I just read through this thread for the first time and inspected the studio model (thank you!) and this is quite the impressive machine you've made. Using differentials to decouple the joint movements is genius, and I imagine it saves a bit of pain when it comes to programming. What is the backlash like though, considering so many more gears are needed for it? I read on Rebrickable that you're working on a new version - looking forward to it! Do you plan to omit the 3D printed part and make it pure Lego?
  12. As in I came across a certain GIF which would be an insane coincidence if it's not what you are replicating :P I won't mention it in case you want to keep it as a surprise for others.
  13. I think, by chance, I just came across exactly what you are working on @Carsten Svendsen . Very cool indeed!
  14. That information about the typewriters and terminology is very interesting @Toastie, thanks for sharing! What would the benefit be over the official Lego block languages (MINDSTORMS and PoweredUp)? My instinct is to say no, as it could take resources away from developing the current IDE - which is so good and has features that I'm looking forward to.