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  1. Wow this build looks really cool! The tiny details makes it look very nice! I like how you made the detonators and the Hutt does look pretty funny. Btw I tried printing out your pauldrons, what do you use to cut the hole on it? I tried using a hole puncher but it is really hard to get it aligned.
  2. Looks great! Basically the Yeti of the Star Wars universe
  3. Great build! Would the hairpiece from the faun in CMFs be more suitable for this figure?
  4. Nice build! The door looks pretty neat!
  5. Reaper

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    Nice review! I have the set, and I'd say the minifigures do look really nice! Regarding panels, you can always buy 2 10143s to cover this one up
  6. Nice build! The trees look very interesting. The head seems like quite a nice representation of the species.
  7. Instructions are on Rebrickable:
  8. Reaper

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Annnd thats gonna cost... I wonder if you can just buy waterslide decals of arm prints and then apply them yourself, like that would save a ton of money.
  9. Reaper

    LEGO Porsche Tiger GuP.ver

    Great build! The photos look nice and so does the tank! A question, are the axe and shovel? things on the side supposed to be tools or greebles?
  10. Hello all, First post in this forum! I had 75887, but decided to widen it to 8 studs so more detail can be incorporated! Hope you like it! Comments and criticism are welcome!
  11. Reaper

    [WIP] [MOC] Malevolence

    Update: Added the bottom and adjusted the front bridge and gun positions. Also started the cityscape thing under the front bit. Now just trying to connect the ion cannons to the ship, although it's a bit complicated...
  12. Really nice builds! I like how you did the roof on the 3rd one!
  13. Reaper

    Union 72 Amsterdam tram/streetcar

    Great build! The colours look nice too!
  14. Reaper

    Hello from Poland!

    Welcome to Eurobricks Richard!