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  1. Reaper

    [TC15] Flight Simulator

    This is looking great! I'm following with interest.
  2. Reaper

    Cossy the Blue Warrior

    Wow, ths shaping looks great! I really like that mid section part :)
  3. Reaper

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I'm pretty sure everyone on this forum would want one, and MandR productions recently made a rant video on how TLG should make one. You're abosultely right that we need one, but for some reason TLG just won't make it. I'd say the odds aren't high until the next CW TV shows comes out, with episodes specifically about the 501st, but otherwise I don't think it's happening. Just to add on, but does anyone have any speculations for what the new CW TV show clones should look like? Would they look the same as the ones we've previously gottn for the past years, or will it be changed completely like the new stormtroopers? Would you prefer the older style or an updated style?
  4. Reaper

    Hello from Norway

    Welcome to Eurobricks, have fun!
  5. Great review! The penguin girl looks great, I really like the printing on the skiis!
  6. Reaper

    [MOC]First Order TIE-SF Heavy Bomber

    That looks awesome! Your MOCs look fantastic, I'm sure many people would pay for instructions if you made them!
  7. Great work! The renderings are done very well!
  8. Reaper

    AoM: Inn Phase 1: Alehouse

    I like it, the stone wall on the bottom is very nice!
  9. Reaper

    [MOC] Skyfall: Catching the Train

    The vehicals look spot on. I really like that exavator!
  10. Reaper

    [MOC] VicVipeout - Aurora-s1

    This looks great! I agree with deraven, the engine mades good use of pringted parts and the foldout wings are a great addition!
  11. Reaper

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Interesting, I don't think I know which ones I have seen yet either, may I should start again too XD
  12. I'm so sorry! I really don't know what to say now...
  13. I'm still really confused about factions, and from what I'm seeing it is mainly for MOCs, and tbh I've never tried building MOCs, mainly because I don't have that that much random bricks and I'm more of a set/MOC collector, although I am planning to attempt some MOCs in the future. For the AT RT, I really liked your version, and would invest some to my collection. The one you just showed seems to have nicely done angles but I'm not a fan of the back of plates or the feet. How about this one I saw on rebrickable, it looks pretty nice for me.
  14. Thanks! I wish I could buy two, but I don't have the money :( Thanks, although the lgb panels on the side of thew cockpit still bothers me...
  15. Hello everyone! A while ago I stumbled upon @Lobot's bricklinking threads, and I decided to bricklink my favourite set, 10195 Republic dropship with at ot. Here is an interesting fact, I didn't use bricklink. At that time I never used bricklink and wasn't familiar with it either, so I went on Rebrickable for a parts list and uploaded it onto brickowl. Does anyone use that site? Anyway, I bought everything from one seller to cut down shipping costs... but the results turned out pretty great in my opinion. All the features worked and the colours looked right. I dunno, but I felt proud of myself after finally completing the order in after what seemed a long time. Now it waas time for the parts to arrive. On an extra note, I got the set for very cheap, around 300 AUD. Go figure. Here it is! The dropship: The AT OT: Everything works! Compatible with the 7675 AT TE and also compatible with 8098 Turbo Tank I hope you enjoyed this, comments are welcomed! Hint: I have ordered parts for another bricklinked project, be on the lookout for another topic soon!