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    star wars
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    millenium falcon UCS

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  1. macaron35

    [MOC] Chopper - a companion to the 2024 R2-D2

    Ron, you are my hero. I have already built many of your MOCs and your creativity still amazes me. Definitely on my to-do list :)
  2. macaron35

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    just built the 75375 Millenium Falcon, the set is absolutely beautiful and the construction was really fun with nice techniques. So far, probably one of the most beautiful ships of this size, no stickers at all, well done TLG !
  3. macaron35

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    just sold my 75257 millenium falcon to buy the new small one 75375 tho i kept the minifigs to display them with the new falcon I have absolutely no regrets, I have never opened the falcon to look inside and the new one seems quite detailed enough not to miss the bigger size and I am very happy to get more space for future sets
  4. this gunship being quite bigger than the guard gunship, I think the turrets would be a bit oversized (?)
  5. macaron35

    10305 MOC

    i really love some details like the skeletons with their chains, the gold and the armory room, not the most visible spaces but you filled them with items
  6. macaron35

    How to build 《Droideka》

    Wow awesome would you mind sharing the part list ? thanks
  7. Hello, I just need to add 2 side bubble turrets to this new gunship. Any idea where I can find instructions just for these ? thanks a lot
  8. macaron35

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    75354 Coruscant Guard Gunship, awaiting to have its double doors fixed soon
  9. macaron35

    [MOC] Venator Star Destroyer

    It’s very nice but I wished to be a bit thicker to be more accurate otherwise the size is perfect, the UCS one being too long and too big to be displayed
  10. macaron35

    [MOC] Vigilance - Venator class-star destroyer

    I'm desperately looking for a decent and detailed Venator being half the size of the UCS model because I don't have much space to display it nor the budget. The only I found so far is probably the small one by BrickVault. Some MOCs are nice on rebrickable, good sizes but too slim so proportions seem incorrect
  11. macaron35

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Unless your collection is already complete, it's hard to say that the offer is fading moreover, new content is constantling adding up (movies, series, animations), meaning more lego sets to come. Maybe new sets are more kids-oriented but over time, it is quite difficult to keep up unless having a significant budget to buy collectible sets
  12. macaron35

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    As i've never built this MOC, i have the 5 minifigs for sale in pristine condition if someone is interested: sw0865 Poe Dameron sw0862 Resistance Bombardier (Nix Jerd) sw0861 Resistance Bomber Pilot sw0864 Resistance Gunner Paige sw0863 Vice Admiral Holdo
  13. macaron35

    [MOC] …bad timing? Yet another big AT-AT…

    the neck is way better than Lego's solution !