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  1. macaron35

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    I stick to my opinion, and frankly, it was not a troll. I deleted the original post to avoid the quotes with the sole objective of free bashing. At first i truly believed that this was a forum filled with lego fans and above all, adults, willing to discuss without judging each others... To me, being a lego fan does not mean say amen and applaud for every product. Are we still allowed to give and share our opinions without being called pathetic or other words here ? I didn't like those helmets, i said why and my thread title contained a question, open for discussion. I was more expecting constructive feedbacks and responses like: i don't agree with you and hear out for others' opinion, not to be quoted and be called with some overreacted words... From now on, i'll keep buying lego sets (all types of sets, not only SW) and keep building MOCs from talented designers kind enough to share with us their creations, but i'll stop participating to this forum. For the other members with who i had the pleasure to have good discussions: bye guys, live long and prosper.
  2. macaron35

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    I'm just giving my opinion you know.. It's a forum, we are here to share, to discuss... it's only my humble opinion. If you remember, when TLG release the latest ISD, people were unhappy so in response, they launched a poll to determine the next UCS ship. Well, in my case i only think that those helmets are not very satisfying considering that they are meant to target adults. If initially they were just toys i would not have said anything, but since they are 18+ sets, i don't think they are not worth buying. My comparison vs MOCs is about the level of details. For instance, if Bobba's forehead was smoother and less bricky, it would have been nicer
  3. macaron35

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    indeed, if it was meant for children, i wouldn't care about the bricky aspect, here it is clearly for adults. Even some lego brickheadz are curvy and less bricky than those helmets Anyway, i guess that after official sets, we will some MOCs coming not long after
  4. macaron35

    [MOC] M12 Power Walker

    hi there, the instructions are no longer accessible on Bricklink, TLG removed them all :( would you mind letting me know the part number of the black part holding the 2 legs ? thanks
  5. macaron35

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    I think that this bar has not been updated and not moved ever since. Still waiting for good news so that i can place my order :)
  6. macaron35

    Ledako scam !

    What i regret is the lack of back up from Lego to the community. The success of Lego relies on a strong community buying products and also bricks to build MOCs. First, we have noticed that ever since they bought Bricklink, instructions were all removed to build MOCs while these instructions are definitely not Lego's property but the community's industrial property. Second, Lego is protecting no one but itself against fraudulent sellers or manufacturers such as Chinese counterfeiters Lego cares about its own business and that's it. There is nothing sole individuals could do against those guys.
  7. macaron35

    Ledako scam !

    As long as these guys are making money, therefore commissions for merchant sites, no one will make any move to stop them unless they are counterfeiting expensive stuff like Vuitton bags. One can only take a lawyer and sue them directly hoping for a significant compensation if lawsuit is successful
  8. macaron35

    ship engine design

    indeed i saw this design and posted it here in order to ask if it was possible to see this kind of engine on a SW MOC more here:
  9. macaron35

    ship engine design

    Yes, definitely it could work well with Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle too
  10. macaron35

    MOC - B-Wing Mini/Midi

    nice at first i wasn't fan of those minis, but the more i see them and especially how in the end, surprisingly it could be very detailed despite having very few parts is just amazing When i'm done building my last 2 MOCs i'll start a collection of minis :)
  11. macaron35

    [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    I didn't like how characters were drawn and the story, but i'm a huge fan of Clone Wars
  12. macaron35

    [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    I don't recall seeing this ship in any movie, but it really reminds me of my nostalgic teenage period when i was playing X-Wing and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter on my PC in the early 90's the graphics were ok but the games were awesome so were the ships, very detailed in the games
  13. macaron35

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Just so that too :( it says for display only, TLG is really killing Bricklink... By the way, have you found a little trick to fix the falling rear below the engine mod ?