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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, after a specific request of @LEGO Train 12 Volts, and seeing the last posts on various BR locomotives, I retrieved from the basement an old MOC I built a lot of years ago - it literally comes from the 80's. It is a gray era, and it was made copying the style of the 722 set: It has a troubled story - it was never finished. It started as a multicolor prototype which ran a few times with custom 4,5v wheels adapted on 6 studs Technic axles. Then it was destroyed for something else, then I rebuilt a blue cabin...then it survived until the 90's as a cabin only, then I rebuilt it with a newer Technic chassis and custom wheels, then it was destroyed and re-built again in its actual shape. This last version was prepared in 2001 if I remember well. I put it away to keep it intact, while I was focusing on my current 4.5v / 12v collection. Be prepared, it was made with reeeeeeally basic parts, starting from a few photos I had at the time of the Deltic prototype. I loved it. The small 4,5v motor was put on the "front" and had a cardanic shaft to the gear reduction part on the "rear" of locomotive. I remember I had a big plate, modified with a hole,both to connect and transfer power to bogie trough a vertical axle. All cables are gone (used for more important tasks). The battery holder was REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY heavy. It was faster than a 4.5v normal train and pulled nicely the 7740 wagons due to its good traction. Another thing I remeber: it was extremely noisy, but - all in all - it was an unwanted tribute to the real one (thanks Youtube for making me hear the real DELTIC power) Am I planning to end it? I do not know. I'm tempted - I have my 3D printed wheels now , and I can make her run again - Let's see - for the moment I'm after by big scale trains I hope you like it, even in this disastered status! Ciao! Davide
  2. Hi all. I am starting this thread in order to have all never finished MOCs, or of lower quality creations that are not that what they were planned to be, cars without bodies, trucks without arms, weird things without more weird things, etc., and my other Technic-themed activity in one topic. In the initial post I'll add a link to my Flickr Photostream - there are all my creations and Lego themed photos - finished or unfinished MOCs, technic, space, and some drawings of non-lego cars (for more drawings from me plase visit this link (dA)) _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________. The first image section is my second attempt (my firs one: in creating 3axle truck with red panels. Direct inspiration to build this one is the 42043 MB Arocs. This truck is the similar scale as the TLG's attempt, it uses nearly the same rear axle, very similar steering rod, and the same cabin-tilting geometry. What's more, it's engine is also I6. On the other hand, my 3RedAxles 2 is 6×6 (unfortunatelly, not enough reliable), and all functions are controlled manualy from separate knobwheels - wait, this is more con than pro... Next that could have been better is the crane arm - it is horrible here, but it works - and I wanted just to try to build something that could be folded like the real thing - to test the geometry. Well, the only thing I am satisfied with, are the headlights, and look of the cabin (that is very inspired by 8258 Cranetruck. More photos: Hope you like it ;)
  3. As a new-year's present, I'm releasing the unfinished MORPG I half-completed about a year ago [:P] It's massively buggy, (even the GUI is just the standard one) but still quite fun, and seeing as I'm not working on it anymore I decided just to at least release it [:P] Here are the downloads, for mac and PC. To run on a mac is easy, just download and double click the file. For PC, make sure both the downloaded files are in the same folder, then double-click the .exe launcher. (No ads [;)]) -PC No personal details are needed to sign in, just a username and password (don't use any previously-used passwords though, because I will be able to view your full character from my database). Have fun, and don't get beaten too badly by the Golem Lord [:P]