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  1. [MOC] Orange Motorbike

    Looks and drives great, but the insane wheelbase bothers me endlessly as someone who rides bikes
  2. 2 months? These sets will be released in August, mate.
  3. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I can confirm it says MK on the boom, which is hardly a surprise given his history with awesome cranes
  4. The Volvo is amazing imo, I picked mine up new at 65 eur a couple months ago and after adding the PF kit to it my 10yo cousin has been loving it, much better than the Arocs he thinks
  5. Of course you're free to feel any way you want about anything, I just wanted to know what about these sets you found so wrong or bad. Sure I've speculated, because that's all we can do at this point, we don't know enough to form a solid opinion yet imo (maybe you do). I have plenty of piss to pour on this years line up, mainly on the Bugatti, but you don't see me complaining about it because it would get really old, really fast. Don't know why you think it's a forum guideline to find everything awesome, that's hardly the case. tl;dr don't just state your opinion over and over again, motivate it, sure you don't have to but it makes it easier to understand the why and easier to discuss it. My 2 cents, no hard feelings
  6. I agree that the price on 42083 is too jacked up. But apart from that you've done nothing but cry about the 2H sets, most of us feel that this is the best line up in years, but you keep pissing on that. Why?
  7. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    I really enjoyed building 42009 and yes, the functions do work, my main problem with it is the poor lifting capacity due to the excessive bending of the upper structure, which happens because the only thing supporting it is a turntable. The lifting capacity is good, I swapped the clutch gear for a regular one and it works good, still so much bending though. It was truly awesome when it came and it's one of my favorite models on my shelf in terms of looks, I hope that 42082 will be even better.
  8. I wasn't allowed to share images of the 2018 catalogue but somehow we've still all seen them, I promise there's some smug bastard out there with photos, he's just not sharing them on here.
  9. Its already been settled a couple times in the past few pages, and it's like I said a month ago, is 3x11 panels, and the regular 3x5 dogbones.
  10. This is very interesting, if the plan is to move over to the boost connectors for PF 2.0 that would make sbricks/buwizz useless for 2.0 motors etc...
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I think the main reason for the high price is the fact that people are willing to pay it, it was the same for the Porsche.
  12. Yes, the servo has a 90 degree range, the valve definitely does not. However you can gear it down, or you can use a train controller/sbrick/buwizz for precise controls.
  13. Fingers crossed then, so much more torque in an XL compared to an L, if the crane is as massive as they say it'll need lifting power to match its size...
  14. I seriously hope that's just a typo, on the prelim images in the 2018 catalogue there was difinitely an XL motor on the box. If they changed that to an L motor it would be disappointing imo.
  15. 42082 Rough Terrain Crane

    This set will have one single motor, and it will be used to control the crane functions. Having the drive and steering motorized would be nothing but idiotic as it is not a remote controlled set, I'm guessing it will be similar in functions to 42009 maybe except motorized outriggers. And honestly, anyone saying 42009 was great has probably only built it and put it on display, the lift capacity is far from good, and the structural integrity is a mess as lifting pretty much anything will make the whole upper structure bend due to the poor structural integrity of the turntable, it looks awesome but that's about it. I think this set will be great, especially if we're right about using the BWE gear quadrants to support the upper structure, and there is absolutely no way LEGO would straight out lie about the part count, nor is it a mistake, this is a recurring thing when they announce new sets and "experts" take a look and debunk the part count right away, the same was true for 42053 where a lot of people on here claimed there was no way it had more than 700 pieces, rather than the 1066(?) claimed pieces. I honestly believe that this crane will be awesome and I will buy it as soon as I can, first thing I'll do is count all the pieces and post the result on here so the "experts" can read em' and weep