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  1. Question on IR Remotes

    I got back into lego a couple months ago after like 13 years of dark ages, bought a couple IR receivers and both remote controllers. Enjoyed building with them at first but eventually took the plunge and got an SBrick, oh my what a difference, both in performance and the space it takes up in your models! My IR components are at the bottom of my boxes now and I doubt I'll ever use them again, the SBrick does everything so much better and if you add up the cost of 2 receivers and 2 remote controllers there's not much difference. You definitely won't regret getting an SBrick, and now you can even use them with Android compatible (I think?) console controllers, haven't tried it myself but everyone who has seems very positive about how it works.
  2. I just picked up 42009 for 100 euro, no instruction included but they're available on the web, proper bargain Cheapest on BrickLink is around 160 euro I think.
  3. Hear hear, pointless to speculate and argue about colors, we'll all find out once the sets are out. Which feels like a million years away
  4. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    You should be able to see this in stores a couple days before Christmas, the idea being that TLG wants to sell as many sets as possible and Christmas is the biggest time of year for selling their sets.
  5. Not counting all the other parts you'd get, I'd hardly call 100 euro cheap
  6. Just got my hands on the 42056 Porsche for 150 euro, box still sealed
  7. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    ~170 Euro. I'm sure you'll be able to find it both cheaper and more expensive depending on where you look. Here in Sweden you can always find sets at 15-20% cheaper than the by TLG recommended price, typically in webshops.
  8. What function would the motor power though? I doubt there's a gearbox so it would be limited to one function, either drive or the winch, which both seem so not worth getting a PF set for imo...
  9. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Yes, but only as far as you can throw it...
  10. No PF logo on the box, that has to be wrong?
  11. Won't know for sure until we get the order confirmation, typically about a week before we get the delivery. I know I'll be pissed if it gets pushed to H2
  12. I really doubt it. I've already put in an order for it (and a ton of other 1H sets) set to deliver for mid Dec, and TLG has never failed us yet. 42078 is listed as a set you can order for this year and I have no doubts TLG will deliver.
  13. Beautiful MOC and presentation! Performance looks very good, packs a good punch in a compact and elegant package
  14. We usually get the H1 sets about a week before Christmas here, it's definitely the time of year when we sell the most lego (and toys in general). But seeing people already picking up sets now in mid November seems very early indeed.