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  1. [MOC]HUV-01

    You can choose to resize the images when you upload them to imgur, handy feature when you're posting on forums
  2. [WIP] Stabilized frame

    You can resize the pictures on imgur when you upload them, very handy feature
  3. Pneumatics General Discussion

    Thanks for the advice guys, I will try and build some sort of pressure relief system then, just adds to the fun of building
  4. Pneumatics General Discussion

    Hey, Last time I played with pneumatics was some 18 years ago with the 8462 tow truck, don't have any experience with the V2 parts. I remember hoses flying off their connections due to high pressure, is this fixed with the V2 ones? I plan on building an excavator where I'll have 3 small pumps run by a PF motor, is there some part that dumps air when the pressure reaches a certain level or does the pumps have a similar feature built in nowadays? Cheers
  5. Land Carrier Khagaan

    That looks amazing! Did you get the inspiration from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak?
  6. Started building this beast yesterday and halfway through I've already decided I want to RC mod it later on. As of now I'm thinking of adding 4L motors and 1M motor, most likely I'll go down the SBrick route. Read somewhere that the SBrick can overheat if it's running too many motors at once, can it handle 3L motors at once? With proper gearing I could probably get away with adding 2L motors and 3M motors instead which would mean lower load on the SBricks. Don't have any fancy LDD sketches yet, just thought I'd wing it until I've played around with LDD a bit and fully understand it Cheers
  7. Greetings from Sweden!

    Hello, I'm degenerate and after being free of my lego addiction for 13 years I've finally given in to temptation and fallen back It started as a joke the other week when I told my girlfriend I had bought us a new motorcycle, she got furious that I had spent our savings as first but when I came home with the Lego BMW R1200GS she couldn't help but laugh (we both love bikes). Building Lego again was so much fun that I brought home another box the day after, the 42062 (we sell Lego among other things at work so I get awesome discounts). At that point I was full on hooked and without thinking a second about it I went ahead and ordered the largest set I could get my hands on, the 42055. Well it arrived yesterday and we spent all afternoon and most of the evening building it in slow motion, savoring every sweet second of it. Got about halfway through it, all I can think of at work today is "please let this be over so I can get home and finish building this behemoth of a set!" So much have changed since last I built legos, my largest sets back then were the 8452 power puller and the 8462 tow truck (all time favorite, got ages of fun out of that one), can't wait to get my hands on some of the newer stuff! You'll find me in the Technics forums, looking for inspiration and hopefully contributing a bit once I've got my hands on some more parts Thanks for reading, I'll see you around!