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  1. They're not really greyed out silhouttes of the sets, they're just a black box with the text "CONFIDENTIAL" across them, not as much fun as you'd think. There are however usually info about the set such as piece count and size of the box, which it at least something.
  2. Have you seen the 2019 catalogue yet? We have never received a catalogue before December, and while there have been blacked out images before it's only been the case for a few sets that are either UCS or haven't been finalized yet. Most stores selling Lego have a "subscription" of a certain level, where the different levels mean you have a predetermined amount of what sets your store will be getting at the time new waves are released. We can't control what we'll get at the start of next year as that is decided by us having subscription level X, although we can put in an order on the B2B shop for pretty much whatever we want but we'll still get the order with all the new stuff our agreement calls for. What I'm trying to get at is that for most clients TLG don't have to show off and sell in their new products as the stores will receive an order matching their subscription level no matter what (unless they say they don't want to sell Lego anymore). Therefore TLG doesn't have the same need to show off their products beforehand as many other suppliers typically do, then again showing new products is always a good idea and can (and will) lead to a lot of hype in the community, for better or worse. We have just short of 200 different suppliers for our store and none of them work the same way TLG does, and I don't mean that in a bad way, TLG are by far one of our better suppliers both in regards to the money we make and how smooth everything runs with them. Kids will get whatever just because it's new when it comes to Lego, they don't give a damn if they've seen it a couple months before in a grainy image or not, all the hype is centered in and around the AFOL community and sometimes hype is a good thing and sometimes it's less good, ultimately depends on the product and how mad the hype has been.
  3. Never say never, Santa might bring some gifts around Christmas this year as well
  4. I get why some of those didn't get a B model, especially 42056 and 42083 as they were 2H flagships but still considered somewhat standalone by many. Great models but not really part of the "conventional" lineup as there were other sets considered flagships the years they were released like the BWE and rough terrain crane. There's a good chance 42096 will have a B model as it doesn't fall in the same category as I just mentioned. Then again I'm just speculating, what do I know eh, we'll just have to wait and see
  5. It will be better than than 42077...
  6. I have not seen any new sets or any price lists either for that matter unfortunately. There is no reason to believe this year will be different than the last, which means I won't get a glimpse of anything to do with 2019 until mid December. Once we do get the catalog I may share some descriptions of the 2H stuff (info/images of 1H will definitely have been released and/or leaked by then anyways), but I will not be sharing any images as it's confidential.
  7. Either way, I can guarantee 100% that there will be leaks as soon as the catalogs have been shipped out, it's pretty much an impossible situation for TLG. They have to show their products to the stores/companies selling them, and there is no way for them to control leaks unless they print "personal" catalogs for every single store with numeric codes attached to every single image in the catalog, and even then people could still crop that out so. That would never ever happen as it would be an insanely large project taking up massive amounts of money, and honestly they benefit A LOT from having like 8 months of people hyping the shit out of their sets before they get released. Just look at how much speculation there was with 42082 on here, I am dead certain all that hype helped people make the decision to get this set the second it came out. Just sit tight and I promise there will be pictures of 2H sets once the catalogs go out, assuming they don't black out all the 2H sets as confidential, but that would ruin the fact that they gotta show their products to the stores selling them.
  8. As I've said earlier in this topic (or maybe it was another topic) I won't be sharing any images this year, but you can bet others will. Last year someone scanned the entire catalog and uploaded it as a pdf if I recall correctly.
  9. You are correct. We usually get the 2019 catalog around mid december, hoping we will this year too. We have never gotten a catalog or other type of preview for just 1H sets before, we only get the catalog with both 1H and 2H just before 1H sets are released.
  10. Then again, we had pictures of all the other 2H sets before the 1H sets were even on the shelves. I should know
  11. 42056 if you want a model that looks good on your shelf once it's built. For any other reason than that, go with 42055, it's a great parts pack and a very impressive model and nice build.
  12. 5 pages and not a single source mentioned... Think I'll hold off until I get my hands on the 2019 catalogue, got it just before Christmas last year. Will be interesting to get a glimpse of the 2H sets, won't be sharing any pictures this year though as last time around they were splattered all over youtube within days.
  13. Looks and drives great, but the insane wheelbase bothers me endlessly as someone who rides bikes
  14. 2 months? These sets will be released in August, mate.
  15. Or, it's a way for them to give something back to the customers who have bought and supported their product. I doubt many people will order a Buwizz just to enter this competition, but people who have been a bit on the fence about it might finally take the plunge because of a contest like this. There is nothing wrong with it, they're simply taking care of their customer base and maybe even picking up some new customers along the way. It's just good marketing, at the end of the day their goal is to make money, just like every other company. Do you go around calling out your local stores when they have competitions/raffles that require you to show a receipt from buying something in their store as well?
  16. I can confirm it says MK on the boom, which is hardly a surprise given his history with awesome cranes
  17. The Volvo is amazing imo, I picked mine up new at 65 eur a couple months ago and after adding the PF kit to it my 10yo cousin has been loving it, much better than the Arocs he thinks
  18. Of course you're free to feel any way you want about anything, I just wanted to know what about these sets you found so wrong or bad. Sure I've speculated, because that's all we can do at this point, we don't know enough to form a solid opinion yet imo (maybe you do). I have plenty of piss to pour on this years line up, mainly on the Bugatti, but you don't see me complaining about it because it would get really old, really fast. Don't know why you think it's a forum guideline to find everything awesome, that's hardly the case. tl;dr don't just state your opinion over and over again, motivate it, sure you don't have to but it makes it easier to understand the why and easier to discuss it. My 2 cents, no hard feelings
  19. I agree that the price on 42083 is too jacked up. But apart from that you've done nothing but cry about the 2H sets, most of us feel that this is the best line up in years, but you keep pissing on that. Why?
  20. I really enjoyed building 42009 and yes, the functions do work, my main problem with it is the poor lifting capacity due to the excessive bending of the upper structure, which happens because the only thing supporting it is a turntable. The lifting capacity is good, I swapped the clutch gear for a regular one and it works good, still so much bending though. It was truly awesome when it came and it's one of my favorite models on my shelf in terms of looks, I hope that 42082 will be even better.
  21. I wasn't allowed to share images of the 2018 catalogue but somehow we've still all seen them, I promise there's some smug bastard out there with photos, he's just not sharing them on here.
  22. Its already been settled a couple times in the past few pages, and it's like I said a month ago, is 3x11 panels, and the regular 3x5 dogbones.
  23. This is very interesting, if the plan is to move over to the boost connectors for PF 2.0 that would make sbricks/buwizz useless for 2.0 motors etc...
  24. I think the main reason for the high price is the fact that people are willing to pay it, it was the same for the Porsche.
  25. Yes, the servo has a 90 degree range, the valve definitely does not. However you can gear it down, or you can use a train controller/sbrick/buwizz for precise controls.