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  1. The Lego group the big one
  2. It’s real. check FB.
  3. I have to agree with that guy earlier the Iden versio figure is amazing. that helmet print ?
  4. LucasLucas

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Lego Overwatch 75970, 129 pieces Lego Overwatch 75971, 197 pieces Lego Overwatch 75972, 419 pieces Lego Overwatch 75973, 455 pieces Lego Overwatch 75974, 602 pieces Lego Overwatch 75975, 730 pieces Piece counts
  5. LucasLucas

    Bricklinked Death Star II (10143)

    I know. I'm sorry. . But the problem is, i checked the price of those parts-, and that comes out to about 1k. And you did it for 350-ish right.?. I know it was 2 years ago but prices couldn't have risen that much. @Mesabi Thank you Best Regards, Lucas you must have substituted a few parts. I don't know what pieces i can change to lower the price but at the same time not ruin the outside look!.
  6. LucasLucas

    Bricklinked Death Star II (10143)

    @Mesabi Hey! Sorry for reviving this old thread. I’m looking to bricklink this set on my own, and you got away with it rediciously cheap! So, can you provide a parts list or something similar? Thanks!!
  7. New Picture of the backside of Rey Brickheadz and kylo ren brickheadz.
  8. a few small stores around Europe has put up small bits of info here and there about 75181. Including that it will be a d2c and other stuff.
  9. 75181 (May) 75222 (October) 75181 Ucs Y wing D2C 75222 Ucs ISD / Cloud City (Zulu and Pegasus) Code names CONFIDENTIAL_DTC CC – LEGO® 75222 All of this information should be treated as rumour until an official announcement is made by the LEGO Group
  10. hey! first post here. So UCS Y-wing and UCS ISD is what's hottest? in terms of having a chance to be released?