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  1. Correct, but i've got an feeling it sold pretty well. Starcourt isn't an "iconic" place per say, i'd say the arcade or anything from S1 would be better. A CMF would be perfect though.
  2. Hoping for another D2C in conjunction of Season 4's release.
  3. Finished my set, it’s suprisingly small.
  4. Wow, my set already arrived! Took 26 hours 😨
  5. Let’s hope this D2C sells well so we get a second one like with Simpsons 😏
  6. This was pretty cool. Jonathans face is off, though. What face would be more accurate?
  7. Welp, the set is supposed to arrive by tommorow 😅
  8. Please let me know whenever it ships for you
  9. In Warehouse for me. Been like that for 7 hours...
  10. Hey, if the set does not arrive by this weekend we’ll get a refund for the Express Shipping. Yes, i spoke to support. 😉 (I chose Express aswell)
  11. Someone must’ve dropped the set 😛
  12. Did you use normal or Express shipping?
  13. For anyone who’s wondering, here’s the parts list for Castle Byers: 2x 4114026 1x 4243815 1x 4516843 2x 6016172 1x 4530712 2x 4211183 4x 4211180 4x 4211181 11x 4538252 1x 4243838 5x 4211525 1x 4541978 2x 6011817 1x 4210660 8x 6167700 2x 6268615