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  1. Toastie

    Instructions: Paper vs. Digital

    I believe we should discuss this topic with a focus of what @nerdsforprez brought to our attention (learning/comprehension/development of mental skills etc., this is very interesting). The environmental impact is a totally different issue. Of course both are strongly coupled, as you can't build using a paper instruction when you don't have one. I cannot work with instructions on a screen, regardless of the type CRT or LCD or LED: I don't want to have my computer on when building. It does too many other things which will certainly distract me. Paper does not, because it cannot. Along these lines: One of the things I do for a living is reviewing scientific papers. When I travel and did forget to print out the manuscript, I do it on my laptop. It is horrible. In so many regards. I simply can't grasp the full story they are telling. So yes, I also believe there is a big difference in the recognition of something on a "screen" (text, pictures) or on paper. For whatever reason that is. B models as electronic version are also fully OK for me. All the best, Thorsten
  2. I could not agree more - and I am so happy that this attitude, life style, play style - call it what you want - is out there. Thank you @knotian to phrasing this in a perfect way. All the very best, Thorsten
  3. Toastie

    [MOC] TRAXX AC3 3.0

    Wow. That is really nice. I am really taken off - because >today< in Wuppertal (don't even Google that, it is simply the train station I am using to get to and from work) such a beautiful loco was passing by. No load, just the engine. Smoothly. It was painted in the red - whatever - DB scheme - but you captured the "surface" so very well. There are so many of nearly the same shape - but this one is really different. Congratulations! Very, very nicely done. All the best, Thorsten
  4. Without any deeper wisdom, I fully second that (which does not mean anything!) In essence, you get a rubber surface - by action of the weight of the upper structure - interacting with the track more closely. With all plastic rails, i.e., no intention of picking up power from the track, I am all with you: Go for the O-rings you are using. The more rubber there is between wheel and track the better. Well - sort of. Don't overdo it. Whenever you are on a 9V layout from the good ol'days - >and< the power is picked up by a 9V motor (equipped with O-rings as well) - be more careful, as the metal wheel needs to be in contact with the (metal) rail. Here the O-rings need to be very carefully balanced. I am sure all you guys know that, I just want to make sure! All the best, Thorsten
  5. Toastie

    MOC: Harley Davidson FullOrbitâ„¢

    That is a very clever design! Using the actuators and the sensor that way makes it >really< look very technical and - along with the color scheme - absolutely futuristic. Congratulations on such a nice design. Best regards, Thorsten
  6. Toastie

    IFTTT Train Start

    True. This is for the LEGO Hubs. However, custom BLE devices may "wake-up" upon addressing them (the power consuming circuitry wakes up that is). That is partly what BLE is about, I believe. The LEGO hubs consume way to much power when active. This is why they go to sleep so early Best Thorsten
  7. Toastie

    IFTTT Train Start

    Hi @Robizzle the powered up motor is just that: A DC-motor with two wires (+/-). Plus some passive "coding"on the other for the PuP hub to identify the motor as train motor. What you want sounds more like a god'ol 9V thing: Turn on the 9V rail power and off the train goes It depends on what you want: A BLE compatible device, which listens to a custom BLE "command", which in turn turns on the motor? Does it need to be BLE at all? Best Thorsten
  8. Toastie

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Holy guacamole ... can't find the meaning of that ... tried short, small ... intestine though cool enough I mean in the urban dictionary And where do I find the technic pub - that seems to be a fun place. All the best! Thorsten
  9. Toastie

    Bricx Bluetooth Support

    Hi @monxc I can only confirm what @djm has suggested; just tried it out. After pairing in Win10 (search for new devices etc.) the NXT shows up in the bluetooth section of device manager >and< there should be a bluetooth over serial entry in the COM & LPT section. You may want to make sure that the "bluetooth over serial" protocol port in the COM & LPT section is installed on COM ports < 9, i.e. 1 ... 8. BRICXCC is from the olden days and on my machine it does not find any device running on COM ports > 8 (RCX, SCOUTs ...) Good luck! Best Thorsten
  10. Toastie

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Very true, but they are really getting better. I suggest visiting a newspaper stand, bookstore etc. and look at the important messages from biz-people, the queens and kings and their siblings, the super important would-be stars and stars. Every single week, they have tons of very important news on that - printed in low quality color, but printed - of the highest interest to the masses. The amount of LEGO instructions is next to nothing compared to that. But yes, even next to nothing is more than nothing. We need to balance a bit though. To be honest: With the x-million pages instruction come y-million pieces of ABS. And these are - as of now - made from non-renewable resources. See here for the entire ABS footprint. When you worry about the environment, worry about the ABS rather than the instruction making. Honestly? LEGO is next to nothing compared to what is going on: Keep it in balance. Think about your every day's life, there are so many >way< more efficient things you can do - use public transportation, eat less meat, etc. etc. It is not our hobby. But it is almost everything else. All the best, Thorsten
  11. @Lowa Thank you very much for clarifying that! I really like that approach. As usual, when you come up with new stuff! All the best, Thorsten
  12. I truly believe that you guys at 4DBrix simply "feel" the tasks and potential of various train control elements. Tracks, switch drives, switches, automation, multiple access to the electronic automation elements (USB/WiFi/BLE ...). This is outstanding. Your beautiful software goes along that line. Just one more comment: TLC can do what they want. For me "PF1" is the one and only PF: A powerful, very nicely designed system. "PF2" is not PF as it is (officially) not compatible with PF - it is PuP. A new system they try to sell to us. They nice thing about 3rd party suppliers is that they don't have to move along with TLC every time they come up with new stuff to make us buy their new stuff. I am aware that a company has to do that because people may refuse to buy old stuff - but the PF community is still very large, >I believe<. As is the 4.5, 9, 12V community. Not buying PuP that is. In my view, you guys are leading - in a comprehensive approach (track hardware, electronic hardware, software) - the 3rd party LEGO train supply market! And I find it highly appealing and the "right LEGO train approach" to use the 12V look and feel for the new switches. Congratulations!!! And all the best, Thorsten
  13. Yes, I do that as well. Particularly as the box has become just a way too large nicely colored cardboard box with plastic bags in it. After all, recycling is the way to go. Best, Thorsten
  14. Toastie

    Funny Dreams about Lego

    This is a very nice topic - I did not believe that other people do dream about LEGOs at all ... ... well I am not sure whether I really "dream" about LEGO. But surely I sort of "think" about LEGO when going from being awake to sleep. I built a slightly larger version of Emmet's dream house - with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, shower - keeping all the powerful engines. It allows me to just leave this crazy world ... for a moment, but this returning moment means a lot to me. All the best, Thorsten
  15. What? And I thought this is all ... well ... sort of ... true (I know, it is. I have true SW hardcore fans in my group. One wrong word and - BOOM - it goes off. Just learned today that light sabers are not LIGHT sabers, photons are lame and many, many more things). Merde. All the best, Thorsten