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  1. And that was the result of a multi-million R&D effort - not to mention the cost for the marketing campaign. [Along the line "record-breaking lower switch contact resistance in 'on' position using completely newly formulated high-performance group ten and eleven transition mental alloy formulations plus unprecedented high resistance in 'off' position using an ultra-high-vacuum switch enclosure (optionally filled with SF6 for strongly enhanced contact life-time (order 'Dumb-PuP-BBox/SF'). Completely redesigned and dramatically improved cable sockets. Uses powerful 6-wire PuP cables, where only 4 wires are required!"] Best Thorsten
  2. Toastie

    Some dumb PU questions

    @Duq and @dr_spock, I believe we have almost completely derailed this topic. Well. How about opening a thread in the Mindstorms & Robotics forum on vintage computers/ing and LEGO? Best Thorsten
  3. Toastie

    Ordering from in the UK

    Mine came in today (16 16k x 1 bit and 8 64k x 1 bit dyn. RAM chips, @Duq knows what will happen now, the soldering iron is heating up). Total time in transit: 13 days; of these 8 days time to mature in German customs. Caused by a) Brexit of course and b) the speed of German customs of course (so Covid needs not to be involved here at all: The moment a package falls into German customs hands, praying to the Gods of Customs and Speedy Release, wherever they reside, is a very good idea). As long as the UK was part of the EU, Germans did what they were told to do: Just get it delivered without even looking. Since 1.1.2021 the UK is not EU and Germans do what they have been told to do: Hand it over to German customs. And then - see above. Oh well, the package has surfaces from deep waters of German customs - and I am very happy. All the best Thorsten
  4. Toastie

    85mtr AHTS ship

    This is totally crazy. It is, as if you were building the original. No welding though - no nuts and bolts. Just studs, pins and so on. Crazy. But totally cool and fascinating. You must have very very detailed plans of the original, right? (On your post from January 1st, 3rd photo down, on the very left: That glass is used to have a nice sip of Whiskey, when you call it a day, right ) I am looking so much forward to enjoying this ship once finished! Best wishes, Thorsten
  5. Toastie

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Entirely missed this topic as well (nice one, @Lego David!!!) Would this be the right place to talk about a 160€ Pirate Ship Model from BlueBrixx? It's Mould King's Flying Dutchman. Which you can get even much cheaper, when let's say digging in (which I do not like at all). No idea whether they stole that design from somebody or from LEGO Ideas or designed it themselves. So this is why I am reluctant to brag about it. But I don't want to go up in flames here ... it is a true clone thing. Best Thorsten
  6. Toastie

    Ordering from in the UK

    I am not sure about the "messed up" issue. It all depends on what postal service the goods from the UK, beginning 0:00, Jan 1st. 2021, are "handed" over to in foreign territories. I ordered some computer vintage stuff just before Christmas, and it arrived here without glitch with DPD a couple of days later, even within the pandemic situation. Same happened with Deutsche Post. Ordered some other items on Jan 4, 2021 from the UK. The vendor let me kindly know that he has sent off the envelope on Jan 5 via Royal Mail. They in turn told me via tracking that the item "had left the UK" on Jan 8 and that it was handed over to Deutsche Post. And then it was gone for good. Today, Jan 13 (as every day the past week, 100€ will always be a lot of money to me) I tried to track the envelope again, and the Deutsche Post website said: "As this is a Non-EU parcel, it is waiting for inspection at customs/Frankfurt airport. Be patient." This is the usual stuff happening now; I guess there is a serious disruption in many regards. And surely as expected. I also believe they all have to sync extensively software etc. pp. with customs. It is what it is. Best Thorsten
  7. Toastie

    Lego Ev3

    Hi @jeffery With regard to Mindstorms, visit the Mindstorms forum, with regard to Technic, visit the Technic forum. Best, Thorsten
  8. Toastie

    LEGO's inexplicable design decisions

    "Illegal" ... oh my. From the Blues Brothers movie: "Donald: Why not? If the shit fits, wear it." That is my take. Best Thorsten
  9. Toastie

    Some dumb PU questions

    Wow, no I did not, but do now. Thanks for the note! Did you see this site?: Do you still have your Vic20? I always admired it back then - this keyboard ... I was on rubber keys ... another thing was that once I could afford (no: I could not, my wife could and let me buy one) to buy a Speccy, I dived into Z80 machine code. Guess I am still somewhat fluent ... As far as I remember, the Vic20 used a 6502 as brain and learning two languages was too much for me. Sorry for posting non-PU-related things here @Hod Carrier. Well, now that I will hopefully have two functional ZX Spectrums (ordered repair stuff, the dyn. 16k x 1 RAM chips and one ULA etc. from the UK - the country of origin of that wonderful machine - but guess what: "Your package has arrived (after one week leaving the UK, as UK Royal Mail told me) in Frankfurt Airport - for non-EU customs inspections". Brexit hits hard) My plans are to hook up the IR tower to the Speccy. Write some code. And then find a way to talk to a BLE hub. Most probably with the help of an ESP32 and @Cornelius Legoino: The ESPs easily do BLE and will certainly laugh about opening a serial port @2400 baud ... Best Thorsten
  10. Toastie

    Some dumb PU questions

    Do you really want to know? Well, I am a nerd. That's summarizes it best, I guess Best Thorsten
  11. Toastie

    Some dumb PU questions

    "c) Remove rubber bands on one side" Oh yes! But b) was referring to the build with >train motors<. Taking off the rubber bands from train motors is less efficient. Taking them off from the LEGO or BBB drivers: Definitely! Best Thorsten
  12. Toastie

    TOS: USS Enterprise

    I admit: For me, since the 1970s, it was Star Trek (and some other varieties, but Star Wars did - for a long time - not register - it did later though). THE Enterprise. Along with the crew And seeing it on this scale: It makes me wanting to build your model as well - and I sure hope this is OK. From your pictures, make my copy. This is >the< model of the Enterprise I was looking for, for so long. Simply speaking: I cannot do it on my own. But this is it. Thank you very much for sharing! All the very best. Thorsten
  13. Toastie

    Part list of Box 070

    What? Wow. 60 years appear to be too long ago, and from a galaxy too far far away - for a company grown that big to keep track of what they made back then. Are you sure you got to the right folks? Was that set some sort "localized" specialty? As in: It was available only on Betelgeuse? Or was it a promotional set only given to the Queen of Denmark? Best Thorsten
  14. Well, I am afraid that won't work. At least not in a straight forward approach. You would need to convert the (IR) serial protocol of the RCX/tower into Bluetooth LE communication. As far as I understood, this is what @Cosmik42's software does: BLE bidirectional communication. Now, one thing would be to lift the RCX com to BL (but not BLE) com via a NXT brick equipped with a HiTechnic IR sensor. Guess they are sold out though. I have two and they work perfectly well in terms of NXT to RCX com. Problem is: Range, as the HiTechnic sensor is rather limited. I solved that issue by making my own IR <-> RF converters (bluntly copying any 38kHz IR signal to RF). Next thing to do would be to hook-up the NXT to @Cosmik42's program. Don't know if that works. But if, you would have access. With regard to the WeDo Hub: I am out. Provided this is a hub using BLE as well: No. As far as I know there is no channel from RCX/serial to BLE via @Cosmik42's software. But then others may know better. What I did, was to get hold of a BLE client for Windows, and then use my own program to talk to a) the RCX'es on my layout via serial IR -> RF RF-> IR -> RCX and to PF via serial IR -> RF RF -> HiTechnik sensor -> NXT then NXT -> HiTechnic sensor IR -> RF -> RF -> IR -> PF. And b) the BLE PU hubs are accessed via the nSoftware BLE client for Windows directly. All runs on VB6/32 bit from 1998 on a Win10/64bit machine with USB to serial converters. Let me know if you want to know more. I have about 10 RCX doing work on my layout. Best Thorsten
  15. Wow, lucky you!!! Now, do you want the RCX' on the trains? Or have them controlling power to (sections) of track? Best, Thorsten