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  1. All good suggestions here and very good analyses, as far as I am concerned!!! Where are you heading to, though? Colors forever, internal ABS structure forever? What is "ever"? Your lifetime, or some stretch of "your" time on Earth? To do what (then)? Resale or re-enjoy? When a brick of whatever color (some are more demanding, others are boldly keeping up with "demand") is changing characteristics, this is usually called "life" maybe even "evolution" (can't keep your color? Sorry you are out; other species are coming ). Now, with regard to the OP: No light, no oxygen, and temperatures well below 0 degrees Celsius is the way to go. Not too low, as this is also detrimental to - well - plastic. More on topic: Low temperature, only visible light exposure (e.g. from LED's, good choice) will probably make the bricks live longer than you can (currently) hope for. Let's not elaborate on Oxygen. Suggestion: Play well. It renders the mummification issues far less stressful. And I believe a little or even more "weathering" is going very well with the idea of LEGO. Just my two cents, absolutely nothing "serious". All the best, Thorsten
  2. Toastie

    HiTechnic projects

    Good evening @nikzagvit I did not check for "fun" code, but there are certainly a lot of HiTechnic sensors still available: When you click on a sensor (even when it is marked "unavailable" or "withdrawn", there are little code snippets ... Best Thorsten
  3. Well relax, I'd say. "Dumb" is an assessment you do, from your perspective - and that is fine! You believe this thread is dumb, I believe that the price is unethical. Who cares. Reason: I (personally) have a different perspective on LEGO bricks as you have. Which is perfectly fine as this perspective thing is one of the definitions of a public forum. Of course, you are right ... what else: There is a price, and folks who can afford that: Done deal. The Amazon guy was doing his space thing, because "we" use Amazon - and he can simply afford it, because we do Amazon. Again: Done deal. Certainly not his fault, but ours. Well, it is not even a fault: It is what we do and want. Over and out. The thing is: LEGO has this "play well" tag they use here and there and everywhere. Play, not gamble. But then: They do it as well; look at the price tags of recent flagship sets ... so why shouldn't resellers do it. In the end: Yes, it is as it is - and who cares. As it is always, when cracking down on "demand and supply". Playing or not. Best regards, Thorsten
  4. Toastie

    [MOC] WALL-E with Stuntz flywheel

    For some reason, WALL-E is my favorite robot, maybe it is the look of the eyes (with us is living a dog - she had some hard time in the past - when she lived on another place on this planet). You captured that so nicely. Both, WALL-E and the look. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Thorsten
  5. Toastie

    12DOF-Q-1 Quadruped Robot

    If there were a Nobel Prize for Ingenious LEGO creations, you certainly would be one recipient!!! Thanks for sharing and - as always - for your very nice video! All the best Thorsten
  6. This is a fantastic idea and much more so realization! The Great Pumpkin ... since 40+ years I am in love with the Peanuts ... any chance that Snoopy will be there as well? ( Very cool!!! Best wishes, Thorsten
  7. Toastie

    price increase in Europe

    Hmmm. So "contact" was a while ago, right? I did go the dark route last Christmas. Got this as a present (OK, I ordered it; MouldKing via BlueBrixx): Water: TLG's bricks/plates. Ship: MouldKing. Quality of ship pieces: Same or better. Ship colors: I am color-blind, leave it up to others. Price? Not even anywhere close to what TLG would ask for such a set - if they ever made it. Best Thorsten
  8. Toastie

    Trains in 4-Wide

    This is all beyond belief. or not ... It really is ... I am so happy that this (tagged) thread exists. It represents the highest of building skills - in my humble opinion. To be honest - I personally believe that the models shown here - models, yes, stand for what LEGO is all about. With the now available pieces beamed into legt god heaven. This has become my favorite thread on EB: 1) No chance that TLG will ever release such sets ;) 2) Dedication to the detailing - at this scale - using every ("impossible") piece, but most importantly 3) the vibe. The positive attitude. The imagination. The fun folks have here. LEGO at its best. Thank you all. And all the best ;) Thorsten
  9. @Lyichir a (deep, not slight) bow. Tipping hat - with a bright smile. Very, very well said! Best wishes, Thorsten
  10. Hi Alex, oh man - sorry for not responding earlier!!! Either this email notification thingy failed on me or something else went wrong. You know, my heart was bumping so hard when watching the videos, seeing the Spectrums doing all this work - fantastic! It is so nice and encouraging to know that I am not alone (LEGO wise) with using the Speccy for LEGO control. So nice. I am very interested in your RoboTEK interface! Wow. I have "upgraded" my Spectrums with the vDrive from Charlie Ingley - my "tape drive" was simply not working anymore (tried it ...). Another beautiful thing. Nice. Really nice. Thanks a million for posting the videos! All the best, Thorsten
  11. Toastie

    LEGO half year results best ever

    Yes. Best Thorsten
  12. Toastie

    (MOC) Stormtrooper Memorial

    Wow. It is the scale that makes this so hard - and you nailed it. I also like very much the "notion" of your diorama - the tribute. In the movies, storm troopers are mostly (if not always) treated as - well - dumb idiots with guns that are available in masses. There are ugly acronyms for such folks in every language, I believe. In a war - regardless of a star war or a real war - there is hardly time for saying "goodbye" or any kind of appreciation upon death arriving - war is war - and what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, as Frankie goes to Hollywood's song goes. In your diorama, there was at least time to bury the body and erect some sort of memorial symbol. As they did in real wars as well - provided there was time to do so. Very, very nice - your models should be present in every SW collection. I have a few SW models, also these whatever they are called - figures - about 20 - 30 cm high. This would be a perfect addition. To put things into perspective. Thank you very much for sharing (!), and congratulations on the front paging! This really deserves it. All the best, Thorsten
  13. Toastie

    LEGO Trains 2021

    @Black Knight: your entire post is a very clean and nice analysis! I completely agree with everything you wrote. All the best and have a nice day, Thorsten
  14. To be quite honest - your post is a very good reason for me to buy this set. Wow. Thanks for sharing! All the best, Thorsten