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  1. What franchise should Lego do next?

    Bummer. I'd love to see a Creator Expert series Thomas, Annie, and Clare train set. Would probably include a conductor, Sir Topham Hatt, and platform with a couple of passengers.
  2. I'm getting married!

    Congratulations! Best of wishes to you both! Live long and prosper.
  3. Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Umm...? This. Understandably trolling exists in the world of YouTube comments, but such a statement sounds more like he just wants to sweep this all under the rug.
  4. Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Agreed, 100%. @Jimbricked, there is no "hate". Calling someone out for selling something that isn't your work and was intended to be free to the community is not "hate". It's righteous indignation towards your actions and potentially your behavior depending on how you handle the situation.
  5. No one should have to sign anything in order to restrict you from making money off of their hard work IMHO.
  6. The problem with that is who's word will we be going on that you've actually received the permission? Your word or the builders word?
  7. Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I've been following this topic lightly, and am glad to hear that the videos have been removed. @Tenderlok, so sorry to hear some one was selling instructions of your models. Despicable. @JEB314 (James), big props to you man for taking the initiative on this whole situation. Well done. Agreed. On both points.
  8. space rebel

    That is a pretty sick MOC! Reminds me of a 90s Lambo. The speeder bike is very nice as well. I love how you've taken the design of an old set and futurized it while maintaining the original style, as well as improving the overall building quality. Two thumbs up on this model! Very nicely done.
  9. Found this Polish Pm36-1 on Youtube, think its worth looking at!

    Wow! Some very impressive work showcased here! Love his Toby model with the eyes that turn in the direction he's heading.
  10. [MOC] Train Ride

    Very clever! I like this model a lot.
  11. [WIP] "Midiopolis" [Midi Scale Lego Modulars]

    Finally got around to editing the Flickr group. Also, I made a album containing everything I've built and will build in Midi scale. Links to both can be found on the main post of this topic. Cheers. LMF
  12. [WIP] "Midiopolis" [Midi Scale Lego Modulars]

    Hi @agadoijo! Thank you so much! I love your 16x16 recreation of the official Lego modulars!
  13. LEGO 60197 Passenger Train

    Me only cares about PF 2.0. Looking forward to seeing what the battery box looks like, as well as the plug design.