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    Monorails (duh!), trains, town, space, castle, pirates, mafia, bicycling, sewing*.

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  1. LegoMonorailFan

    Powered UP to Power Functions adapter

    Very nice! I really like those pin connectors you've used.
  2. Here's the scumboard and the deadboard. Scumboard: Password is knockbeforeentering Deadboard: Password is youarealreadydead
  3. Great game @Kintobor! @Asphalt you were the last person I thought would be the investigator. I'm not sure if you would have looked scummy in my eyes had I been town, but you certainly flew under my radar when I was scum. Well done!
  4. LegoMonorailFan

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Yay! Antman!
  5. Indeed I did! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  6. The reason I (and presumably others) had a high scum reading on KotZ was because his behavior was scummy in general. My scum read on Bob is (along with other things) based off his statement that because @Khscarymovie4 voted for KotZ, it means that Barbossa is scum. Because I believe Bob is scum, it leads me to believe that Barbossa is town since he seems to be Bob's main target. You got a reason for that vote?
  7. @StickFig has voted for me because everyone who voted for me is dead, @fhomess voted for me because I hadn't shared my opinion at the time, and @Asphalt voted for me because...actually I don't know why. @StickFig do you have any actual suspicions of me? @fhomess I've cast my vote and stated my reasons. What's your opinion? @Asphalt could you please share with us what you actually find suspicious about me that would warrant your vote for me?
  8. Well Superman is the scummiest person in this room IMO. Vote: Superman (Bob) Reasons? For pursing ,and for encouraging the town to pursue, a lynch which is highly illogical. I honestly don't have the best scum reads on most of the people in this room, but I do however have a fairly good town read on @Khscarymovie4. I also had, and many would probably say the same, a fairly high scum read on KotZ. So for @Bob to say that Barbossa pushed for KotZ's lynch, and that if KotZ flips town then Khcarymovie4 must be scum, makes me think that Bob is scum and is chasing what he views as an easy lynch. He's even seemingly ordered the vig to kill one of his select choices ( I know I'm not scum, and while @Asphalt has been rather lackluster in his commentary, I'm willing to give him a pass based on the fact that Bob ordered for him to be killed). Then all he has to do is kill one of the remaining townies and he's won.
  9. Well the scum could have very easily selected players to kill with a bias towards those who voted for me to give an added bonus of making me look suspicious. All the scum would have to do then is bring it up in a day topic, mention it to someone in a PM, or just wait for someone to notice it.
  10. @Bob said this about you yesterday. @Bob, what do you actually find suspicious about Barbossa? Are you suspicious of him because he was "out for" Kotz? What is your reasoning for why you think that because KotZ flipped town it means Khscarymovie4 is scum? (BTW I'll answer some peoples question before they might ask it. I'm not defending Barbossa in any way. I'm merely questioning Superman.)
  11. I believe Bob was asking the potential vig to night kill you.
  12. LegoMonorailFan

    10264 Corner Garage

    I think it's more just plain old Creator style. Compared to every previous modular we've had, this one is the most blasé and simple IMO. Hope not.
  13. LegoMonorailFan

    10264 Corner Garage

    Not bad. Feels a little bland. Like it's a Creator set and not so much a Creator Expert set.
  14. Well technically you've claimed miller.