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  1. The Dark Side of Youtube

    I've seen things! YouTube is full of weird videos! Lots of eight to twelve year olds doing vlogs, freaking out when they hit three subscribers, and constant dabbing! Ugh! Here's a particularly weird video PopularMMOs (a gaming channel) reviewed. Quite weird!
  2. Testing Poll (again)

    Dang flabbit George Clooney! Still doesn't work! Same problem as before. odd.
  3. I'm experiencing the same thing when on mobile form.
  4. Some Rude Moderators?

    The chamber is your timeout room when you've been naughty. (Here on Eurobricks, the moderators don't see you when your sleeping or when your awake. But they know when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake! ). Once there, a moderator will discuss with you (in private) the subject matter at hand. While in the chamber you are not allowed to look at the other topics in the chamber forum, and you also are not able to visit the regular forums (while signed in that is, meaning you cannot post on the regular forums). Once the matter has been discussed and (assuming) resolved, you'll be released hopefully with a better understanding of the rules and no need for another visit to the chamber. Hope this was helpful. Cheers.
  5. Blacktron Rectifier

    Wow! That is just evil!!! Awesome job you've done here. Well done! Personally I like the legs. They're very good when compared with a real scorpion. Thumbs up!
  6. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Thanks again so much for the game @Itaria No Shintaku! See everyone at the next one!
  7. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Scarecrow. Also, I really hope battle dwarf and space miner win!
  8. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Its what's inside that matters. Corny, but true!
  9. Questions for creator Expert Designers

    That's so funny! Wait, your joking right?
  10. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    This. This is a game. not a war. Let's treat it that way. @Itaria No Shintaku, thank you so much for setting up and organizing this game! It's been a lot of fun and I'm sorry that some people's complaining has left the game on a bad note. Half an hour of preparation for each round?!!! You spend all this time and effort putting together this game which is meant to be fun, only to have people complain and take it to seriously. I feel so bad for you man. To those who have voiced their complaints I say this. Don't. Instead, voice your thoughts as suggestions, not criticism. Let's say your kid makes you breakfast in bed. Chances are is that some things aren't going to be perfect. (AKA egg shells in your scrambled eggs, your waffles are a bit soaked in orange juice after it splashed on the way over, etc.) But does it matter? No! What matters is that they spent a lot of time and effort because they love you and they want to make you happy. In the future they'll get better, but to be honest it doesn't really matter. What matters is that you have fun, enjoy the game, take note of flaws and make suggestions on how to fix them, and thank the Maker ( of the games and the waffles ). Have fun and keep building.
  11. Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    Sweet! Along with the ship in the bottle! Unfortunately no tram. I'm off to the train tech forum to post a rant.
  12. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Such hard decisions!!! Everyone of them! I would have voted diver in a second, but we waited so long for elf to be triumphant only to have him lose! In the end I voted diver, but I'm glad to see elf has taken the lead as of writing this.
  13. 9v battery + PF wire?

    I see. Well then if that's the case then there's little else I could use it for since the sole purpose that I wanted it for was to make small, compact trains and/or monorails without needing to incorporate the large 8x4x4 battery box. But I guess a wire of the sort can be used elsewhere for other things. Thanks so much for the info. Thanks! I'll look into it. I love geeky stats as well.
  14. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    King for me, but it was a very easy decision. However, Evil Dwarf or Mariachi was a tough one. I went with Evil Dwarf in the end. As for all this...other discussion? This. But, one could say it's fishy how a couple of new accounts showed up to save scarecrow. 50/50 chance of it being cheating or coincidence IMO. Block newbies from voting? Maybe. Why not. But for now, let's just move on.