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Found 5 results

  1. Darkkostas25

    [MOC]Highspeed bullettrain

    My attempt at a Highspeed bullet train was based on the usage of an aeroplane nose and some minor parts of it. Based on ideas of the Shinkansen 0-series. 1 - engine-passenger (2-second class) 2 - passenger (1 and 2-second class) 3 - diner-car (as some bonus wagon) Link to Bricklink preview and download  
  2. Hi, I am working on an update to my first Lego ideas creation and would like some help or suggestions as to how to create a flat top to a wing shaped surface. I would imagine that it is similar to an aeroplane wing except that it needs to be flat. My project is the James Webb Space Telescope that has foil type layers for a sun shield. As can be seen in my model, I have managed to get the shape but lack the smooth surface. Higher resolution images (and a video of it unfolding) are available on the Lego Ideas site of you need them. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Greetings fellow combatants! I would like to introduce you one mean notorious bandit: The Sandstormer! As you can see, it's a half-track, roaring over the dried salt-lakes plains, camouflaged into a supplies transporter, but when the heat turns up, it transforms into... ...flying assault bomber called "The Storm"... ...and remotely controlled tracked ground unit called "Sand Wrath", which is guided by the co-pilot on the bomber. PLOT Bandits! Fear not, air support is here! We shall stand victorious and no enforcer will ever be safe in the Desert!!! But first let's take a closer look on this monstrosity, forged in the heart of the Desert by some crooked eyes mechanic called Furious Majkl. If you'd known him, you wouldn't be surprised that some things didn't came out just as they should, but this poor fella couldn't do any better on such a short notice and with a gun on his head. The Dusty Lord of the Desert was ruthless, as the day of the final battle with the Enforcers was aproaching with a speed of the sandstorm... The necessity for an airborne unit among Bandits was great and what is more devastating than a heavy bomber, carrying deadly cargo. In order to keep it secret, the idea was, that the combat vessel turns airborne from a somewhat common desert vehicle whit big enough sides to turn into wings - logical choice: A truck. Next, the choise of on ground propulsion system - treads, can there be anything more universal? A half-track! Lets take a look at the specs: NORMAL MODE - HALF-TRACK ("The Sandstormer") Dimensions: L/W/H = 54 cm / 20,5 cm / 20,5 cm (67,5 / 25,5 / 25,5 studs) Weight: 3,2 kg Main features: Drive (tracks - 1x PF L motor each = 2 all together) & steering (1x PF L motor) Battle options: Two double huge miniguns on front + 2 double barrel machine guns behind the front bumper when lowered + Infantry reaper on front bumper when lowered. BATTLE MODE - FLYING ASSAULT BOMBER ("The Storm") + REMOTELY CONTROLLED GROUND UNIT ("Sand Wrath") The Storm: L/W/H = 66 cm / 78 cm (wingspan) / 17,5 cm (once airborne) (82,5 /97,5 / 22 studs) Weight: 2,3 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (+good ol' kerosene of course) Transformation: 1. The sides rise up and turn into wings - 1x PF M motor drives 2 large LA's that firstly push the whole panels sideways and then they rise them into horizontal position. 2. Risen wings rotate into final position and the tail extends - 1x PF M motor (suffering as hell due friction, but there is just no space for anything bigger) 3. Tail wings and middle wings are put into final position manually (tail wings by a worm gear) 4. The Storm and the Sand Wrath separate: Two "claws" operated by small pneumatic cylinders driven by an auto pump (1x PF M motor) release the ground unit so it is set free. The rear landing gear is of-course already in position for take-off (1x PF M-motor drives two large LA's) 5. Once the Storm is airborne, the front two wheels are turned downwards (1x PF L motor) so that the wheels turn into extra thrusters for faster rising. 6. Armaments: As the wings unfold, they are already weapons-hot, carrying triple rocket launchers on each wing and a double laser gun on each side near the hull. In addition the front hood can be risen and two huge miniguns pop-out, escourted by two double machine guns when the front bumper is lowered. Total mayhem is achieved by a hydrogen drop bomb, which is carried inbetween the front wheels, which turn upwards to deploy the deadly cargo... As already said, the constructor - Furious Majkl was in a hurry, therefore the fuel lines for the thrusters on the main wings is supplied via "external" hoses, which makes it somehow vulnerable, but it is a minor problem due to huge fire power not letting anyone near those "blood" vessels. The Sand Wrath: L/W/H = 24,5 cm / 20,5 cm / 20 cm (with mini gun in top position) (31 / 25,5 / 25 studs) Weight: 0,9 kg Power: Nuclear AAA BB core (and some good ol' diesel) Drive: 2x PF L motor, 1 for each track Transformation: Once detached from the main unit, it goes berserk and due to each track being pendulary suspended, there is no obstacle it cannot overcome (well almost, due to lack of road wheels sometimes overcoming obstacles in reverse is a problem ) But still, it is a lot of fun to drive it remotely from far above on the Storm - yes, the Sand Wrath holds no crew, just deadly weapons... Armaments: The connection platform with the Storm turns into a huge minigun and underneath it there are two deadly long range cannons. For close combats, pursuits and drive-bys it reveals additional double machineguns on the sides of the tracks. That would be all the glorry for this war machine, you can check some details/mess from following photos of the guts below... Pneumatic autovalve... And now to conclude this epic poetry with the ugly truth about this model: There is still a ton of things to improve: I, well Furious Majkl of the Desert seems to have a leaking small pneumatic cylinder and that results in a rather poor functioning of the detaching claws betwen the two units. Perhapse the small pump just cannot provide enough presure - I've tried with big manual pump and it work like a charm. To me, this detail is the biggest fail of the whole MOC. You can realise, that remotely reataching both units back together is even worse . Oh well, it's only LEGO they say, you can't achieve it all, they say... Seems they're right though. Anyway, this attachement detail should be reworked totaly. Another rather "notsoamazing" thing is driving the normal mode vehicle. Slipping tracks are the least of the problems. What remains is steering of course. Due to rotating design of the wheels around the longitudinal axis the front is rather flimsy - you all know how little bending the turntables can take. Well, since this baby is one heavy child, I had to use stroller wheels on the bottom of the belly, so it can steer and drive at least a little... Nevertheless, I hope you like this lovely "pile" of bricks that me, myself and Furious Majkl of the Desert put together Best regards and good look to all you feisty petrol-head warriors! Make sure to vote for your favourite contestant, because those without a voting ticket will be left in the Desert! I must thank my friend Peter for letting me use his camera and studio and for helping me a bit with the setup , I couldn't have done it in my tiny LEGO room ! Here's another to go... ...and finally - the video!
  4. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Porco Rosso's Savoia S-21

    Here's the results of one-year project of building Savoia S-21 flying boat from Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso, my favourite film ever. It took four BL orders and several dozens of hours. Miniland scale was perfect with the engine I began with, and it made it possible to build the pilot, the pig itself, to the cockpit. I also threw up an angled base to make the display more dynamic. More photos and talk can be found on my blog, Cyclopic Bricks.
  5. I figure I'd better get in with a WIP topic in case someone else has the same idea as me and claims I copied them :-) This is very preliminary, but here's what I've got so far. Mini Crop Duster. Features (hopefully I can get them all in!): "Remote" controls * Retractable undercarriage * Engine and propeller Local controls * Flight surfaces * Steerable tail skid/wheel It's going to have to be yellow, because most of my other colours are locked up in other models at the moment, and since crop dusters seem to be predominantly yellow tail-draggers (albeit with fixed undercarriage), it seems a natural choice. If all goes to plan, I'll finally be able to find a use for the panel fairings from 8455!