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    Desert oasis

    That is a lot of well placed cheese slopes. The dry cracked landscape is excellent. The vegetation around the oasis is really nice and lush too. Another triumph of patience! The dried out plants and sticks make for a great contrast too.
  2. Muakhah

    Tabib's study

    Very nice, especially the recessed green and white walls. The desk full of equipment and notes is very good. I can imagine Tabib D'Odo taking a break from governance and working on a new healing potion or balm. Something that makes sense and is achievable in comparison to dealing with constant city troubles. The floor tiles are very cool too, along with the various plants and trays of uneaten food. The workshop of a true master!
  3. Muakhah

    Mophet training ground

    Nice arches and corner tower. The different colour transitions on the floor are very nice and the faces are very well chosen. Its good to see a uniformed force that fits Kaliphlin very well. The different activities are convincing and the wall textures and that roof are great. I don't think much of those scimitars though! Are they the notched and chipped practice ones?
  4. Muakhah

    The Ulfgang Stockade

    Very nice wooden stockade and bundle of rebellious rogues. I like how the story elements are coming together as well.
  5. Muakhah

    Challenge III: Cat. A: King Or Puppet?

    I am away from Guilds of Historica for a chunk of time...damn life getting in the way. And this is what I return to! I do hope it doesn't become canon! For now I shall continue to hope that it is another attempt to besmirch his Majesty's name! Seriously beautiful mosaic floor and balcony, the decorations and arches make it look like a wonderful open plan office.
  6. On a balcony of Khadira's Temple Palace Complex, Muakhah and an older warrior priest D'uran D'uran await a very important visitor. While the cool evening breeze wafts the oil lamps' flames the two discuss recent events. "Bread and Circuses..." sighed Muakhah, " Bread and Circuses...That's what she comes up with. That's the best she can do? As if we do not know that feeding our people is our first responsibility? And these celebrations... Which of our Queen's mighty achievements are we celebrating?" "She is young, and has strange council from simple folk. I am sure she is unwilling to make misteps so early in her reign." Replied D'uran. "And celebration is not a bad thing." "I know, I know. And would be easier to celebrate the Queen's achievements if she had any. I recall it were the Mages of the Zotharith that ended the threat of Ravaage. And the four guilds fought his armies and allies to a standstill while the Queen snuck into Cedrica." "Tis true. Though we know little of the perils she faced to do so." "Indeed. But I like it not how she has turned completely from Nocturnus towards Varlyrio. And seems to favor that isle of malcontents greatly. I fear that Queen Ylspeth cares for Avalonia and Varlyrio at the expense of the guilds that suffered more in recent times." "As I said, she is young, and seems desirous of peace. With guidance her majesty could become a wise ruler." "Aye, but with whose guidance? There are always those that seek royal influence for personal gain." "Excuse me brothers," interjected an armed and armored Warrior Priest who was to be Muakhah's bodyguard for the evening. "But our guests await." "Ah!" Muakhah replied brightly. "Let us go to them then. The Dragon Queen has never been a patient lady!" "Is there anything I should know?" asked D'uran as they entered a tiled chamber decorated with scenes depicting the ongoing struggle twixt good and evil. "Oh, not really. The Dragon Queen is impatient, quick tempered and suffers no fool, but she is fundamentally sensible and decent. Though she tries to hide it." "Is she really a suitable ally in the great struggle against evil? I hear her methods are somewhat...extreme." "Oh yes. She has a ruthless streak. But considering the recent events in Nocturnus, is that so unusual? But if her power can be temperedby mercy and wisdom, then she will become a strong enemy of evil. As is said, I believe she is basically decent." "And if you are wrong?" Asked D'uran, raising an eyebrow? "I merely ask, just in case." "Then I will have learned much about how to do better in the future. For it would indeed be my own failure. I have managed to arrange the situation so that the Dragon Queen relies upon Khadira for much. Hopefully that will influence her better nature." Meanwhile, a masked assassin has climbed up to another balcony. Listening through the small windows the assassin hears his prey. Hours of stealthy movement and hours more of careful preparation have led him here. Soon the time for stealth will be over. The assassin frowns upon hearing multiple voices. This will make the task more difficult. However this trained killer's prefered method is to burst from concealment and deal a fatal blow before anyone can react. Then a speedy retreat through the carefully prepared route will leave nothing behind but confusion, panic, and death. "You should not be too concerned, D'uran." Contined Muakhah. "The fact that the Dragon Queen is here shows that her paranoia is ebbing. We will discuss how to strengthen the bonds between Khadira and the Lava Fort, and how to spread her area of control in Nocturnus under the guiding light of Mazadar." "Did she really call it the Lava Fort?" queried D'uran sceptically. "You should have heard the other names she tried." sighed Muakhah. Suddenly his face brightened. "Brothers in the Light, I am honored to introduce the Dragon Queen, Lady of the Lava Fort, Mu the Marvelle." "Hail Muakhah, how go things for Khadira?" The Dragon Queen spoke in pleasant tones. D'uran D'uran and the bodyguard felt confused. How could this pleasant and attractive lady be feared as a murderous tyrant, and a dragon to boot? Then they saw her bodyguards and a thrill of fear raced down their spines. "Khadira thrives, for we walk in the light. How fares your domain my Lady? I see you have a new breed of minions." "Oh yes, these are a cruder model. I believe the blood mixture is different. Or so Chen, my Sorceror, tells me. I brought them because they are a bit more intimidating than my other blood born minions. Don't you think so?" "Yes yes, quite intimidating. Are they safe in public? The festivities may be rather busy." "Don't worry, I've trained them well. They are like puppies as long as noone threatens their mummy." The Dragon Queen spoke affectionately as the snarling monstrosities flexed their wings. Their large draconic jaws gaped threateningly. "Uh...yes. Well then. You know I am dubious of Chen's motives, for all that he claims to have studied under Doctor Rod. I believe he has sinister motives for you. Having said that, I am most glad you could join us for the coming celebrations. The people of Khadira would love to see our ally from across the border and I feel this will..." Muakhah was cut off as the assassin lunged through the bead curtain to his left. His bodyguard rushed forward with shield and sword raised but before he could do anything there was a blur of movement, two roars not unlike tigers or lions, a sudden scream and a wrenching, tearing, wet sound. The assassin never knew what killed him. So swiftly did Mu's draconic gaurds tear him apart with their claws and fangs. Shaken the group reassembled closer to the murals of Mazadar and the Great Enemy. "Is that how the citizens of Khadira show their respect for their ally?" Snarled the Dragon Queen. "After all we have been through?" "I don't believe you were the target. I thought the assassin was striking for me." Muakhah spoke quickly but in a calming soothing manner. This couldn't be allowed to derail the plans for the future. "If your beasts had left him alive we might know his intentions, and origins..." "Oh I'm sorry!" Snapped Mu angrily. "In that case my beasts just saved your life! You're welcome!" Muakhah looked across at the bloody and gaping jaws and smiled nervously. "Of course, of course. My thanks to your protectors. However the fact remains that someone tried to kill one or both of us. We must learn exactly who so we may take precautions and strike back." Muakhah's eyes read the Dragon Queen's expression carefully. "I assume, that you would want to take action against such an affront to your person?" "Oh Muakhah, you always know what to say to make a girl happy. Who do you think sent him?" "Well, he was wearing battered old Ulandian armor...but that is easy to come by these days. It could be Ulandus sympathizers or High Council members attempting to sabotage further union under the Desert King. It is well known I am one of his most vocal supporters... He could be from a Nocturnian faction opposed to our alliance." "It is known that Khadira helps my forces. But I believe the factions I am facing are not organised enough to attempt this kind of brazen murder." Mused the Dragon Queen. "It could be this new Wolfpack I am hearing rumors of. They are said to be quite ambitious in their goals. Or even...could Queen Ylspeth want me dead?" "That reminds me." Said Mu, placing a hand atop Muakhah's outstretched one. "I sense the Cult of the Great Wyrm is present here in Khadira." "Sorry what now?" Asked Muakhah confused. "They are a cult worshipping B'deesh. They supported Ravaage in the wars but their main aim was always to free B'deesh, the Great Wyrm, a sort of Demonic Dragon God that seeks to consume all. Oh don't worry, they are far from that goal. But I thought you might want to know I sense they have a presence here in Khadira." "Interesting. I'll have to set Hassan to searching them out. Shall we adjourn to dinner and the details of our plans? And then, tomorrow, the festivities begin!" "I would like that." Smiled the Dragon Queen. "By the way...did you choose a golden dragon to be a symbol of your religion just to flatter me?" "Oh that? Merely happy coincidence."
  7. The four Guilds struggle to coordinate relief efforts and aid the lands that are still in need at the behest of the High Queen. However, the High Queen seems to have ignored the guild that is most in need. Nocturnus, the land that suffered the most from Ravaage, and whose mages ultimately defeated him, has been ignored by Queen Ylspeth. Nocturnus does not exist in her councils and seems absent from her thoughts. Not so in Khadira. The strong links between Khadira and the self-styled Dragon Queen remain. The Warrior Priests of Mazadar also seek to aid the Nocturnians whose plight is ignored by those in power. The Desert King's alliance with the Nocturnian Resistance that struggled so hard against evil will be honored. While Avalonia grows rich upon the sales of its grain. While Varlyrio recieves gifts and bribes from the new Queen. While Mitgardia complains of famine yet sends convoys of food south. While Kaliphlin Lords remain divided and squabble among themselves. All the while, Khadira sends aid to Nocturnus, and those who truly need the light, lest they be plagued once more by darkness and evil. Food is packed, ready to be transported across the border to Nocturnus. As well as food Khadira will send gold to invest in suitable enterprises that cn help to restore Nocturnus. Bread, Fish, Carrots, and Gold are prepared in a courtyard, while chickens await their turn to be crated up. Above the supplies flap bunting with the colors of Mazadar, Kaliphlin, and the Desert King. As the windows of the building on the left overlook one of the windows of the building on the right the owner erected a modesty screen. A scribe tallies the quantities and types of foodstuffs to be send to Nocturnus. The Warrior Priest of Mazadar will be responsible for guarding and investing the gold in ways that help rebuild Nocturnus and enable its citizens to turn to the light. He will also entreat others to do good, so that, like the spreading ripples caused by a single pebble, good deeds shall too spread across the world. Khadira hopes that its efforts to aid the Nocturnians will shame the Queen into taking action. After all, were it not for the sacrifices made by the Nocturnians...she would not be Queen.
  8. I just couldn’t resist the thought of the poor so and so who would have to clean it up. I tried to throw in a bit of humor because people who know each other well joke about all kinds of things. Life is both dark and funny at the same time. Black humor is often a lot of fun. The Wolfpack that Muakhah refers to is indeed your wolf brigade. I like to add in references, even if just a name here or there to make things all seem a little more connected. I hope you don’t mind but I like the idea of your really ambitious mercenary group (been playing mount and blade recently) I hope you continue with them and try to place a contender on the throne of Avalonia before heading for Historican Dominance. In character I would say Muakhah knows of the existence of the wolf brigade but not their intentions. I was very lucky to get the Ninjago monastery set. The stickers in that are great for depicting the struggle between good and evil. I was thinking that room would be where people contemplate the eternal struggle. Story wise I like the idea that no matter what the High Queen does she cannot make everyone happy. In the absence of an external threat, will the guilds even stay as one nation? Hopefully it was a good twist and not a shyamalan twist! I do need to get some more heads with beard and glasses to show a bit more facial expression for Muakhah. There are more characters in Khadira, see the Khadira tag for my other builds. But they are in the other half of my collection and so won’t feature much at the moment... I’ll need to find some excuses why they are busy.
  9. Thanks @Gideon that means a lot to me. The all Lego shots people have been doing recently have been really inspiring and I am trying to improve the photography. Got to get it better lit and less grainy though.
  10. Very nice texture on the walls and irregular base. Nice minifigs too. Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.
  11. Muakhah

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Such a cool range of builds! I’m very happy to have taken part in this challenge and once again there are so many excellent builds on display! Go GoH!
  12. Goats! Love the goats and the laden camel. The trees look great, but the stars of the show are the orcs. There was that debate in one of the forums about stereotypical "evil races" in fantasy. I think that you have done a great job of showing that orcs are more than that. I think it works really well andfor me is part of the appeal of Kaliphlin.
  13. Muakhah

    [Book 3] Challenge IIC: The Dead Drop

    Such a simple but great idea. Well done on a shady couple of characters.
  14. Muakhah

    [Book 3] Challenge IIA: Fish Fryday

    The last picture seems a bit ropey to me, but the previous two have a great use of light bricks for a beach barbeque! Those two guys in the middle look like they really love fish!
  15. Nice one! liking the general vibe and the crowd of minifigs in various states of celebration! Its also cool you put in so many sig figs. Thats a really good turnout of Avalonian lords. Here's hoping you keep up the growth of Prenmor!
  16. Muakhah

    CHALLENGE II: Category A: High Ridge Gates

    Very nice stonework and I second wanting to know where that symbol comes from. Liking the story and the little troubles facing the team as they move west.
  17. In the light its a fairly simple looking build. But those shots with the firelight transform it into something atmospheric and brooding. The expressions and story combine with the throw of the light to really make it a contender.
  18. When I see things like this it makes me realise that I am a very very envious person... Having got that out of the way! Another excellent build showing a range of details of life. Love the minor gods and gardens. Lovely colors and use of the light bricks too. Also glad to see that some figures in the city are pushing for greater links with the Desert King. Now we need @SkaForHire to give some updates on how the Desert King plans to rule so we can find out if he is also going to be pushing for peaceful integration, otherwise I'm going to look pretty stupid!
  19. Muakhah

    Ch II: Cat B: Involuntary Dives

    Each building could stand alone really well but they all come together in a great way. The texturing is really good but I really like the tiles on the roofs. The plant fronds hanging down towards the water and the various figures in the crowd are all done very well. I like the little group of Leanders, the gambling addicts and the big barrel of olives. Hoping to see more Varlyrio builds from you in the future!
  20. Muakhah

    CHALLENGE II: Category B: Fun and Games

    So many figs! Great idea for tug of war and caber toss. The stands and the fencing look great, as do the variety of figs on display. I think the crowd look a little static but posing that many would be a massive headache. Good team effort!
  21. I really wanted to do an outdoors carnival type build like this but ran out of time before I could even get started. There are plenty of really good bits here. I like the roasting pig, axe throwing and best of all the Puppet show which is an awesome idea! Even though you didn't hit the planned 64x64 its a big and impressive build with a lot going on. The tree by the dining area is also good and I think it shows what is lacking a bit elsewhere as it has good color variation. In a few parts the edging seems a little square or straight but this is a great early build. Also, is that a pizza oven! Very nice.
  22. Muakhah

    Challenge II: Category C: A Shady Deal

    The sagging floor and the details around the various windows are amazing. The crumbling textures and claustrophobic feeling is brilliant. The way each house optimistically sticks its window out there to try and grab some light. The color combinations are brilliant. Just right, not too bright and not too dark. Looking forward to the build log, so much to learn!
  23. As many have said classic castle at its best! The sign and the details on the cart are very nice. But I think the custom made scythe is my favorite part. Its also good to see so much on such a small base!
  24. Great idea of feeding the beggars. I think the different foodstuffs and the rough lean to the beggars are sleeping under are my favorite bits. Along with the commander on the megaphone and the general posing and chaos that is very believable in this kind of situation. The central tower is done very well with the tiles on the roof and the walls. I'm not sure about the dark green and red color scheme though. But I suppose its the colors of your city. The two small towers and the way they are attached to the main tower have some interesting features. But I'm not sure why they are attached? I feel the way you have done it would make a really cool and distinctive gateway if the angled sections came together. I guess I just need to know the reasoning behind it.
  25. Muakhah

    The Road West

    This is a great pastoral scene, reminds me of some paintings I've seen with farm workers and soldiers. The grape vines are really nice and the storage barn is lovely. It really has an italian vibe to it so its perfect for Varlyrio. I also like how the story is progressing. Want to see more of it! Its good to see Varlyrio get fleshed out more and this trip is a great way to do it! Very nice irregular base too!