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Found 5 results

  1. The wars of Revolword and Raavage were by no means the first time scores of refugees from Nocturnus have found relative safety in the open-minded Kaliphlin. In the barren fringes of the lower Arkbri river valley, where the desert is about to take over beyond the vast irrigation networks, a tribe of orcs have lived for generations. They are making a living out of goat farming, where these hardy animals happily feed of vegetation that most other herbivores would decline. The goats provide the Arkbri orcs with meat and milk as well as fibre for the textile works of Barqa and goat skin which is popular among the scholars of Kaliphlin processed into top quality parchment. So despite living on the outskirts of Kaliphlin society, the Arkbri orcs are still very much part of the diverse mosaic of Kaliphlin. A family of Arkbri Orcs Hearing of Queen Ylspeth’s generousity, the council of Barqa chaired by Lord Gideon definitely did not want to have their traditionally renown generosity to the poor outdone by some young girl from the north! They have therefore decided to open the granaries of Barqa and provide for the poor in the surrounding lands. Now the Arkbri orcs aren’t really are in need, they are carrying along just fine and their simple living has been spared the destruction of all the recent wars. At most they’ve seen a bit of a decline in the demand for good goatskins for parchment. But who says no a free handout of grain? Especially when it’s grain grown on the irrigated floodplains of the Arkbri river, which fed by nutrients from the mountains of Mitgardia produce among the best grain in all of Historica.
  2. My dearest Cassius, We are still in the tower. Since the first night, when the black ship was spotted, we haven't been attacked, but many of our men are dead or dying. I believe it is because they handled the dead orcs. I warned them to burn them, but they threw them into the water instead. Now, the pestilence is creeping through even my own body. I am old, Cassius. You know that. I have been old for a long time, since you were a child. I can feel that it is almost my time to go through that great door we call death. Do not grieve for me, for where I am going, I shall never be old again. These shall most likely be my final words to you, words so precious I shudder to think of entrusting them to the care of this bird. Do not fear. No matter what happens, be brave. If Avalonia falls, so be it. Everything is being orchestrated for a reason, Cassius. Do not fear. Farewell, Alfred ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Quite frankly, I love everything about this build. The photography sucks (I don't have access to my normal camera), but I think it might be one of my best builds so far. I originally planned for this to be a mountain top, but when I placed it on a blue baseplate to make sure it fit the limit, it just screamed island. So I ordered up some trans black bricks, (greatly underestimating how many), and made up some water. This is supposed to be a ruined tower build on an islet in the Mystic Isles that has recently been repaired. I'd also like to claim the following credits: Still water Wall technique #1 Window Frames C&c welcome, as always!
  3. I've been down here for thirty seven days. Thirty seven. Do you have any idea how long that is, thirty seven days beneath the earth? Thirty seven days with only the occasional pale, wavering torch? Thirty seven days without seeing anything else alive, except for the drow and their wretched prisoners? Thirty seven days ago, when I set out into that cave, freshly disguised and eager to find this man, whoever he may be, I had no idea how long it would take. Now, I've been down here for over a month, and I still have no clue where he might be. For all I know, the way these tunnels wind around, I could be right above him, mere feet, and I'd never know. I hear someone coming. I must go. Our hero! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, here's another build in a long tradition of posting at the last minute! Also, I'd like to apologize for the crappy pictures. My normal camera was unavailable. This was one of those build that you make, forget about, find, realize the deadline is a few days away, and scramble to get done. Thanks for reading, c&c welcome! More pics on flickr:
  4. Sir Jamus, I do not have time for explanation, but I need to meet you presently. Come armed for battle, and meet me at Kingridge catle at sunrise! Simon The sun rose drearily, seeming to be as weary as the land of Avalonia. The drow assault and the rumors of a plague have taken a toll on the grassy guild, as well as her once proud lords, now worn far and thin as they try to protect their homeland. Now the first light of that darkened sun hit the walls of Kingridge castle, and Sir Jamus the brave strode into the gate at a quick pace. As he wandered the keep he was pulled aside by a hooded warrior. Jamus: Simon, is that you, milord? The man replied, alarmed. Simon: Tis I, but we must not let the others know I'm here! I have come in secret, and must be back to the front lines soon! Jamus: Yes, milord. Why have you summoned me? Simon: I need you to lead a strike against the Drow leaders, a task I wished to do myself, but with so many lords trying to suppress the plague I do not have enough warriors. Here, you will need this! Jamus stared in wonder as Simon handed him an elaborate dagger, clearly of elvish make. Simon: This will help you defeat the Drow commander, keep it with you always! Good luck my friend! With that the Avalonia lord turned and walked away, leaving Jamus alone. Jamus: A dagger against a horde of drow, wonderful. Then Jamus noticed a note inscribed on the blade. Jamus: Aha! A map... He then sheathed the dagger and walked off, a look of determination on his face... Two days later... Hand Soldier: I hate being stationed here! We never get to see any action! Drow: You fool, we protect this tunnel entrance! We cannot let anyone past us! Hand Soldier: Ha, ha, like any of those weak Avalonians would think of coming here! They're all so wrapped up in protecting their precious crops! They're weak and stupid, and you're a mindless soldier, my drow friend! Drow: And you're a- wait? Did you hear that? Hand Soldier: Hear what? There's nothing but plants and animals for miles around- He was cut off by a battle cry as a group of knights jumped from their hiding places, and charged the tunnel entrance! Drow: Quickly, draw your weapons! Alert the others! They had no chance to alert anyone, the Avalonians had then surrounded in seconds. Most of the defenders didn't even have weapons with them... Jamus: Quickly, take the doors! This tunnel will lead us right to the cobra's head! To be continued... Well there's my last entry, I meant to have a third build, but I lacked motivation and time. Maybe I'll get around to it soon. . Figless shots! I tried to keep the dark tan and olive theme for all my entries. I'm really proud of the second build, it's pretty big (about 35x35 probably), and I love how the rockwork turned out. Thanks for looking!
  5. My Lord Simon, I write to inform you that our efforts are going smoothly! Our efforts have been met with much success, and we have managed to build dozens of fortifications throughout Avalonia. Our armies will now have many spots to fall back to if we are overwhelmed. The owners of the lands we are building on have been extremely cooperative and helpful. They are willing to give up parts of their land, glad for the protection of our troops. I am now leaving a house where we have built a palisade wall. The inhabitants of the house, a man, elf, and their son, have been very gracious to us. They provided food, help, and entertainment in the form of elvish singing to my men, and wished us the best of luck. I recommend we reward their good spirits after the drow are defeated. Regards, Sir Jamus. The peasants. Sir Jamus (in the front) and the palisade. Spears! No figs! I love the landscaping and path! No palisade! I really like the house. I built a house because I realized I haven't ever really built a proper house. So I decided to build a scene showing a fortification effort around a house. I figured small fortifications like this would be popping up all over Avalonia, so my idea would fit in. Well, that's my entry! Good luck everyone! Edit: Brickshelf gallery's public: