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Found 7 results

  1. Given the influx of money and resources Mophet had experienced in recent times, a proper city guard was required to maintain the peace. Soldiers were recruited and trained and finally equipped with standard uniforms. Up until this point, the guards keeping some sort of peace in the city had consisted mostly of former soldiers who had ventured south in search for pay, and thus had taken with them whatever armour they had on them. The training was overseen by one of the more seasoned warriors, Muhar'Ib, a man not known for being "easy-going"... Not all of the recruits are quite as brave as the rest... Nor does everyone know how to keep their focus... So this is the latest addition to Mophet. I started out with the aim of making sort of a training ground, mostly because I got my hands on some of those new sheilds...haha! I came up with a design for arches which I was pretty happy with so I decided to add a tower in which to use them. I also wanted to try and use all those maccaroni tiles so I came up with a new technique for a roof which I used for the building on the left side. Anyways hope you guys like it, thanks for watching!
  2. BrickCaddy

    MOC called Space Training HQ

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this so apologies if i'm inputting incorrectly! This is my latest MOC called Space Training HQ which can be found on Lego Ideas. Thanks for all your help Eurobricks BrickCaddy
  3. TRIANA, on her way to southern waters, carried an 8-strong team of the Special Operations Unit. This is a combat divers unit that can carry out a varied range of operations, such as infiltration to designate targets for bombings of for long-range surveillance patrols, evacuation of valuable personnel, elimination of high-value enemy targets… In this case, we can see a simple readiness exercise with an electric powered inflatable zodiac. As informed in previous posts, by using the submarine´s cofferdam, the team can leave the sub diving without emerging. Combat divers training by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Combat divers training 2 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr Combat divers training 3 by green helmet spanish AFOL, en Flickr The inflatable zodiac remains packed in a container in a side of the sail.
  4. This pagoda scene was created for display in the upcoming Cactus Brick display in September. This MOC won first place in the club competition for creating Ninjago related creations. It also tied for most eye catching of the creations entered into the competition. Enjoy!
  5. Here's my Phase 1 barracks build: Two young Mitgardian soldiers are taught how to defend against multiple enemies by their drillmaster: Thanks for looking
  6. Fast forward a year, the village has become a town, and with the extra people, and extra trade, the guard must expand the keep up. The newbie is now an excellent swordsman, and has even earned a cloak for himself, befitting his skill level. His old comrade is hard at work training the new recruits. A fresh recruit, learning the basics of swordsmanship A spearman practicing under the watchful eye of his mentor Some recruits advance faster than others, nowhere is this more apparent than in the sparring ring Arm strength is very important, and this recruit is working hard to keep it up Every good Mitgardian has a pile of dangerous weapons somewhere, these are no different! An arhitect and a quartermaster talk over the plans for the new barracks I would also like to claim UoP credits for the following subjects: Landscape Design: Snow and Ice General Building: Minifigure Posing Military Science: Military Camp
  7. Sir E Fullner

    Life in an Army Company

    Hello, all. I've been really busy with school recently, but I have a little treat for all of you good Eurobrickers, and I hope you will enjoy it! I may not have a large army like many of you out there, but I am still proud of my little company. And the pride behind the company is the red-coated soldiers. Captain Miles Gloriosus trains his boys vigorously. They really do have fun, and whenever Gloriosus is gone, Sergeant Maximilian is in charge of the boys. The other two who help Captain Gloriosus are Lance Corporal Harriman (who instructs the boys on target shooting), and the partially deaf Corporal Montrose (who instructs the boys on explosives, though often disasterously). Harriman hates the sound of cannon fire, much to the disbelief of Montrose, ironically. Some days, Max instructs bayonet practice. It's a bit like seeing politics, in that very little ground is made. On Wednesdays, Harriman is in charge of target practice. The only holes in the target however, are the ones made by Harriman. At noon, the boys have a lovely lunch of bread, cheese, and either lamb or beef. However, they must say grace first. Usually, playing the bugle as loud as possible doesn't wake up the boys, so the Sergeant kicks them awake... ...or Montrose burns their back ends... ...or the smell of beef and cheese wakes them up. Sure, the boys aren't the best group of soldiers, but Captain Gloriosus cares about them deeply, and treats them as family. The boys, in turn, look up to Captain Gloriosus as a father figure, and to Montrose, Harriman, and Max as brothers. Captain Gloriosus never knew a better family. Please comment and question! Always entertaining, always inspiring, always: