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  1. That's awesome! I've just bought a Mindstorms 2.0 set to see what I can do on our layout - now I know what to aim for!
  2. gifinim

    Orient Express Thriller!

    Amazing work! The details on the loco and carriage are fantastic.
  3. gifinim

    Article - building modern trains' fronts

    An excellent article and the pictures very clearly illustrate what you describe. Thank you!
  4. Beautiful work, especially the exterior of the middle building.
  5. gifinim

    [MOC] Roon's Raccoon Car

    Continuing the story with new tribes is an excellent idea, and you can never have enough raccoons! The oversized back wheels fit the Chima theme rather well, and the name is perfect. Off to Ideas to support it
  6. That is simply fantastic Your urban planner experience certainly shows!
  7. gifinim

    My girlfriend was away for the weekend...

    Fantastic videos! We've tried to have large layouts like that running around the living room and hallway before but they always end up getting trodden on and the trains derailed. I need to have another look at the loft...
  8. gifinim

    [MOC][WIP] Layout with turntable

    So much detail already - following the thread to see how those huge curves work out.
  9. gifinim

    Conrail GP40 building instructions

    Fantastic work, especially on the stickers.
  10. gifinim

    7725 - old train, new bricks

    Absolutely fantastic idea, thread, parts collection and finally build! Projects like this can be better than getting a new set, with all the anticipation and BrickLink hunting. I think you have inspired me to add some more trains from the 12v era to the 7735 Freight Train I already have. A huge, huge thank you for sharing this project with us in such detail My bank account will suffer from reading this thread!
  11. gifinim

    [MOC] Modular Bakery and Fishmonger

    The fronts of the buildings are excellent - simple but really effective colour schemes.
  12. gifinim

    Fully automated Lego train coal terminal

    That would be a brilliant layout even without the automated coal depot! Really nice work, any chance of more pic/video to see some more details?
  13. Nice design, especially the little touches like the lever-less yellow levers.
  14. Amazing animation! It's good to see what the build is going to be like rather than a normal review with pics taken every so often. It's also the first time I've realised this set comes with a Beaver - now I've got to buy it! Off to watch more of your reviews!
  15. gifinim

    WIP-MOC: My apartment

    *speechless* I don't think I've ever seen so much detail in a MOC! You just need to add a little apartment building into the LEGO-built coffee table...