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    I joined EB to learn Technic building techniques from the best :)

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  1. tomek9210

    DNR Shifter Issue

    Don't use 3L beams. Use longer beams instead and attach them to the chassis.
  2. tomek9210

    DNR Shifter Issue

    The beams holding the shifter should be part of the chassis, now they are not. The mounting points are too far away from each other.
  3. tomek9210

    DNR Shifter Issue

    Maybe use driving ring extenders for the shifter and then use the other holes of the bracket as well. It might help.
  4. tomek9210

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Finally #3 Red connectors on 42106!
  5. Not only JLR comes back to I6. Mercedes too. I6 are better in terms of balance than v6. And the sound is nicer :)
  6. Then why this model has I6 engine when they are going to have v6 ones?
  7. No, according to wiki it has R4 and R6 engines.
  8. tomek9210

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z .... body work slow

    You can use this part: It works great in custom built hubs.
  9. What about 42099 joints and hubs? I know that upper ball joint is fixed, but sides can be used for building a custom one hub over the existing one.
  10. Awesome. I can't wait to see first results. I hope for caster, kingpin and nice turning radius :)
  11. I hope you will document the development on YT :) Do you plan to use your own turntable hubs?
  12. tomek9210

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    3? I thought they are 2 studs deep when I saw the video reviews. The suspension arm 'hides' one stud into the rim, so with hub itself it makes 2 studs deep.
  13. tomek9210

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Hi, can anyone check the depth of the rims? A photo with a beam or an axle would be great. Thanks!
  14. tomek9210

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    This is my experience and just physics. Compressing force is verical, so when the spring is mounted this way, it helds more weight than angled one. Imagine the triangle of forces. But this is your setup, you know all details and space you can use in front suspension, so whatever suits your needs is ok :) Have you thought about adding torsion bar and anti-roll bar?
  15. tomek9210

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    One more thing - have you tried to make the hood a bit angled? Just a stud of difference between windshield and grill would result in a better overall look. Now it is very boxy.