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  1. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Why camber and not caster and kingpin inclination? It could help the steering to straighten the wheels after turning.
  2. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    Will you use Porsche wheels? I'd leave 4 speed gearbox and add some other stuff :)
  3. Porsche Carrera GT

    It is reversed ackermann geometry. If you put the steering rack in front of the axle, the pivot point of steering rod should be closer to the wheels, not closer to the car centerline.
  4. [MOC] Ferrari 458 Spider

    Awesome creation. I like the panelling. The car is instantly recognizable. Too bad you don't have more photos. Where is the knob that moves the roof? Is the front suspension of pushrod type?
  5. [MOC] Mercedes-AMG GT R

    Beautfiul! Any chances to see the suspension and rims from the inside?
  6. Nice progress. Use axles with stop to connect wheels, because they may fall off with current configuration.
  7. Lexus GX EV3

    I am sorry if I sound harsh, but it is a box on a wheels. It looks nothing like Lexus GX.
  8. I know it was very complex to make the lowering mechanism. But what I meant by more complex geometry are the angles - caster, camber, kingpin - and ackermann steering. Do you have another car planned or you need some rest to build another masterpiece?
  9. How long did it take to build it? From idea to finishing? Is servo directly connected to the rack, or is there some gearing? The steering lock could be better. Did you think about using m motor for steering? And more complex front suspension geometry?
  10. Amazing, purely amazing! Seats are very nicely done, I like them very much. Curves are great. You are outdoing yourself with each car. I hope you have a full list of planned cars
  11. Yes, that is what I am talking about. But your dodge is quite different, because there are two bottom arms and the steering link is angled the same as the spring carrying one. front.jpg?dl=0 In e30 the bottom arm itself is angled. 1?dl=0&preview=2016-06-16+23.35.18.jpg That is what I was suspecting
  12. Thank youfor your answer. But let's look at this picture. The steering arm is one stud closer to the wheel centre. And when we draw the imaginary line through steering arm pivot point and lower arm pivot point in the direction toward the rear axle, we should get the same, more or less, situation when the gear rack would be placed behind front axle and steering arm placed one stud closer to the centre of the vehicle than steering arm pivot point. That results in ackermann geometry, am I right?
  13. Hello, I was watching Nicjasno's videos and some questions arosed. Let's say I have front SLA double wishbone suspension, no drive, lower arm is 6 studs long, upper arm is 5 studs long, there is a kingpin inclination and caster angle. I want to have ackermann steering and avoid bump steer. Where should I put the steering arm and how long should it be for steering rack ahead of front axle or behind it? Should it be 6 studs long when it is closer to the lower arm and 5 studs long when closer to the upper one? And another situation - let's say I have multilink suspension - two angled upper links and two angled bottom links, bottom ones are longer, there is also a kingpin inclination and caster angle, no drive. The question remains the same I will appreciate your advice ! Thank you in advance.
  14. Ok, my bad. Good luck with the project!
  15. As far as I know, the engine is under that black cover. What you marked with yellow, is part of the gearbox.