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  1. Thorsten50

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @AFOLegofan66 Let's hope the tires and rims are the same size.
  2. I'm not getting anywhere fast right now. I don't know what stickers I make yet.
  3. @technic_addict The 32202 Hose Soft Axle 16 is changed in to Flex Hose 17.
  4. E-Mail dosent work at moment

    It in Parts>
    Parts Search> (Power Funktion / linear)
    Click on Part
    The My MOC and click ADD Part

    1. Lox Lego

      Lox Lego

      Hi Thorsten, 

      I think I figured it out thanks!!! The power functions have different part numbers

  5. I've got Mail Diliverys with your E-Mail adress

    1. Lox Lego

      Lox Lego

      I didn’t seem to receive anything...

      how is Japp coming along with the Veneno? Can we post soon?

  6. The color Inspiration Aventador 40th Anniversary Pirelli Edition Veneno 50th Anniversary Pirelli Edition
  7. Thorsten50

    Help me make a flying helicopter!

    I have a Head Rotor Instration of a UH1 Heuey. Instruction: Pendelachse.pdf
  8. @Calabar The old verion work after many installing and uninstalling. The hase the same fail as brfor after path changing, Mklist, copying and and and ......
  9. @Maico What is that supposed to help ? The Part will not show in Parlist. And I need All in one Installer 2013-01 this works.
  10. I hafe Updatet ol Path from hand include mklist. No change.Thats Standard BFC. The Part is not redy its place holder. The sticker files are not displayed (sam as other). In the AIO 2013-01 was is it allright.
  11. @roland I have tast this yeterday. Dos not work.
  12. @roland Only the Part List does not work with cutom parts. There are four paths that do not work together with the lpub4 and MLCad 6 already. Updating LPub does not work. Changing the Pade was also futile. Lpub 4 miss same drivers Green circle ok (Part not redy). red fail
  13. @roland it dosen't work with the new LDraw. I need it complete.
  14. The new All in one with LPup 3D dosen't work onn my computer as it should. I cant find the old version 2013-01 wit Lpub 4. Hatt still one of you? If yes, send me a PN Thanks Thorsten
  15. And delite the Chassie Pictutes at Flicker

    1. Lox Lego

      Lox Lego

      All chassis photos are deleted. Thank you! Very excited to sell these instructions. I need to keep the important stuff like the chassis hidden so it can't be replicated.