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  1. Thorsten50

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX - New Wheels

    Wann veröffentlicht du es ?
  2. Thorsten50

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX - New Wheels

    The last check is in progress.
  3. Thorsten50

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX - New Wheels

    It only costs time and annoying.
  4. Thorsten50

    [MOC] 90's Honda NSX - New Wheels

    @Gray Gear Nice car ! Have you ever considered making a construction manual ? I would like to do that.
  5. You need: Sticker: "ColerDraw" to greate the original stcker (export a BMP 256 Colors) Stickergenerator: to greate with the BMP the first sticker file (.DAT) MLCAD: Take the first sticker in the Model MS Text Editor: to adjust the first sticker in the model. Copy the adjust Info int to an TXT File. LDDesignPad; open the txt file to scale the sticker in the right size (rmark it - right klick - Line Part) so you have the TXT as second , new and rigt sized sticker file (delete the first and rename the fil ednding in to DAT or LDR) Sticker shapes You then need the surface of the part on which the sticker is to be bent Follow the Step 3-4 just withe the Part (without delete the original Part). open the file delete all areas and lines that you don't need to get the surface Letgui - SlicerPro: to shape the Sticker an surface with second sticker and the surface.
  6. Ready Whitout buwizz Self printable stickers on page 139
  7. Do you have the right logo for it? I have found only Heuer and FIAT. Like This?
  8. I have only one upload for free. dino 246 .xlsx
  9. PDF Instruction for free
  10. Thorsten50

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @AFOLegofan66 Let's hope the tires and rims are the same size.
  11. I'm not getting anywhere fast right now. I don't know what stickers I make yet.
  12. @technic_addict The 32202 Hose Soft Axle 16 is changed in to Flex Hose 17.
  13. E-Mail dosent work at moment

    It in Parts>
    Parts Search> (Power Funktion / linear)
    Click on Part
    The My MOC and click ADD Part

    1. Lox Lego

      Lox Lego

      Hi Thorsten, 

      I think I figured it out thanks!!! The power functions have different part numbers

  14. I've got Mail Diliverys with your E-Mail adress

    1. Lox Lego

      Lox Lego

      I didn’t seem to receive anything...

      how is Japp coming along with the Veneno? Can we post soon?