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  1. That Orange Thing

    these figures are original?

    I'm not convinced by the "nightshift" theory of these being made my pixies when the adults go home. Watching videos of lego factories in operation it seems production runs of parts have long turnaround times with strict warehouse management around inventory and storage. Producing hundreds of different parts in all those colours on the sly is a tale that's a little too tall for me. As for Lego calling them "non production" and "illegitimate" is pretty much Lego calling them fake without saying fake and removing them from Bricklink is the final nail in the coffin. Having said all that I really love them as a display and the impact they have is great and would really like to see higher resolution picture. Do you have a Fickr account you can link to and just out of interest could you also post a few detailed pictures of the figs?
  2. That Orange Thing

    LEGO Star Wars 2022 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Lego are often restricted by the material they are given with film and TV sets. As the sets take so long to develop, market and distribute they are often working from minimal material like early teasers and concept art. Just like the later Mando stuff all the sets accurate to the Boba show will be seen it wave 2 and beyond.
  3. That Orange Thing

    [MOC] - WIP - Kage Goomba's YT-2000 "Otana" - UCS

    Looks like a great start to an ambitious project and hope we can see the finished result in the not too distant future. Just as a cautionary warning from experience when building in digital only in this scale. Make sure the technic frame is up to the job of holding all the pieces together as they soon become heavy and tend to sage. You mentioned the frame looks over engineered which is a good sign but i would also add that the frame itself can never have enough connection points to the rest of the build. I also found that that building small test sections in physical bricks can be really helpful as it often looks nice on screen but falls apart or has connection issues once you start to build. Somehow the brain knows how to build for stability with bricks in your hand rather than doing it digitally. I'm not sure how big your brick collection is but in the early stages you can use any old colour or quality of brick just to play around and improve upon and buy the correct colour later if needed. Again, can't wait to see how this progresses and good luck.
  4. That Orange Thing

    Leaked 2022 Set List

    This looks like the wish list of a lego army builder that wants to build a huge army for peanuts.
  5. That Orange Thing

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    There are pictures with the parts bag for the NES set with a 2017 date printed on it and others reporting that they have seen this set being shown off years ago. It seems this set may have been produced a while back and held back for some reason. If that is true all those large reddish brown plates will disintegrate once the bag is opened
  6. That Orange Thing

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    Well I hope my comments were not taken taken personally as I was making comments aimed at the forum in general. This is a great place to discuss our hobby we enjoy and It's only natural we have differing views on it and we are free to express them here. My only gripes of late are users complaining that a set is not as good as a moc or that a set looks too "blocky". The moc point has been discussed already but to call a set too blocky is just as puzzling to me as I have an architectural background and was taught to always celebrate the materials used and not hide them. I sometimes think people would be better off building airfix model kits of modelling in clay if the blocky nature of a set is so disappointing.
  7. That Orange Thing

    -User redacted Thread Title-

    I think a number of people on this site have fallen into the bad habit of comparing new lego releases with mocs that have been created. Comparing a labour of love that is often large, expensive and sometimes a little fragile to a lego set that has very tight constraints on build time, price, pieces and stability is almost redundant. The release of the Razor Crest was a prime example of this and what lego designs produce given their briefs is often impressive. Having said all that I think the front on picture of the stormtrooper should have been on the front of the box as it shows off the helmet much better
  8. That Orange Thing

    [MOC] M12 Power Walker

    It looks like one of the technic 2x2 bricks with balls. Try searching part number 57908 on bricklink Also, I didn't see this first time round, great little build
  9. That Orange Thing

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Holy smokes, now that's how you make an entrance. They look incredible but my brain is melting just thinking of the cost to put those together. Then to top it off you casually drop in hundreds of troops just out of focus you sneaky tease. Do you have a flickr account or somewhere to view what is no doubt an epic collection?
  10. That Orange Thing

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I managed to pick up a couple of the Mandalorian battle packs so my clan has expanded. I have spent a lot of time trying to create unique looking figures from other parts and this is still work in progress as I hope to buy more body parts and helmets I don't yet own. Mandalorian 1 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr Mandalorian 3 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr Mandalorian 9 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr Mandalorian 5 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr Mandalorian 7 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr Mandalorian 11 by That Orange Thing, on Flickr
  11. That Orange Thing

    Nebulon-B Escort frigate MOC - album in comments

    A great rendition at a great scale. 99.9% of people on this site will look at the other larger mocs of the nebulon with great envy but this scale opens up the possibility of building the ship to most people (if there are any instructions, obviously). I would agree with m4st3rt3ch that the engines could be changed out but have you thought about changing a couple of the pods at the front to different colours such as sand green and tan to bring a bit more colour? You could also add some wedge plates to the spine of that front module to break up the dry stone wall look the repeating tiles and curves give it. It really is a great build and i'm just throwing out a few tinkering ideas I would do once built like i would with official sets.
  12. That Orange Thing

    The ManDelorean

    Really clever and fun build with some really great part use. I especially like the minifig use on the the shoulders and knees.
  13. That Orange Thing

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Given the amount of force imparted on it, the x-wing held up really well. I just have to look at my UCS falcon funny and a dozen or so pieces fall off. The mad scientist in me would love to see a video of an x-wing sold by Lego man handled in such a way for comparison.
  14. That Orange Thing

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It looks like Lego is shifting the pricing of its sets. Larger play sets are now heading towards UCS prices of recent years but scrimping on the piece count. Leaving the door open for "mega" USC to get released with eye watering prices. The falcon and the upcoming Star Destroyer will be proof of that. If people are buying them, it makes good business sense.
  15. That Orange Thing

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Yes, Lego is expensive but that's no huge revelation to members of this forum. A USC version would cost more than this. Look on the bright side, it has at least 3 mini figures that are normally held back for UCS sets.